On a Chickenhawk

Today’s honoree is a classic cartoon character. Instead of a featured character, today we honor a member of the supporting cast … a feisty character with an attitude – Henery Hawk. For those wanting more than a clip, a full cartoon is at the end of this post.

Tidbits about Henery

  • Lives a sheltered live at home with his parents, thus doesn’t know what a chicken looks like
  • Speaks as tough guy and has an angry temperament
  • Created by Chuck Jones and mainly voiced by Mel Blanc
  • 14 cartoons over 4 decades: 1940s (7), 1950s (5), 1960s (1), 2011 (1)
  • Most commonly appeared with Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dog
  • Many cartoons end with him capturing tormenters
  • More successful in comics than in cartoons, but never had a comic of his own and never appeared on a cover
  • Appeared in Space Jam
  • Appeared with Foghorn Leghorn in a GEICO commercial

Memorable Quotes
I’m a chickenhawk, and you’re my victim.
Well, I’m not after schnooks, I’m after a chicken.
Ooooooh, dat’s the biggest chicken I’ve ever seen!
I’m a chickenhawk, and I’m gonna take you home.

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For those wanting a 7-minute cartoon