Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 150

On Politics
Gov. Romney is off campaigning overseas. Because then-candidate Obama did this in 2008, I guess this is the new normal.

I find it interesting that Gov. Romney uses “European-style government” in his campaign, but dodged the question in Great Britain about his opinion.

Although I frequently use my remote’s MUTE button during commercials, I encourage everyone to do yourself a favor: check what you hear. Two good sources on in my sidebar: PolitiFact and Fact Check. Meanwhile, President Obama’s commercial of Gov. Romney singing is quite MUTE worthy.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) states he is open to raising fees to enhance the revenue stream. Interestingly, that means penalties are taxes, but fees aren’t. Sorry senator, this is not a one-way street. Meanwhile, count me in on opposing the Democratic tax plan.

Wow! A big-named banker now wants to separate institutional and investment banking – thus reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act.

The Giffords shooting incident brought forth cries for gun control that faded. Now the Aurora theater incident has reignited the thought, but it will also fade. For well over 200 years, the US Supreme Court has left gun policy to the people, well, until DC vs. Heller (2008). Meanwhile, here is a powerful post from reader here. Thanks Val.

The odds of me shaking my head are good whenever Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) starts to talk. However, as little respect I have for her, I have less respect for the majority of the voters in her district.

On Headlines from The Onion
Pet Smart VP Rolls on Back, Exposes Belly when CEO Enters Room
Civil War Reenactor Accidently Uses Renaissance Fair Voice
Multivitamin Snubs Magnesium
Exhausted Cyclists Ask for Some Drugs so they can Finish Tour de France
Area Man has Dietary Habits of Hanna-Barbera Character
Hiccupping Man also has Song Stuck in his Head

Interesting Reads
The 18-Day Vice-Presidential Candidate
Essential Facts about the Federal Budget
Rome’s Pantheon
When Arts Meets Science (Thanks Roxie)
Discover of the 600-Year-Old Bra
Ten Oddest Ex-Olympic Sports

On Potpourri
Interesting batch of facts from the US Census Bureau that you can examine at the national, state, counties, and cities level.

With the summer Olympics in mind, here are two related stories. Fasab, a commenter here, recently posted his view of synchronized swimming. Also, enjoy this story about the ten oddest former Olympic sports.

Dolt of the Year nomination to Dan Cathy, President and CEO of Chick-fil-A restaurants. He is entitled to opinion, but as a CEO, he should watch what he says. Nonetheless, the City of Chicago shouldn’t block openings and permits.

Interesting batch of facts from the US Census Bureau that you can examine at the national, state, counties, and cities level.

This is the 150th post of Opinions in the Shorts. I guess this the Sesquicentennial OITS. I could go onto one of my marches to include as many meaningless factoids about 150 – such as there are 150 psalms in the Old Testament; or 150 is the sum of when adding the eight consecutive prime numbers (starting with 7), but I will spare you the trivia. Meanwhile, here’s the first OITS posted November 25, 2008 – oddly, a Tuesday. Too bad that video is no longer available because the secret presidential handshake between Presidents Bush and Obama (from Jimmy Kimmel) had me laughing!

Cheers, a classic cartoon post will go up this weekend.

To send you into the weekend, here’s something grand and dramatic for you to enjoy. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

47 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 150

    • Lame,
      Having a song stuck in your head is one thing, but hiccupping too would make we want to continually singing along with Mitt Romney’s America the Beautiful. Thanks for the congrats and for commenting.

    • Ginger,
      The multivitamin one is a good one. Meanwhile, in general, Romney’s biggest gaffs are when he goes off script – and he delivered once again. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Great post today. First, congrats on the 150th OITS, your next target is 155 as they say on wordpress.
    I’m surprised at the choices some commenters have made for the Onion this time. It’s a good selection certainly, but there is one clear winner, namely, “Hiccupping Man also has Song Stuck in his Head”. I’m wondering if, like a faulty CD, the song starts repeating every time he hiccoughs!!
    Also good find re the posts from Valentine and the olympic sports.
    And thanks for the mention as well, much appreciated.

    • Fasab,
      This week was one of the best collections from The Onion in sometime – thus I may not have a fav from these – but can you imagine what it would be like to be stuck with the hiccoughs and a song in your head! But yes, Val’s post is a good one. Thanks for the congrats and LOL on the next target. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Loved the interesting reads! Especially the Art meets Science, very cool. Of course a 600 year-old Bra, well why wouldn’t they figure that out back then, I mean really?

    Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it.

    As for the Onion, they are always such a source for the ridiculous who could pick? But I suspect this week I am going to have to go with Hiccuping Man!

    • Val,
      I try to provide a variety in the interesting reads section, so I’m glad you found something of interest. After I read your post yesterday, I knew I had to promote it – so I hope someone takes the time to visit. Meanwhile, thanks for commenting.

  3. It’s all getting interesting now your election is hotting up. I’m just glad of the diversion the Olympics is bringing – much more honest, fabulous and triumphant viewing xx

    • Spiced,
      Our election process is simply too long … and to think that news about Gov. Chris Christie’s comment about 2016 was big news. SCREEEEEEEAM! Yep – The Olympics will be a diversion – well, as soon as Mr. Romney leaves London – and at least until the commercials. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head on who’s responsible for the Michelle Bachmanns and Joe McCarthys. Also thanks for directing me to “I Am Mute Today” which led me to the equally powerful “What Now America?”

  5. Congrats on the 150, Frank. Mitt Romney seems to be an expert at making gaffes wherever he goes. I see that Boris Johnson lost no time in putting him in his place. :D Oh, I really sympathise with that hiccuping man. I wonder which song got stuck in his head; maybe “Honky-Tonk Hiccups” by Neko Case. ;) Have a great weekend.

    • Paradise,
      Mitt Romney is so scripted, and it is obvious when he goes off script — then oops! Meanwhile, thanks for the song. Since I don’t know it, I’m adding it here. Plus, it seems I was at your site while you were here. :) Thanks for visiting and the congrats.

  6. “Hiccupping Man also has Song Stuck in his Head”
    Loved the video! I have seen Northern Lights once. I would love to see them again. Recently they could be viewed at Glacier National Park. I would have liked to have seen the northern lights with the mountains as a backdrop.

      • I think the northern lights are an amazing part of living on this planet. Sometimes I’m in Awe at just how lucky we are to be here. I know there are a lot of things tragic in this world, but there is also some amazing and truely wonderful things going on as well. Just my thoughts on a Friday. Hope you have a nice weekend with your family.

        • Starla,
          No problem about sharing that philosophical point. Our world offers so much majesty and in so many forms … and most of the time it is right in front of us if you just take time to notice. Have a good weekend as well and I to Navar! Oh … tell him I have a post coming soon for him. Thanks for commenting.

  7. While people are on on Romney’s butt for his recent gaffes in the U.K. and “going off script” I think people need a BIG reminder on Obama’s gafts everyday and going off script. “you didn’t build your business by yourself the government helped you.” oh really … r us serious! NO bigger gaff than that incredibly ignorant statement by our dear Pres!

    • Kellie,
      Although President Obama’s comment did cause me to frown – especially when hearing the line over and over … in ads … I knew I had to go get the transcript to read the context. Not the best speech writing, but in context there is a point that attacks fail to mention. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney’s biggest blunders continue to happen (just as in the primary) when he goes off script. I have no doubt that he is both smart and analytical – but I get the feeling that when he goes off script, he’s trying too hard to say what is perceived as the right thing. Oh well …. Thanks for sharing.

      • I think that all politicians have major gaffes in their campaign run. Although, Obama is our Commander and Chief and his gaffes (in my humble oppion) are insulting to all Americans and should be less and less in 4 years …not the case. Especially offended are those Americans, who built their own business from ground up. I find Obama tries to be too cool all the time he opens his mouth and that is when he looks like a fool. I prefer a Commander and Chief who has a very different style than Obama. I found a quote recently which reminds me of Obama when he speaks. “Just because somebody has a fancy degree hanging on his/her wall does not make him/her smarter, nicer or better human being.” Just one bloggers view. :)

        • Kellie,
          Yep – all political campaigns are prone to missteps. I’ll take it one step further – All people are prone to gaffes, but those in the public eye get it amplified. Therefore, good luck finding a leader of any nation without one. In terms of the president’s quote you provide, I don’t know the context nor seek the transcript. However, on the face of just the quote, I have no problem with the statement. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        • I agree very much good luck in finding any leader that does not make one gaffe. which was my point made to a friend recently. Regardless if the politician is Republican or Democrate. When I hear either side keep using the “taken out of context” excuse over and over” I tune out. As I have always said in my blog replies “if you said it or did it … own it! Enough with both sides and the excuse “taken out of context.” I think that is a lame excuse for either side not to own their mistakes. I hope Americans are brighter than that… Going to be a long and annoying road to November. Just one bloggers view. :)

        • I know what you are saying about how people misuse the “out of context” phrase. To me, out of context does not imply a do-over, but what does the sentence mean in relationship to the surrounding sentences. Otherwise, simple plucking of random sentences (which is what campaigns do) is out of context. So when I hear a phrase on an add (well, when I don’t mute), I assume the phrase is actually incorrectly used because the odds are good that they aren’t in the correct context of the surrounding sentences.

        • Cheers to the Mute button!!! Being in a swing state, we have been getting slammed with ads, and I imagine it will be worse in time. So I just hope my Mute button stays functional!

        • With the Olympic games, nice to watch something other than the election garbage on TV. F.Y.I. My relative Kim Rhode won GOLD medal in skeet shooting yesterday. YAHOO!

        • Kellie,
          I saw that about Kim Rhode this morning. Most people never get to chance to meet an Olympian … let alone be related to one. And not her first medals either. Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Kellie,
      If you are referring to the video, although I like the music and think it adds to the video, the images are what fascinate me. :) Then again, everything is not for everybody.

  8. I hate to correct the Onion, but all the Civil War re-enactors I’ve met are too busy picking Civil War nits to do Renaissance. Besides, the voice isn’t the problem, the weapons are. Sure, your sword will never go off accidentally (or if it does, you need SERIOUS help), but it’s hard as heck to tamp gunpowder down your polearm!
    And my heartiest recommendations to catch the counter-fire following Romney’s doubting Britain’s readiness for the Olympics. Especially, try to catch London’s Mayor. Boris Johnson is a stitch, and his hair can out-trump Trump’s any day of the week! (He’s been a regular on the UK Top Gear, and is ALWAYS hilarious!)
    And finally, congrats on the 15oth set of your shorts. Um … er … well, congrats! :D

    • John,
      LOL … gotta love your take on the re-enactors! Meanwhile, great reference to London’s mayor’s Trump hair. I kept thinking – where have I seen that before? And why am I not surprised you watch Top Gear! ;) Thanks for the congrats and for commenting.

  9. As always, but just want to note it again on your sesqua-whatchamajiggle, love the way you put these together.
    And I’m looking forward to seeing if the separate bankings will go anywhere…

    • Pouring,
      Welcome first-time comment … and a friend of Guapo has high credibility here! Some FYI for you. OITS are a Friday tradition here and “all over the board’ is what this series is about. Then again, as the Categories in the sidebar shows, this blog is “all over the board”. Thanks for stopping by and commenting – and I hope you return.

  10. I wish I knew the way out of the current economic malaise. The Democrats tax the rich just seems like election pandering, and tax increases now do not seem like such a great idea from economic theory. On the Republican side, going austerity with big budget cuts, sounds like a recipe for further recession. Both approaches do nothing for the current malaise and nothing for the long-term endless debt cycle. I like to criticize both parties as not having any medicine that will work. But I am guilty of the same thing–I cannot come up with a policy either, except to say this: rebuild our airports, three lane the interstates, and bulldoze down all the decrepit old useless buildings and bulldoze down the excess newer housing inventory as well. The world economy looks to be sick for quite some time unfortunately. I do feel there is someone out there with the right plan, we just need to find him or her. Since you seem Centrist, Frank for President. Wait, forget that idea, I do not want to make your life miserable as the media would make up more about your life than you and your wife know. The media craziness is not helping our matters. Better to watch the Olympics and forget about reality this week.

    • Randel,
      Thanks for your endorsement – but I’m not a candidate and I’ve never been a candidate! ;)

      Given the current Washington climate, the only way something will get done would be with one party in power – and then again, it will only be their perspective – thus still failing to address the major issues of the day. “Where do we go from here” is a the million dollar question, thus with the continue failure of both parties, we probably need more gridlock to create more opposition to the two sides. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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