On a Monday Drill

Regulars here won’t believe this, for the second weekend in a row, we didn’t take to the ballroom floor. We planned to Friday night, but friends asked us to go out to celebrate a birthday. Meanwhile, how was your weekend.

Heat and humidity is hammering Cincinnati. Late Friday afternoon severe storms raced through our region, thus leaving behind 150,000 homes without power.  We were planning to go to a friend’s for dinner, but because they were without power, the gathering shifted to our house.

Cheers to our Canadian friends for their Canada Day celebration. Meanwhile, we Americans celebrate independence on Wednesday (July 4th). In other words, this could be an irregular week of posts – but time will tell.

Do you remember comic Tim Conway? Interestingly, not only is he a native Ohioan, he and I graduated from the same university – Bowling Green in northwest Ohio. While on the Carol Burnett Show, he was simply hilarious – many times cracking up the cast … especially Harvey Korman.

To start your week, enjoy this vintage comedy clip – and not that Korman (the patient) is doing everything possible to not laugh. Have a good week.

42 thoughts on “On a Monday Drill

  1. Hi Frank,
    The same thing happens to us as well with summer is the storms, especially the severe storms that do damage, unfortunately they happen every year. We had a very cold weekend, the rain finally decided to stop, and the sun did come out, but we only get a couple of months of cold weather before it gets hot again so I am enjoying it. 😀
    Loved the video. 😆


  2. Tim Conway had a cottage in Erieau not far from Chatham Ontario. Thank you for the well wishes to your Canadian friends (I am one) and have a Happy 4th. I watched some of the celebrations from Parliament Hill today and am feeling very patriotic.
    Boy, if a dinner party were switched to my house, I would be doing some fast cleaning and putting away.


    • LouAnn,
      Good to hear that Canada Day was a good one. Meanwhile, emergency hosting was ok for several reasons. This group isn’t picky and the host actually brought the food, munchies etc. Yes, he still prepared for the arrival, and a good time was had by all. Thanks for commenting.


        • for many, my newspaper took Friday off, so today I find myself completing my column and writing up municipal news – only because I am such a procrastinator and my deadline is today – but at least I have the column written–just have to edit, which is sometimes harder than the actual writing — now aren’t you sorry you asked?
          how much time do you get off?


        • Here, most employees will only get Wed off. My wife will use vacation days Thurs and Friday … (I’m self-employed). BTW – I asked because here, most of the time a Sunday national holiday typically extends to workers on Monday. And yes … editing is hard!


  3. It is a hot hot july here in Delhi..authorities have ordered schools to open from 2ndweek ..but rain is no where near and most parts suffering 12 hours of loadshedding every day…and those like us with a gen. backup end up paying for regular and very highgen. Back up charge both….
    Tough days


  4. I suppose being from Texas I don’t think about heat, hot is just the norm. Summer storms are also the norm, though we don’t have them all too often when we do they often are accompanied with Hail, the season is nearly over now.

    That clip was wonderful! I don’t know which was better his comedy or watching the reactions of Harvey Korman.


    • Valentine,
      Well said about Texas. After all, what is hot is as compared to what! … and yes, I too was watching Korman … which was funny …. and he was just sitting there! Thank for visiting.


  5. A great comedy sketch to start the week. Thanks Frank. I miss that show. That’s when TV was good – in my opinion.


  6. I do remember Tim Conway very very funny guy. Sounds like a really bad storm. Glady you got through it OK it seems like the weather has really ramped up a few notches lately. I think it’s great that you and your wife like to dance a lot. Navar and I talk about taking lessons sometimes. But at this point it’s just at the talking stage. Maybe one day we will actaully sign up for lessons.


    • Starla,
      It was quite the storm. Power company crews from other states have come in to help … and I’ve seen them when out. Meanwhile, If you ever have questions about dance lessons, feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting.


  7. I do love Tim Conway. I get to hear him semi-regularly for just brief phone-in conversation with his son, Tim Conway, Jr., who hosts a radio show each weeknight from 7-10. I listen most nights. His dad will frequently call in and he sounds just delightful. Jr. is hilarious, too….but with quite an edge! 🙂 Debra


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