On Monday Style

Cincinnati had wonderful weather this weekend, so we took advantage. Besides an evening on the ballroom floor, we spent Saturday with friends attending an art fair at a local sculpture park. The art fair was OK, but the sculpture park is interesting enough to serve as its own future post. Afterwards, we went to our friends house for good wine, a casual dinner, and conversation. I dedicated Sunday afternoon to yard work.

As a golfer, I enjoy watching the Ryder Cup matches. Congratulations to the Team Europe for the remarkable comeback!

What did you do this weekend? Good weather? Good times?

For some, Cincinnati weekends start with a local TV traffic reporter doing something crazy for his Dance Party Friday at 5:5o AM. This one happened live two weeks ago as he got the entire studio involved and had other locals attending. Enjoy and have a good week. Click here for the video.


On a Ricochet Rabbit

Served as the sheriff of Hoop n Holler

The slow-moving Droop-a-Long Coyote served as his deputy – and his bullets moved slower as they leave a drooping gun

Catch phrase: “Ping-ping-PING! Ricochet Rabbit!” as he bounces off surfaces in the vicinity …. (thus not bing-bing-bing)

Droop-a-Long couldn’t ricochet as well, thus would end up crashing through a window

Ricochet used trick bullets on the bad guys

Created by Hanna-Barbera

Originally aired January 14, 1964 – December 4, 1965, thus 23 episodes in 2 seasons

Debuted on The Magilla Gorilla Show, but only appeared for 10 segments before being replaced by Beezly and Sneezly

Reappeared on Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon for 13 segments

Ricochet voiced by classic voice actor Don Messick

Droop-a-Long voiced by another classic, Mel Blanc, who was impersonating Festus on Gunsmoke

Music theme by Hoyt Curtain

Also appeared in Yogi’s Ark Lark and Yogi’s Treasure Hunt

Enjoy the episode

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 156

On Politics
The presidential debates start next week. Odds are, I will pass on the first one. Meanwhile, and no kidding, I saw this commercial! This one is for Lame!

In last week’s OITS, I provided a quote from the local Tea Party. Here’s another gem: Since neither government or criminals produce anything, illegitimate government and criminals share common behaviors: both use force or threat of force to take property (and sometimes lives) from its rightful owners and give it someone else who “needs” it.

Also in last week’s OITS, I gave suggestions for Mitt Romney. In less than 24 hours, the Nincompoop also provided suggestions. (Evidence) The graphic below compares the two sets. And I’m not even voting for him! Thanks Ginger FightBack for the graphic entitled Palin Fruit.

Earlier this week I watched an interview with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who stated that he doesn’t rely on polls, thus explain most polls showed John Kerry (in 2004) was going to beat President Bush. Mr. Giuliani, really? Then please explain this evidence to me.

Two Relevant Political Reads

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Area Mom Waited in Car for 20 Minutes
  • Scientists Working on Immortality Better Hurry for Area Man
  • Botanist Discover Trees are Slowly Trying to Strangle Each Other
  • Loose First Grader Brings Home Different Friend Every Time
  • Egyptian Woman Wishes Screaming-Protester Husband would go Bonkers for Her Once in a While
  • Glowing Ahmadinejad: “I am the nuclear weapon we’ve been building”

Interesting Reads
Health benefits of Pinot Noir
A report about climate science reported by Fox News
Roman Empire and its economy
New theory about why men love breasts
Science and faith on a secular campus
A worthy read from someone with ADHD

On Potpourri
It seems shoulder impingement is rearing its ugly head in my left shoulder, so it’s back to the daily strength and flexibility exercises.

I’ve had enough! It’s time for the US military and our allies to leave Afghanistan.

A couple of value recommendations from Wine Spectator: Folonari Chianti 2010 ($9), Charles & Charles Rose 2011 ($11), and 14 Hands Hot-to-Trot Red ($12)

Wine Spectator (Oct 15) published over 200 value reds and whites from the US. If you are looking for recommendations, let me know what you like.

Strength and blessings to El Guapo, a loyal visitor here, whose mother passed away earlier in the week.

I will have a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post tomorrow.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy the energetic music from Bond. Unfortunately, I had issues embedding it here, so click here. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On an Episode

This image about epilepsy in honor of a delightful young girl. She, a daughter of a long-time friend, demonstrates the joys of life that each of us want in others and should have for ourselves – and she does that in spite of the trauma of her world. Her medical journey has not been easy on her and her family, but everyone is strong and remains committed with hopes of a positive outcome – thus I wish and pray for strength and blessings to them.

Their family and friends recently participate in a walk for the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, a group formed in memory of a 16-year old who died unexpectedly of something I never heard of – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). (Info on the walks in Colorado and Kansas)

The cause of SUDEP is unknown, but it usually occurs at night or during sleep, and studies estimate the SUDEP rate at one death per 1,000 people with epilepsy per year. There is often evidence of a seizure before death … and that’s where the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation comes in as it provides grants for training and placing seizure-response dogs.

Below is a news report on seizure-response dogs. After watching, I recommend seeing this video tribute that the owner prevents me from embedding.

On Satire Bits: Vol. 30

Tonight was the final night in this season’s golf league. There was some rain to accompany the fall conditions that found us starting the night in first place by a slim 1.5 points. By the end of the evening, our lead was 9 – thus my partner and I are the reigning champions! Plus, each of us may have also captured the two individual awards – but we won’t know until the league secretary does the calculations.

Interestingly, my wife’s team was also victorious this year, so our household is in golf glory!

Enough of golf, let’s get on with the mid-week dose of satire from The Onion. Which is your favorite? Have a good rest of the week.

Area Couple has Mind-Blowing Ego Validation

Guy Who Dates Many Women Really Likes Kisses

Girl Friend Refers to Fan as Audience

Line Foreman Considering Asking Out Cute Welding Robot

Horrible Couple Wants Wedding to Reflect their Personalities

Doctor-Patient Relationship Getting Serious

Wedding DJ Finally Gets Chance to Listen to Black Eyed Peas on Own Time

Party Guy Finds Party Wife

Funky First-Date Idea: Ram Car through Military Checkpoint

New York Yankees Build New Vacation Stadium in the Hamptons

On Amsterdam

Figure it’s about time to share some of our recent vacation trip, which started with spending 2+ days in one of the world’s great cities – Amsterdam.

We saw a lot during our short stay – and wish we took a pedometer to determine the number of miles we walked. In other words, for those who enjoy walking, go for it because Amsterdam is very walkable.

Our 9-room hotel, a canal house build in 1652, was a great find – but meals in the city are more expensive than my normal life.

Through our strolls, we visited the Anne Frank museum (fabulous), took daytime and nighttime canal cruises (the later with wine, cheese, and nuts), visited the vibrant Red Light District and the Jordain neighborhood, toured a diamond cutting facility, took a wonderful walking tour of the city, and generally took in the ambiance of this great city.

I really enjoyed the architecture. The different tops of the buildings with their hooks for hoisting furnishings continually captured my attention – and, of course, some buildings leaning to the left or to the right.

Whether the ladies in the windows or the scent of burning marijuana, tolerance is an important word for observing Amsterdam – but we were not offended. Interestingly, the Dutch seem to be drifting to the right, so I wonder how much will change in the next 10 years.

We didn’t visit any of the great art museums because our time was short and the weather was fabulous!

There were some surprises.

  • The number of bicycles! It’s a common mode of transportation for many, so the need for a large, bicycle-only parking garage at the train station. In other words, walkers beware!
  • The beauty of many of the ladies in the windows; thus not the skanky stereotype some may expect.
  • The amount of litter, especially on Dam Square: but city workers seem to keep up with the cleaning operation.
  • The number of wind turbines located in the industrial area.

The walking tour is free – well, the guides operate on tips-only. It’s a great tour, so here’s the link. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures.

Hotel Brouwer


From a Bridge of Sengal Canal near the hotel


Street along Canal Sengal near the hotel


Buildings along a canal


One of the first sites that caught our attention


A leaner


At night, a close look will show other bridges in the distance


The packed, multi-level bicycle garage at the main train station


A sculpture on the street in the Red Light District

Time to get on the ship. After a day at sea, see you in Warnemunde, Germany (click to visit)

On the First Monday of Fall

Fall arrived in Cincinnati Saturday morning, and brought the sunny, crisp days of the season for the weekend. We even got some much needed rain in the overnight hours. Meanwhile, let’s get some relief to those in Southern California!

What a weekend! The pride of the city (baseball’s Reds) clinched the division title, so it’s on to the playoffs! Downtown streets were buzzing Octoberfest Zinzinnati, the largest Octoberfest outside of Munich. There’s plenty of sausages, desserts, beer, oompah, people wearing chicken hats, and more for all attendees over the three days! We went for a jumbo creampuff from Schmidt’s (a German restaurant in Columbus).

Besides Octoberfest, we saw a movie (Hope Springs) (and enjoyed it), worked in the yard, hit the ballroom dance floor, took my in-laws to dinner, attended a delightful outdoor local art show, and even enjoyed a quiet few hours at home as the two of us enjoyed a delightful bottle of wine.

Now that you envy my weekend, how was yours? Please share if you wish!

Hope you have a wonderful week to come, but I do wonder who will provide the 15,000th comment. 🙂 Enjoy this video (from 3 years ago) of a Cincinnati tradition that occurred again this weekend.