On a Radio for Monday

Another weekend has come and gone. How was yours? What was your memorable event of the weekend?

Because Saturday was a full day, we strolled onto the ballroom floor Friday night – thus Saturday we spent the day at the Handbell Musicians of America conference (which included a good concert), and then attended a barbecue party hosted by friends.

Sunday was a low-key day. I enjoyed watching The (British) Open and its crazy ending. Also on Sunday, a homegrown kid who grew up to play for the hometown team was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cheers to Cincinnati Reds great, Barry Larkin.

Your Monday Morning Entertainment is from the Sesame Street vault of fun moments. Enjoy the Martians and the radio – and a special shout-out to Madame Weebles, who (not long ago) shared this video with her readers.  Have a good week.