On Got Milk

Cereal is a breakfast cereal for many. I can recall the days from my youth of sprinkling Nestle’s Quik powder over my Rice Krispies. Yum! After getting married, cereal remained as my most common breakfast of choice, although my preferences shifted to Cheerios and various Chex brands.

Although I like eating a handful of some cereals directly from the box, milk is cereal’s partner. Because my wife and I both enjoyed drinking milk, it was the most common beverage at dinner. Ahhhh … a glass or two was perfect …. Until it hit – the anal explosions striking shortly thereafter.

The cereal days were over – so were the glasses of milk and the milk shakes as we discovered that I had become lactose intolerant. Today, given product as Lactaid, I can have dairy products, but I have to be smart about it – after all – explosive bowels can be hazardous. However, for the most part, I have been limiting my intake of milk, ice cream, and related products.

It’s been many years since my last bowl of cereal, and yes, I miss it. I’m sure my last glass of milk has been purged from my memory bank. Then – something mysterious happened! My wife and I were at the grocery store and she (out of the clear blue) suggested I try something – and I did – and have found a new companion for my long-lost-but-not-forgotten morning treat.

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