Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 149

On Politics
Interesting that candidate Mitt Romney asks for an apology from President Obama about using misinformation. To me, that implies Mr. Romney and his campaign is using accurate information. Hmmm …

Regarding Speaker Boehner’s (R-OH) claim that tax increases on salaries over $250,000 would hurt small businesses. I say small business owners would be dancing in the streets if their business revenue stream was ample enough for them to have a $250K salary; so besides political crap, what does Mr. Boehner mean?

Could someone please explain to me why some people remain consumed with President Obama’s birth certificate, and his religion?

FYI: This week’s Interesting Reads list is more eclectic than normal.

On Headlines from The Onion
Faith-Based TV Repair Shop Severely Backed Up
First-ever Cow Ends Gender Barriers – Runs with the Bulls
Can of Reddi-Whip Audibly Consumed in Next Cubicle
God Admits Humans not Most Impressive Creation
Teens Hold Clothing Drive for Classmate who Dresses Really Ugly
Kim Jong-un Ends Nuclear Program for Lead in Next Batman Film

Interesting Reads
Columnist Kathleen Parker on Infotainment
Compelling story (book review) about celebrity chef Marcus Samuellson
Tax returns: Batman vs. Spider-Man
Bouncing breasts intriguing scientists
History of Vibrators

On Potpourri
For those who read this post about the Indonesian choir, I’m happy to report that they arrived in San Francisco with time to spare before their flight home.

On the baseball front, injury to the Reds best hitter (Joey Votto) will make the next 4 weeks quite challenging. When he returns, I hope the Reds are at least within 3 games of first place.

Woo hoo …. We had 2 inches of rain Wednesday and Thursday – but it may be too late for the corn crop.

This Washington Post article is a good follow-up to my recent post about global warming.

Speaking of global warming, here is an interesting report from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). If you read it, beware of the following words: would, could, may, might, and if.

Sorry to say, no classic cartoon post this weekend.

Earlier this week I attended a concert by the Circle City Ringers from Indianapolis, Indiana. Simply wow! To send you into the weekend, enjoy these mystical tones from this group. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


46 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 149

  1. I think the problem with Obama and his religion and birth certificate is that people suspect they’ve been lied to. I’m not in the USA so I don’t know what the sentiment is there but a lot of people here believe he wasn’t born in the USA and I understand you can only be president if you were born in the USA? xx


    • Spiced,
      Interesting that the birth issue is also in other countries.

      You are correct about the requirement, unless naturalization (such as 2008 candidate John McCain born in Panama because of a parent in the armed forces)

      President Obama produced a birth certificate, which was authenticated … plus the state of Hawaii verified his birth in their records. Therefore, courts have tossed out legal challenges. Meanwhile, alleged Kenyan birth certificates have also been proven false.

      Just bringing up on the info we know here. Thanks for asking and sharing!


    • Weebs,
      Their concert was wonderful … and played all kinds of music … jazz, sacred, classical, polka, esoteric, traditional … Not only much variety, but they played it well as well. BTW – I have another one of their videos on the current Opinions in the Shorts. Thanks for visiting.


  2. I thought of you this morning while watching the BBC News. Some British gent is trying to get all the bells in England (including a number of handbell choirs’ inventories) at 8:12 am (local) on the 27th, for the start of the Olympic Games. I’m thinking about chiming in (pun intended), especially since that would be 3:12 am here. Great way to start the day! 😉
    That Onion headline about North Korea is a bit dated – Kim Jong Il is dead. Long live Kim Jong-Un, or whatever North Korea’s Worst Dressed is called. Though I will agree with God not declaring humans his best efforts – I think he peaked with dogs! 😀
    And I don’t care WHEN my messages get to you, as long as they do. And I’m STILL going shopping for cocktail mix ingredients. MOLOTOV cocktail ingredients! 😉


    • John,
      Thanks for the story about the bells rings across England for the Olympics. (I didn’t know). Makes me wonder if the opening ceremonies will include handbells. Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ll chime in at 3:12 am!

      Thanks for your editorial key, so I edited the headline regarding the next Batman. Thanks for sharing your sense of humor!


  3. The whole thing about the birth certificate is to invalidate his presidency. If he wasn’t born in the U.S. he couldn’t possibly have been elected by a majority of Americans, right — wink, wink?

    And why invalidate the President’s presidency? (Shhhhh…he’s black, and he’s smart. That is a dangerous combination. We can’t have them uppity folks in high office, now, can we?)


  4. Have to go with God on Man for the Onion article.
    I think with Mitt’s statements (as with Obama), the truth is only true when convenient.

    I thought half the interesting readswere more Onion articles. Have a great weekend Frank!


    • Guapo,
      I totally agree that both camps are guilty of half-truths, false statements, and out-of-context messaging. I maintain that if they apologized for everything incorrect, they would spend most of their time apologizing! Ah yes … some of the Interesting Reads appear Onionish. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


  5. I love the headlines from Onion..eagerly wait for it,This and satire bits.super fun
    was difficult to choose,just loved
    Faith-Based TV Repair Shop Severely Backed Up
    First-ever Cow Ends Gender Barriers – Runs with the Bulls
    God Admits Humans not Most Impressive Creation
    Kim Jong Il Ends Nuclear Program for Lead in Next Batman Film
    oh the other two too..


  6. Interesting post today, lots of good stuff.
    I also do not know any small business owners pulling in a $250k+ salary these days. Better to think about a 100% tax on bankers’ bonuses perhaps.
    As regards the Obama birth/religion issue, if I was a Democrat I’d be jumping up and down for joy that this is still an issue. When people are talking about trivia like this they aren’t focusing on Obama’s policies. But that’s politics these days, sadly.
    As for the Onion headlines, I liked = “God Admits Humans not Most Impressive Creation” (He’s obviously been following the political debate), and also – “Kim Jong Il Ends Nuclear Program for Lead in Next Batman Film”, if only because I think it could well turn out to be true!!!
    But the best Onion isn’t even an Onion this week. so the winner is – “Bouncing Breasts Intriguing Scientists”. Now where on earth did I put that nipple wrench???


    • Fasab,
      I’ve been holding the 250K salary comment for some time. Last week at a golf course, a friend and I were paired with another two others. One happened to be a small business owner – so I eventually used a similar line on him and he totally agreed.

      I agree that continual appearance of ridiculous issues by some in the GOP is a plus for Democrats … but the concept still amazes me.

      Meanwhile, a typo on my part as it should be King Jong-un … and the breast headline is very Onionesque. Thanks for visiting.


  7. Good news about the rain, Frank. Loved the bell ringing clip. Such a sweet sound. I’m sure that Indonesian choir had the best time ever in your country. 😉 Have a great weekend.


    • Paradise,
      I really enjoyed that handbell piece … besides, we played it about year or two ago. This choir also does well with visual artistry. Meanwhile, assume on-time departure, the Indonesians are in the air over the Pacific at the moment. Thanks for commenting.


  8. Your comment to the small businessman saying that he hopes his business is successful enough to allow him to take a 250K salary, makes the issue of whether folks earning more than 250K can afford to pay more in taxes CRYSTAL CLEAR to me!


  9. First, loved the bells wonderful.

    Headlines, those were cute this week. But as a woman I have to go with the next ones, got to say sure wish those dang scientist would stop being intrigued and actually do something about the bouncing thing!


    • Squishy,
      No matter which party is coming, a political convention has to be a cash cow for the city! Unfortunately, politics (which I do follow) is not a entertaining as high-level performances. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


  10. First-ever Cow Ends Gender Barriers – Runs with the Bulls – this one caught my attention, Frank. I love watching the Tour de France but I always think “where are the women?” Now I know – here’s a pretty cool story about 6 women cyclists who rode the entire TdF route, one day ahead of the actual TdF. http://reve.cc/blog/archives/351

    Loved the handbell vid!


    • Cuttlefish,
      Graceful is a fitting word for this piece, which I greatly enjoy as well. On the other hand, the other link I have you is more frantic. 🙂 … but in a good way! Glad you enjoyed this!


  11. I find this laughable in light of Mitt telling over 533 lies over a cours eof several weeks, and I don’t know why he wasn’t denied the nomination since he has failed to comply with the requirements for apolying for the position of POTUS. Basically, he is thumbing his nose at the very system he wishes to preside over, and if he can’t respoect that system as a candidate then I doubt he will respect it as president.


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