On a Celebration

It’s July 4th – Independence Day in America. Private and community celebrations of music, food, and fireworks will occur across the land. Meanwhile, this also means many American bloggers may spend less time on these pages. Time will tell if I post tomorrow, but I’m planning for Friday’s traditional Opinion in the Shorts.

I hope everyone has a safe midweek holiday with the activities of their choice. To those experiencing the torrid temperatures, keep your water level up.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Independence Day, enjoy this wonderful video of our land. The owner blocked embedding, but follow the click to watch on YouTube because its worth it.


33 thoughts on “On a Celebration

    • Spiced,
      Glad you enjoyed the video because I thought the common man theme throughout was well done … thus giving scenes that aren’t commonly shown. Thanks for the greetings!


  1. Happy 4th of July. I used to be more aware of your independence day, because the Americans here would put on a jazz concert… and I love jazz… but in recent years there seems to be less of these cultural exchanges, and this year I didn’t hear of any celebration… maybe there is just for the people involved in the foreign affairs dept. In any case, wishing you a very beautiful holiday!


  2. The Fanfare is one of my favorites. I’ve treated myself today to an amazing array of patriotic music being offered by one of our local FM stations! What a treat! I am using a few hours to read blogs the “rest of you” were inspired to post! I didn’t have it in me! 🙂 But I’m headed over to my brother’s home for a late afternoon bbq and fireworks, and celebrating our nation’s birthday with a great deal of pride, and a lot of hope! Wishing you well, too, Frank! Debra


    • Squishy,
      For sure, that area of North Carolina is very scenic! Hope you had a great 4th too! Ours was low key due to the extreme heat (extreme for us). Thanks for visiting.


  3. Hey I just learned to spell Cincinnati – or I thought I did – spell check had to correct me, and now I discover that you live there. How about that. Hope you had a lovely 4th. We’re sitting here at home trying to calm the poor dog. He’s so scared of the noise from the fireworks that he’s crept into his crate… I wonder what on earth happened to him in his previous life before we adopted him from the animal rescue that made him so scared of bangs.


    • Rosie,
      LOL …. I’m sure a many misspell Cincinnati. Oh my … the 4th is a period that many pets don’t like! Nonetheless, I’m sure you dog appreciates your rescue! Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Well, I caught up on your blog posts (a little behind due to the “derecho”) but I’m leaving a comment on a belated one because this video was my favorite. Thank you for this–it was lovely, and so great to be reminded what a priviledge it is to live in the US. Hope you had a wonderful 4th (it seems you did), and I can hardly wait to see some of the choir videos. Cheers!


    • E-Tom,
      This video sure is a good one! Meanwhile, The World Choir Games have been a big success here with the city getting caught up in the offerings. Let’s see … about 360 choirs from 67 countries with 15,000 voices. Simply wow! Thanks for stopping by.


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