On Sharing Song – Creating Magic

Like many Cincinnatians, the announcement (several years ago) of our city hosting the 2012 World Choir Games puzzled me. As the games neared, we shrugged our shoulders at the ads and announcement. We also heard the stories of slow ticket sales.

Over 15,000 singers in 362 choirs from 67 countries came to our medium-sized city along the Ohio River to compete in 23 categories – let alone for the first time U.S. has hosted the event. As a sudden flash from bright fireworks, the city embraced the numerous events associated with the games. Doors to free Friendship Concerts closed 30-45 minutes before the start. Tickets to the pay events were selling quickly – and yes – selling out.

It was a fun event! Like many, we regretfully waited too long before trying to get tickets to a pay event. A once-in-a-lifetime event was at our fingertips, and we missed something that we would have immensely enjoyed. We attended several Friendship concerts, but we missed competitions and concerts of champions.

With so many outstanding choirs in town, it’s not easy picking just a few to show – so at least here’s a variety to enjoy, and all from award-winning choirs. After all, the theme of the event was Sharing Song – Creating Magic – and that they did. Enjoy the videos.

Note: For those interested, here is the Results page. FYI: It’s not user friendly, thus involves examining a handful of PDF files.

COTA: A youth choir from Namibia. A friend of mine saw them and said he has never seen a crowd response to a performance like that.


Latin: A Venezuelan choir who competed in folk music, and in this video, they are enjoying themselves in a Cincinnati hotel lobby.


Barbershop: I saw a very entertaining woman’s chorus from Canada, but I was shocked to see that they finished something like 6 of 8 – which sparked me to wonder about the winning choir, which was this one from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Sacred: Stellenbosch University Chorus (South Africa) won the Sacred Music category. Here’s one piece from their performance at the champion’s concert.