On Satire Bits: Vol. 27

Whew! Another warm night on the golf course. Fortunately, the humidity was reasonable and I’m good with water intake. Meanwhile, the new driver’s debut was an improvement, as was my putting. But on this night, my short chipping game prevented me from a pretty good score.

I just watched an entertaining semi-final beach volleyball match, and amazingly, the two US women’s teams will battle for the gold on Wednesday. Meanwhile, it’s time for some mid-week satire. Any favorites? Enjoy.

Peer Group Forces Man to have Opinion of Weird Al

Catholic Nutritionist Warns Against Transubstantiating Fats

Dead Daughter would have Wanted $220 Million Liability Settlement

Ghost of Red Knight Signs on as New Voice of God

Teen Zebra in Road Doesn’t Give a Shirt about Honking Driver

Kentucky Legislature Bans Gay Pet Weddings

Pretty Lame Playing Hard to Follow

“My Sharrona” Playing in Supermarket as Parent Slaps Child

Friend Chuckling at Computer Screen about to Read You Something Not Worth Hearing

Bats Shood Out of Waterslide Tunnels before Waterpark Opens

Dog Named Murph Lives Up to His Name

4-Year Old Shows New Doll the Ropes


41 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 27

  1. I gotta love the Weird Al one, being a huge fan. Though I think the gay pets one might be getting dangerously near to reality!
    You know, I once went out playing golf with friends. I scored a 127, and they had the audacity to claim that THEY won, because THEIR scores were all in the 60s! I did twice as well as them, and THEY thought THEY were the winners! 😉
    I’ll mark this evening as a win, for I hijacked a blog with levity on the cusp of seriousness leading to insanity. Another score for the dread … BLOG HIJACKER! 😀
    Better watch out, pal, you haven’t been hijacked …. YET ….


      • Co-authoring (or guest posting) isn’t hijacking, but I’d be honoured to do it again – provided I can find the old questions. Hijacking is more of dropping into a serious discussion and humourously side-tracking it, For example, during a VERY serious discussion about gun control that was getting WAY too heavy, taking a comment about the Macarena and planting the image of yours truly, in German WW2 uniform, dancing said same. 😀
        Just my little way of giving everyone a breather. So beware any heavy topics – you never know when I’ll strike…..


  2. I can’t imagine how you can play golf in the hot humid weather you folks have had this summer. Glad to hear you’re drinking a lot.

    Gay pet weddings?

    Thank you for knowing to answer my question re the Women’s Beach Volleyball team. I’ve asked several people whether they were still playing and no one knew could tell me so I assumed they’d completed their games. I didn’t know there were two women’s teams?


    • Rosie,
      Although yesterday was a tad toasty, it wasn’t humid – although the past several weeks have been. But yes, high humidity and high temperatures makes for uncomfortable conditions for anything outdoors. Fortunately, my Tuesday golf is only 9 holes, so I’m not out there too long.

      In terms of women’s beach volleyball, Olympic watchers know our famous duo, which obviously overshadows the other team. Thanks for visiting.


  3. ha ha love the list
    Peer Group Forces Man to have Opinion of Weird Al
    Teen Zebra in Road Doesn’t Give a Shirt about Honking Driver..now i have seen too many of them on roads- both the teen zebras and the honking drivers…


  4. I could do with some of your weather here at the moment. We seem to be getting one cold front after another. Good luck to the US volley ball teams. As for “gay pet weddings,” only in America. 😆


  5. Hmm…..is it just me? I didn’t ‘get’ a single one of the headlines.

    And honestly Frank, I also don’t get why anyone would go outside in August…I mean like on purpose and all. 😉


    • Alex,
      Not getting any of the headlines is a sign of NESB. Meanwhile, believe me, our August is nothing like in Texas. The temp isn’t as high and our high humidity doesn’t come close to places like Houston. Still scratching your head about NESB? Not Enough Shiner Bock. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. “Teen Zebra in Road Doesn’t Give a Shirt about Honking Driver”
    We have animals here that sometimes stay in the road and don’t give a shirt either to honking cars.
    I wathed the Volleyball game the other night. Wow was that amazing I think one of the best games yet. Looking forward to watching volleyball tonight.
    Last night I was thinking maybe I need to buy some blue tape for my lower back. If I bought some bright yellow running shoes could I run or walk faster? Just wondering.


    • Starla,
      Ha ha … I imagine you have large animals standing in the road minding their business! Regarding the blue tape, go to a hardware store’s paint department. 😉 Thanks for commenting.


  7. Since I’m right now eating an egg salad sandwich at The Grind (and feeling a bit shocked having suffered a brain freeze because I thought I was about to bite into ham) I’d have to go with “Friend Chuckling at Computer Screen about to Read You Something Not Worth Hearing”. The friend is usually me, but what you write is always worth hearing!


  8. A curious selection today from the Onion. Just to be different my choice is “My Sharrona” Playing in Supermarket as Parent Slaps Child – if only because whoever played the song should have been slapped instead. How did that ever get to #1???


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