On Monday Higgs

How was your weekend? Cincinnati weather made it a hot, humid weekend. We didn’t have a jammed packed weekend for a change. The World Choir Games closed Saturday night, but I started my weekend with a Friday afternoon concert by choirs from Canada, China, and the USA.

Otherwise, we hit the ballroom floor, a couple of long walks, watched The Way (movie rental) (thanks to RosieRobin, and travel guru Rick Steves), celebrated National Ice Cream Day (Sunday) with tasty treats from one the ice cream greats – Graeter’s in Cincinnati, and ended Sunday with by grilling a pizza topped with arugula and prosciutto. Yum!

Composer in the Garden (Lynn) provided this article about the data from the Higgs boson  (God particle) being set to music. After reading the article and finding the music on YouTube, I knew this was a good way to start the week. Have a good week everyone.