On an Artist for Monday

The first weekend in August has come to an end. How was your weekend?

My first-place Reds won 2 of 3 over the second-place Pirates. Otherwise, we had another delightful weekend that involving the ballroom floor, attending a Cincinnati Pops at a delightful outdoor venue along the review, and staying cool from the high heat and humidity by watching the Olympics.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy the artistry. For those interested, here’s more information about the artist – and thanks to Java Girl for finding this video.  Have a great week!

40 thoughts on “On an Artist for Monday

  1. Wow! Awesome video!

    On a kind of related note- have you ever heard of the ‘Jesus painter’? He came to our church a few weeks ago and what he did was amazing- reminds me of the video up there. You can look him up at:


    I took some videos of him on my Blackberry and I need to post them somewhere- it was cool to watch it unfold before my very eyes!

    Aaaand, my husband took our oldest girl to the Reds game today and – I kid you not- every time he goes to a game, they lose. It’s his fault, Frank! He even purchased a broom and took it to the game! Sigh.


  2. That was fun. Neat concept he had, interacting with his paintings like that. And I also think Bob Ross would have approved. Happy little bubbles, happy little trees, happy little shrubs and grass.


    • TBM,
      Fortunately, the Internet makes following baseball from afar much easier. Reds on a ridiculous streak of winner something like 21 of 25 … and much of those without the best hitter. But as you know, the last 2 months can be tough. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hey Frank. You know, one of your previously posted videos had once led me to this same artist.
    Also, I’m a follower of Java Girl, and have been for some time. I wonder if it was through you, as well, that I stumbled across her.
    Anyway, it’s always interesting to me how people can become connected here on this site. And because of that connection, we open ourselves up to become exposed to a great many things that we mightn’t have otherwise been.
    If I remember correctly, you and I were introduced through Lolabees. I believe that she is responsible, either directly or indirectly, for well over 50% of my more dedicated tenth of followers.
    Rambling now, but thanks Frank. Glad to know ya. 🙂


    • Dink,
      I stored the link to this video from Java Girl several months ago – thus why I like to credit my sources. You may be right about our connection through Lolabees, but I’m not sure. Nonetheless, cyberworld connections are interesting!!! Thanks for commenting.


    • Kellie,
      Sounds like a great project for your parents! We’re working on celebrating my in-laws’ 60 wedding anniversary next week … so we’ve been collecting photos and stuff too! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Veddy interestink video, meine freund! 😀 Actually, should’ve written that in Italian, since I spent the weekend studying the WW2 Regia Aeronautica, but hey, it’s close, right? 😉
    I enjoyed our cold front Sunday – all 5 minutes of it. Today’s “frigid” high of 83 was passed about 10 am – we’re hanging right around 89.
    Cold front? Where do Ohio weathermen originate – the bloody Sahara?!? 😉


    • John,
      The weather people didn’t do well in our corner of the state as they were forecasting a good bit of rain and we got very little. I’m ready for heat and humidity to go away! I’m sure you had a good time with your studies! Thanks for commenting.


  5. What a great video! I really enjoyed that! And I think your weekend sounded like a great mix of getting out there moving and enjoying the music and relaxing at home. That’s a perfect weekend in my book! Debra


  6. My word what an interesting clever video. Loved watching him paint with both hands! So glad I popped over.

    We went to watch Bronfman play piano at the Hollywood Bowl last week. I imagine it must be similar to the Cincinnati Pops ie an outdoor venue where you can bring a picnic and sit under the stars.


    • Rosie,
      Glad you enjoyed the video. While Hollywood Bowl is a long-time legendary venue, Riverbend opened in 1984. The seats are in a covered amphitheater with lawn space beyond the seats. The venue sits right on the Ohio River at the low end of town, thus regularly floods. Thanks for visiting.


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