On an Upcoming Show

Note: This post may seem all over the place because it is – so be patient.

The next season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) will feature past performers and the executives surprised me with their cast announcement ahead of their normal routine. I know that the decision of the cast primarily depends on ratings and availability, thus the announcement confirmed my worst fears – Bristol Palin returns! (Here are the pairings.)

Back to Bristol Palin. I don’t care if she finished third in season 11. She wasn’t that good, the judges were more lenient with her than any contestant ever (IMO), and the Palinistas faithfully voted her just because they could. Eventually, I became so disgusted that I refused to watch until she was gone.

The bean-counting-focused decision makers selected her in order to gain a ratings boost during the height of the presidential campaign – yet hopefully not to sway the election. I know the Palin’s are all about making money, but geez Louise, get a grip ABC! In my opinion, this shows that ABC executives favor of their financial pockets over respecting the election process in their country, which I find disgusting and a disgrace to those of us who enjoy the show.

This earns ABC executives a Dolt of the Year nomination. Fear not because NBC also gets a nomination because they secured Papa Grizzly for a show I wouldn’t have watched anyway (Stars Earn Stripes, which just started).  Besides, NBC have done other bonehead decisions this year, such as what they said about the reasons for cancelling Harry’s Law.

Nevertheless, ABC made their selections and Bristol Palin was not the only controversial selection because the list also pathetically includes more than one DWTS employee. So, in the spirit of living up to my own standards, odds are I will boycott Season 15 to avoid Blood of Nincompoop – or at least not watch until she’s gone.

51 thoughts on “On an Upcoming Show

  1. But did I hear right, and DWTS is bringing back Kirstie Alley? If so, that almost makes up for bringing back Bristol. ALMOST. (Not that even Kirstie would make me watch that show, mind you. ALMOST. :D )

  2. Hey I would rather see Bristol (no issues with her performance) than Cloris Leachman (drunk wtih no underwear) or Buzz Aldrin( nice guy butt like watching paint dry on a wall or Jerry Springer (hum trash TV)! KILL ME NOW!

  3. Interesting that even though Bristol can’t dance and her mother isn’t running in this presidential campaign ABC are still bringing her back in the hopes of increasing ratings. Are you listening ABC? We the people say we won’t watch someone who can’t dance!

    • Debra,
      Amazing how DWTS and others competition shows have similar versions in other countries. Many probably forget that DWTS and Where-ever Idol originated in the UK. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’ll boycott it too! I should mention that I don’t watch the show, but now I really won’t watch the show. They cancelled Harry’s Law. I liked that show.

    • TBM,
      Harry’s law was getting 7.8-8.2 million viewers per week – BUT – it ranked low in the targeted 18-49 demographic. I think advertisers forgot the buying power of 50+ crowd. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I think if I was strapped to a chair, my eyelids stapled open and forced to watch Dancing With The Stars I’d crack and tell everything I knew inside ten minutes. But that aside the point about the tv companies bean counters is a good one. They’ve canceled some of the best shows on tv and replaced them with inane drivel. I don’t watch a lot of tv nowadays thanks to the bean counters.

    • Fasab,
      It ok not being a DWTS fan. interestingly, NBC cancelled Harry’s Law even though it did well in number of viewers. Amazing, NBC admit to the reason – low viewership in the targeted 18-49 crowd. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. You’re welcome to come and live here Frank. We’re a very long way from the Palins. I’ve heard worse than the fact she’s on DWTS is the reality show based on their lives. Therein lies the reason I don’t subscribe to cable TV – I don’t need these shows xx

    • Spiced,
      What a wonderful idea as a solution! Meanwhile, while you have heard worse, we’ve lived it! One thing for though – they have tuned themselves into a self-promoting cash machine. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Who cares? Bristol Palin? C’mon Frank, if she was one of Obama’s girls, you’d be all for her. Frankly, back to my original comment. WHO CARES? It’s a show about dancing. It’s like watching bowling.

    • Randy,
      1) It’s obvious you don’t watch the show. However I, along with millions, like DWTS.

      2) In terms of your political statement, your record of not-knowing what you are talking about is well documented.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Outside of news, sports and the occasional film on TCM, that’s about all the TV I watch, so the only DWTS that I’ve seen has been in their promos. That said, when you started your post my completely demented way of thinking was that you tried out for it (hey, you are Mr. Ballroom Dancing), but then I realized that you’re only a star to me. Sorry this show is not hacking it for you this upcoming season, but I agree with you, Bristol’s back due to the election. Too bad it wasn’t Newt Gingrich. Seeing that can of Crisco make a fool of himself doing the salsa might even get the likes of me to tune in.

  9. Spawn of Nincompoop is definitely a reason to avoid DWTS even though the continue to show the personality prostitution the Palins think of as their careers. However I give the total thumbs down to NBC – not only for some of the worst Olympic coverage decisions ever, but also for Stars Earn Stripes. War is not a game or a game show. Our military deserve better to be used as ratining bait.

    So – it looks like a lot fo evenings with TNT – otherwise known as “the murder channel”).

    • Beags,
      “Personality prostitution” is an excellent description. I didn’t watch (and won’t) Stars Earn Stripes, but you bring up an interesting point about our military deserving better. As for as NBC’s Olympic coverage … I don’t like the way they treat the time zone differences. Then again, their ratings were huge. Thanks for visiting and commenting … and hi to the Beagles!

  10. I feel your pain concerning Bristol Palin. I find DWTS fun to watch and quite artistic. Too bad it’s held hostage to the ratings boosts it apparently gets when it invites controversial politics-linked celebrities to participate.

    • Tim,
      Shows are tide to ad revenues via ratings. I know that is the nature of the beast, but there is a boundary, and in my opinion, ABC crossed it. Oh well …. for every one of people like me who will tune out, many Palinistas will fly in. Thanks for commenting.

      • We think Sarah Palin is a bit scarey to tell the truth. What has been highlighted here is her lack of knowledge of the outside world (outside of her own patch) and how parochial she is. She doesnt come across as a very smart woman, though she must be to have got to where she is today. There has been less on the media here about her family – but I do get the feeling some of them may relish the role of being famous for being famous……with no particular talent or experience.

        • Many thanks for replying because I was curious about the foreign perception. Here, while she causes many to shake their head, a loyal segment exists – thus why channels seek Palin inclusion. And yes, the family has used it to their financial benefit. She is also a media magnet, which also keeps her name in the news. Thanks again for taking the time to share.

  11. The Palins are a train wreck and they should have worn out their collective 15 minutes of fame 4 years ago. I’m not thrilled that ABC is just enabling them further. I salute you for taking a stand, sir!

    • Squishy,
      Dancing with the Stars is a modern day version of an old fashion variety show. “Stars” are paired with ballroom dance professionals, when one pair is eliminated each week. We like it, and well, the show got us started taking ballroom dance lessons. Oh well … there’s a little about it. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Is it already 15 seasons. Do they run them twice a year. I have to admit the last one I watched was when my favorite Mario lost to the football player. What year was that. I must really be dating myself. When ABC turns to the Greed machine, the show is in decline, the novelty charm are gone. Reality repeats sounds downright disgusting. We all like new stories.

  13. I’m sorry that a show you’ve really enjoyed is giving you heartburn! Not that I don’t understand your point of view, because I really do. I stopped watching long ago when too many of the better dancers were voted off. But I never miss a moment of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance! The performers are so exceptional and the dance is pure art. If you’ve never watched, do at least give it a try. It’s only a few weeks into the season right now. The dancing talent is amazing…and I just went way off topic. Sorry, Frank. When ABC “killed” Eli Stone I stopped watching network television. They cancel the shows I like on a routine basis! We need a revolt! :-) Debra

    • Debra,
      I know what you mean about the audience voting off some of the better dancers. Unfortunately, that’s how the show works. Unfortunately, the audience can keep someone around longer than the should and at the expense of missing the more deserving … and a description of Bristol Palin on the show.

      We gave Think You Can Dance a chance. Although I recognize the talent, my interest is ballroom. Is that the show with Kat as the host? (She I didn’t care for, nor did I have much fondness for the judging panel). Oh well. Meanwhile, the networks continue to drive us crazy. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    • Shimon,
      Actually, I don’t watch many TV shows other than the news and some sporting events, so DWTS is one of the few shows I regularly enjoy watching. Then again, I appreciate you point. Thanks for commenting.

  14. I don’t watch any of the shows, not this one or Idol or Voice not any of them. Though I did watch Idol once and there is another dance show I watch now and then. But I would be tempted to watch if there were some real scandal to be had! Maybe….

    Bristol could fall on her back. Someone could fall on top of her. Bristol could blame abstinence on her new pregnancy. Her little sister could give birth (but it would really be Bristol’s or maybe not). Sarah could file a lawsuit against ABC for corruption of the young.

    Oh, I could just go on and on.

    • Robin,
      Tom DeLay on the show was a head scratcher for me … and in some ways, still is. But rolled with the punches on that one …. unlike I admittedly can’t do with someone. Thanks for commenting.

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