On Necessary Dialogue

As a nation, the United States faces its share of problems. Now is a time needing meaningful solutions; however, finding meaning solutions requires meaningful dialogue between individuals who come to the table with ideas, a willingness to listen, the desire to find a solution, and as few sacred cows as possible (preferably none).

On the other hand, we live in a society that loves “it’s all about me at all cost” attitude of reality shows. After all, I’ve often wondered if reality television is mimicking society or does society mimic reality television.

We also live in a society with commentators who promote their position with a flamethrower in order to scorch the other side rather than educating their point of view. We live in a society whose politicians and supporters who find it difficult to have meaningful discussion beyond taglines and rhetoric.

For example, not long ago I asked a guy about his retirement system, which he explained. It was interesting, thus I used his example to explain an idea of a new Social Security system. Not long after I mentioned “Social Security”, he and another guy immediately blurted out some meaningless and possibly inaccurate tagline that had nothing to do with the conversion.
I fired back – “This is a meaningful issue that needs good conversation. I tried to foster a discussion, and I got meaningless, unrelated political horseshit – and you wonder why we can’t solve important problem.” Needless to say, the conversation was over!