On Satire Bits: Vol. 24

How’s your week been so far? Heat and humidity are back, which made put a bit of an extra stress factor at golf league. I played ok, but nothing spectacular. Tonight I struggled with the putter. Meanwhile, the Handbells Ringers of America convention starts tomorrow through Saturday in Cincinnati. I will attend, but not every day.

I wasn’t going to have the midweek satire this week, but heck, some readers are starting to expect it! So here is your midweek dose of satire to vault you toward the weekend. Any favorites?

Incredible Business Man has Salary of 10 Regular Men

Stadium Ground Crew Places Tarp Over Unsightly Crowd

It All Works Out in the End, Advises Person Younger than You

Bicycle-Riding Circus Bear Pedals Backs to Natural Habitat

Aviator’s Marriage on Autopilot

U.S. Mint Gears Up to Release Commemorative Penny for Every Country

Man on Hot Date Suddenly Realizes He’s Wearing Swastika Boxer Shorts

Woman and Gay Best Friend Go on Another One of their Little Adventures

“Oh Nice, They’re Playing the Whole Album”, Man in Bar Reports

Area Individual Overly Sensitive about Gender-Neutral Language

Fear of Being Alone and Ticking Biological Clock Wed in Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

Dollar Bill on Floor Sends Wall Street in Frenzy

31 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 24

    • Spiced,
      Given the Internet, I imagine one can find just about anything. Yes, golf is not an easy game, and weather compounds it. Salt in the eyes bothered me more than once. Oh well … I still had fun as I played with good company. Thanks for commenting.


  1. My week so far has been awful. Coming back from vacation, well, it sucks. But you cheered me up with this headline about Mitt Romney: Incredible Business Man has Salary of 10 Regular Men. 🙂


  2. So far the week sucks, other that the weather which I am passionate about – heat and humidity is my favorite thing.

    Putter beware….practice makes perfect.

    Love the marriage sounds like it was made for them.


    • Valentine,
      Well, my putting woes is probably both mental and lack of practice. 😦 … I guess if you didn’t like heat and humidity, you wouldn’t stay where you are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  3. Do you play handbells?? I saw a handbell ringers concert several years ago and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think it was the Raleigh Ringers. They were great and I wanted to become a bell ringer so badly. But it’s probably way harder than they make it look.


    • Weebs,
      You saw the Raleigh Ringers? Wow – simply one of the premier groups in the land! I want to see them!!! FYI: I have a Handbells category with good pieces in it! Meanwhile, a toast to the RR with this holiday favorite.


    • Bulldog,
      Yikes … the yipps! I struggle with the long putts …. thus last night I had too many cross green putts. Then again, I did miss a 4-5 footer for birdie. My putting cost me strokes on at least 5 of 9 holes. Otherwise, I played ok. Oh well … thanks for sharing your woes.


  4. And the winner is…
    The dollar bill nearly made it but this is the one for me today – “It All Works Out in the End, Advises Person Younger than You” LOL


  5. Heat and humidity are same for here too… I dream a lovely autumn or spring days… 🙂 I feel I am in the cage now because it is not good to be out in these days… This is all I can talk about… you know. Thank you, dear Frank, have a nice and cool summer days, at least in your mind. and indoors… 🙂 Love, nia


  6. Now you have me imagining a whole lot of Wall Street stockbrokers fighting one another over a Dollar bill. 😉 “Handbells ringers’ convention” sounds different and interesting.


    • Paradise,
      The dollar bill headline made me laugh! I attended the handbell convention today. People from many states … plus I saw someone from Korea and Hong Kong. Some very skilled players as well! Attended a very good concert too … so it was a good day. Thanks for commenting.


    • Squishy,
      I’m not fan of heat and high humidity. A late afternoon violent storm rolled through today, which means we’re with AC … oh well, hopefully not for too long. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Dollar Bill on Floor Sends Wall Street in Frenzy –I laughed outloud at the image that came to mind with this one! I hope the heat and humidity doesn’t impair your enjoyment of the handbell convention! Sometimes just moving from “here to there” feels oppressive! Enjoy! D


    • Debra,
      The dollar bill one cracks me up. Meanwhile, the handbell convention is obviously inside, but a fierce late-afternoon storm associated with heat and humidity came through as we were about to more to a building one block away. Nope – the transition was delayed! Thanks for commenting.


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