On a Fantasy for Monday

How was your weekend? Much of my weekend was dealing with jet lag and coming off the travel meds. (Doesn’t that seem thrilling?). Good news is that my plan to avoid the side effects worked well!!! On the downside, no dancing.

Otherwise, our dinner group met for an evening meal of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. This group always eats well! 🙂

On the previous post I mentioned a celebratory announcement. If all goes as planned,  the celebration will be this weekend, so I hope you get many of your friends to stop by to leave a comment as I celebrate a milestone.

Because of my two-day in St. Petersburg, let’s start the week with a something from Russian composer Igor Stravinsky in a Disney classic. Meanwhile, I will continue to ease myself toward my normal routine. Have a good week!

PS: Embedding is blocked, so click to watch on YouTube.