On Super Mouse

First appeared in Mouse of Tomorrow 1944, Last appearance Cat Alarm 1961 sandwiching 78 theatrical shorts

Created by Terrytoons (a 20th Century Fox studio)

Originally named Super Mouse (in the first 7 films)

Intentionally dressed similar to Superman

Voiced by Roy Hallee, Sr., Tom Morrison, and Patrick Pinney

Superpowers include flight, X-ray vision, super strength, telekinesis, turn back time

Two recurring female leads: Pearl Pureheart and Mitzi

Oil Can Harry is the common evil villain cat

Characters often sing opera songs

Received an Oscar nomination for Short Subject (Cartoon) in 1945

CBS bought the rights, and then aired Mighty Mouse Playhouse 1955-1967 with supporting characters including Heckle and Jeckle, Dinky Duck, and Gandy Goose

Mighty Mouse and the Mighty Heroes (Diaper Man, Cuckoo Man, Rope Man, Strong Man, and Tornado Man) aired for two years

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle aired 1969-1981 (41 shows)

A Kentucky family (with too much time on their hands and obvious UK basketball fans) interpreted a scene as Mighty Mouse snorting cocaine, thus reporting this to the American Family Association, which demanded changes

“Thus ends the adventure of Super Mouse…he seen his job and he done it!”

Mighty Mouse and the Mighty Heroes Intro


Barbershop-Style Introduction 1987-89


47 thoughts on “On Super Mouse

  1. I had no idea Mighty Mouse got his start as Super Mouse but with powers like flight, X-ray vision, super strength, telekinesis, and turn back time it’s no wonder he was Super! Now if only I could get some of that ‘turn back time’ stuff….


  2. Ah yes, when having color TV was a big deal! One of our two TV sets, which I watched most of these shows on growing up, was a B&W unit in a HUGE wooden cabinet. My dad gutted it, and with all the old tube electronics out of the way, it carried 4 speakers, a turntable, 8-track player, cassette player/recorder, a large digital clock (with plastic wheels, rather than LEDs), AND all our LP records! (And kids think their iPhones take up too much space these days! 😀 )
    Okay, trivia question for YOU: Do you remember the acetate screen covers for B&W TVs, that were a horizontal blue stripe at the top third, clear in the middle third, and green at the bottom third? (Yep, I’m going into REAL old fart territory! 😉 )


    • John,
      Yes, I remember the acetate screen sheets, although we didn’t have one. Oh yes – some of the consoles of the day where huge – thus very usable as you dad did. Thanks for sharing the trip back in time.


  3. Thanks for posting the clips. I didn’t know that Ralph Bakshi directed Mighty Heroes and produced New Adventures. In the Seventies I thought he was so ahead of his time with Fritz the Cat. I also loved that Andy Kaufman bit with the theme song. Another great cartoon post Frank!


  4. Mighty Mouse is very special to me! My son (now 35) just adored Mighty Mouse when he was little. I still have a stuffed MM, almost two feet tall, kept in plastic wrap in the garage…I can’t get rid of it! If my son will ever grant me permission, I’d love to post a picture of it…it’s really something to see…an almost antique Mighty Mouse! Ha! And that Andy Kauffman “bit” always made me roar! I thought he was simply brilliant! Fun post to read, Frank. Lots of happy memories here! Debra


    • Cuttlefish,
      Great point about the intros of the past. In the early days of TV, some cartoon intros acted as commercials for the product sponsoring the cartoon. Thanks for commenting.


  5. Oh, Mighty Mouse! I loved him so much as a little girl that I wanted to marry him (even though cats were the “enemy” to him). “Here I come to save the daaaaayyyyyy!” Thanks, Frank – the first one is my favorite.


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