On a Monday Salute to a Navy

Greetings. Given a mid-week Fourth of July, we turned the days into an extended weekend. The torrid heat held us back as Cincinnati established new daily high records.

How did you keep yourself busy? We attended our neighborhood party on the fourth, attended friendship concerts associated with the World Choir Games (watched choirs from China (2), Ohio, Tennessee, and a dance troupe from Belgium). While watching the events, many welcomed the relief from the Big Ass Fans.

We also toured a historic downtown church, went to the Cincinnati Museum Center for the current Omnimax film (To the Arctic), took a group ballroom lesson, and yes – we ballroom danced one evening. The heat kept us away from additional World Choir Games events, a Cincinnati Pops concert, and a military band concert (that was cancelled). Meanwhile, it would have been great to have a 5-foot diameter BAF on our deck or in the backyard.

Being housebound more than we had planned, we also rented a so-so movie, and watched some of our recorded episodes of Chopped and Rick Steves’ Europe. I also bought an interesting bag of black licorice assortments at Costco.

I had planned some choir videos, but given the news of the passing of another entertainment legend, here’s a salute to character actor Ernest Borgnine who recently passed away at age 95. Below are a few videos to enjoy. Meanwhile, have a good week.

Life-Time Achievement Award Tribute

Theme from McHale’s Navy

McHale’s Navy Sing-a-Long

A Tribute to Him (done several years ago)

Opening Theme to Airwolf

28 thoughts on “On a Monday Salute to a Navy

  1. Hi Frank – I still want to get together at Dilly Deli, but as you know I’m feverishly planning this trip! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend (and fun)! I’ve been doing a lot also (in between the planning)!!


    • Spirit,
      I hope you get the chance to hear some of the choirs in town. Meanwhile, this will be a busy week ahead. Good luck with the planning for your trip! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Frank, I love ya! I’ve heard 3 other bios of Mr. Borgnine, and while all remembered “McHale’s Navy”, NONE of them mentioned his role as Dominic “Dom” Santini in “Airwolf”. Well done, my friend!
    And on a mixed Navy note, those of your readers in the San Pedro area of CA can go see the last of the battleships, USS Iowa herself, in the steel flesh (happy note), while those in and around Houston Texas have been deprived of their grand old lady, the last surviving WW1 battleship USS Texas. Pray that the devoted volunteers can keep the brackish waters out and find the leaks that threaten to close her permanently.
    And to round out the Navy notes, a HOWL of remembrance on this 69th anniversary (Monday) of the Allied invasion of Sicily in World War 2, Operation Husky. 😉


    • John,
      LOL … glad someone appreciated the Airwolf video! Interesting how I focused on his TV career, while his accomplishments were not just in TV. As always, I appreciate your relevant WW II points! The heat wave has broken!!! … well, at least for know. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Don’t these things happen in threes? Hm, Andy Griffith buys his rainbow on Tuesday, Ernie checks out today … If I was Kirk Douglas I’d be feeling real nervous right now. As usual, thanks for the clips.

    To escape the heat, I watched this weekend’s top 5 films at the multiplex in this order — Brave, Ted, Magic Mike, The Amazing Spider-man (a more honest title would have been The Adequate Spider-man, not to imply that it was lousy — it just wasn’t very fresh) and Savages. All were entertaining escapes.

    Yeah, I wish I had BAF in my apartment, even if that means I’d be blown through the shared wall into my neighbor’s lair.


    • Lame,
      Wow … you were a movie-viewing machine this weekend … thus I ask you to list them in order or best to worst. By the way, the BAFs work with a hose to deliver the midst – which may be not be the best for inside the apartment. 😉 Thanks for visiting.


      • Since you asked: 1. Savages 2. Magic Mike 3. (tie) Brave and Ted 4. The (not that) Amazing Spider-man. When you view a glut of films like I did the work by A-list directors (Oliver Stone and Steven Soderbergh) stand out more. Brave is good but not Pixar at it’s best and did not register on tear-o-meter. Ted was a bit of a surprise for the story was decent and some of the jokes were pretty funny. Starting from the top with another introductory Spider-man story probably to introduce Andrew Garfield (who is very good) as Spidey was “eh”. I kinda wished they followed the James Bond lead and just kept the franchise going without re-introduction.


  4. It sounds to me that you had a really busy weekend yet you said the heat had you more housebound than usual. You must normally pack in the activities. Love the sound of those licorice allsorts – my most favourite lolly. And we keep hearing on the news about your oppressive heatwave. Last night on the news they said a change was coming xx


    • Spiced,
      We weren’t as busy as it seems because what I mentioned was Wednesday through Sunday. Cheers to your being fond of licorice. Interesting, some pieces look like a hamburger sandwich with the fun being a different color and texture. Yummy! Yes, the heat wave is gone for us, now we could use some rain! Thanks for stopping by.


    • Valentine,
      Being in Texas, you know heat much more than I as I recall what much of Texas went through last summer. This is unusual for us, so thankfully this blast is clearing our. Thanks for visiting.


  5. It’s always sad when someone of Ernie’s calibre passes on. He did have a very good innings, but it’s still “the end of an era.” His death made the main news in South Africa. Hope your temperatures have subsided by now.


    • Paradise,
      Amazing how entertainers are known across the world … especially those with classic movies. Meanwhile, YES … the heat has broken. Regretfully, we didn’t get any rain from the front, but this week’s weather is be more normal. Thanks for commenting.


  6. An excellent post. I’m not sure one should have regrets when someone at the ripe old age of 95 passes, but nevertheless I was sad to hear the news. I am a bit of a film buff and I always liked Ernest Borgnine. He was a fine and versatile actor and could play the ‘baddie’, or the ‘goodie’, or a comedy role with equal accomplishment.
    As an actor his work gave me a lot of pleasure over the years, which in a way is as good a tribute as any.


  7. This is so beautiful and meaningful post, dear Frank. I watched his all films… He was great… and also the films are classic now… Thank you, have a nice new week, love, nia


  8. So glad the heat wave has broken a bit. I can’t believe 80s feel cool. Indoor activities seem to have been the way to go over this past week, and it sounds like you filled your hours well while keeping cool. Next time you’re looking for a movie to watch at home, M and I recently watched one I had not heard of before that was quite good. “The Way” with Martin Sheen.

    We spent some time outdoors, walking and biking, but mostly in the early morning. Missed the 4th of July fireworks due to a food-induced coma (family bbq that included a big 50th birthday celebration). Went swimming, and stayed indoors during the heat of the day. I think that pretty well sums up how we coped with the heat. 🙂

    Wonderful tributes to Andy and Ernest here at your blog, Frank.


  9. I’m glad to hear your heat wave has broken. But selfishly I’m not so glad because it’s moved over here now… whew.

    Why did you tell us that Costco sells licorice allsorts? (I assume you meant that kind of licorice?) I love them. My Mom was very strict with our diet and it was the only candy she allowed us to eat when we were kids. Once I’ve popped the first one in my mouth I can’t stop. I can’t just eat one. Or two. Or three…. and it’s not difficult to come up with an excuse for a trip to Costco…


    • Rosie,
      I know what you mean about being difficult to stop. I wasn’t looking for the licorice, but my wife brought it to my attention. So I figure that the purchase would make her feel good, especially because she doesn’t eat it. 😉 I can tell you that I have tried enough to say it’s worth a try. 🙂 Let me know if you get some! Thanks for commenting.


    • Cuttlefish,
      We’ve had 13 consecutive days above 90 (32 C), but the toughest were 3 straight above 100 (topped at 40 C). Unusual for us … so I would play being The Great Indoorsman! Our normal highs would be mid-80s, so it wasn’t fun. The worst has broken, and rain is possible late in the week. Thanks for asking.


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