On Monday Higgs

How was your weekend? Cincinnati weather made it a hot, humid weekend. We didn’t have a jammed packed weekend for a change. The World Choir Games closed Saturday night, but I started my weekend with a Friday afternoon concert by choirs from Canada, China, and the USA.

Otherwise, we hit the ballroom floor, a couple of long walks, watched The Way (movie rental) (thanks to Rosie, Robin, and travel guru Rick Steves), celebrated National Ice Cream Day (Sunday) with tasty treats from one the ice cream greats – Graeter’s in Cincinnati, and ended Sunday with by grilling a pizza topped with arugula and prosciutto. Yum!

Composer in the Garden (Lynn) provided this article about the data from the Higgs boson  (God particle) being set to music. After reading the article and finding the music on YouTube, I knew this was a good way to start the week. Have a good week everyone.

40 thoughts on “On Monday Higgs

  1. Wow, that Higgs-Boson data based music is pretty cool Frank. I’m watching the Read and Cardinals play right now. It’s good that the rain let up down there and moved up here – because we really needed it! 😀


  2. Hey Frank? How come you get to post “On Monday” on Sunday? It must have something to do with physics, which I will never comprehend.

    Have a great week. Whatever day it starts on!


  3. A National Ice-Cream Day? Shame we don’t have that here. Even though you say you didn’t do as much as you’d normally do in a weekend, it still sounds like you know how to keep incredibly busy xx


  4. What an interesting musical piece, Frank. This is certainly new to me. And it sounds like you’ve had a very full weekend, filled with many of the things that I think would be very enjoyable. Nice way to begin a week…a bit refreshed! Debra


  5. It is hot and humid here ,clouds too busy playing Diva and Sun glaring at us when ever it gets a chance 🙂 …. homeschooling, psychotherapy (daughter) Some mondays are 7 days together.. Wish you a lovely week ahead Frank…


    • Soma,
      Hot and humid is one of my least favorite weather patterns … which also means Delhi won’t be on my “will move to” list. Your description of some Monday made me laugh. Good luck with it … and thanks for commenting.


  6. Ballroom dancing is something I would love to master. Ice cream and that pizza sounds delicious. Amazing what one can do with a few music notes! 😉 Hope your week is as good as your weekend was.


    • Paradise,
      As for as the ice cream, go to graeters.com …. On the right you’ll be able to find the stores in Florida that handles them. Believe me … yummy … rich …. chocolate chips are more like chunks of solid chocolate!

      I recommend arugula and proscuitto on a pizza. (It was our first time)

      Ballroom is a lot of fun, plus good exercise and good fellowship with others. Thanks for commenting.

      BTW – more than one South African choir won their category at the recent games!


  7. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Funny Navar recently had a prosciutto pizza at work the other day he said it was the best pizza he’s had in a really long time.
    I enjoyed both links. Hope your week is pleasant. :+)


  8. I love Lynn’s education of her readers on musical things. She’s so brlliant.

    Thanks for this. I need to read more about the God particle. I’ve not learned all that I should about this discovery. Thanks for reminding me.


  9. How was my weekend? Hot, humid, and internet-less, thanks to my dim-witted ISP. Talk about a news blackout! And then Viacom had to go and pull their channels off DirecTV, including Comedy Central. So now no Stewart or Colbert, either! 😦
    The music was rather cool, if a bit esoteric. I love the videos of the collision results better. The modern, colorised computer-generated shots are rather pretty, but I really love the old “bubble tank” photos, with impact and breakup trails curving and spiraling away from the collision site. Extremely nerdy, yes, but it’s what I studied all those years ago at Fermilab. Years and years ago. And more years ago…..
    Have I mentioned it was a while ago? 😉


    • John,
      Hot and humid is one thing, but without Internet takes everything to another level … and then the contract negotiations for channels is another story. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Wonderful music! We celebrated National Ice Cream Day appropriately too, by having ice cream at our favorite local ice cream stand (New Baltimore, where they make their own ice cream).

    Thanks for the link shout out, Frank. 🙂


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