Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 154

On Politics
Being out of the country during both political conventions and being away from the political ads (which Ohio leads the country) was a great vacation in itself.

The politics around the recent attack at the US Embassy in Libya demonstrates the lowness of the current state of politics.

Congressional Republicans are correct. The slow economic recovery shows that their obstinate policies haven’t worked.

Ohio is a battleground state for the state, and this poll shows how well informed Ohio voters are. A recent poll asked Ohio voters who they thought deserved more credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Obama or Romney: 63 percent Obama, 31 percent weren’t sure, and 6 percent said Romney. Republicans answered 38 percent Obama, 47 percent weren’t sure, and 15 percent Romney. Although it is probably a good example of bad polling, I wonder about the correlation of these results with most people in Ohio being Ohio State Buckeye fans.

Why did Gov. Romney’s pledge to keep “In God We Trust” on coins?

Because I missed the GOP convention, fortunately Jay Leno captured this.


On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Prevent Identity Theft by Changing Identity Every Three Years
Hand-gliding Putin Leads Flock of Birds
Man Halfway Down Waterslide Remembers It’s 9-11
Homeless Man has No Idea What to Do with Visiting Parents
Woman Dumped on 15-Week Anniversary
Supreme Court’s New Agent Already Getting Them Better Cases

Interesting Reads
About ZZ Top’s Beards
Charts about “Are we better off than four years ago?”
A story about the pen
Political divisions between and within
Finnish educational reform

On Potpourri
I will post Saturday, but it won’t be a classic cartoon post – it will be my 1000th post so it’s time to celebrate! The post is getting its finishing touches, so invite your friends to visit and comment. Party starts between 8-9 AM (Eastern US).

Interestingly, throwing a party for myself and all the self-promotion I’ve been doing is so not me.

Many of you are aware of John Erickson, the one who comments on many blogs but didn’t have a blog … until now! Visit John to say hello.

Cheers to the life of Neil Armstrong who passed away while I was vacationing. He spent many years living a private life in the Cincinnati area. Given his private nature, his choice of burial at sea didn’t surprise me.

I know this is old news, but baseball player Melky Cabrera’s 50-day suspension is one thing, but his attempted cover-up method earns his a Dolt of the Year nomination.

Baseball announced my Cincinnati Reds will open the 2013 against an American League team. To me, just another reason to dislike MLB Commission Bud Selig.

Headline: Bristol Reacts to Levi’s Baby News … I say “Who Cares!”

In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch … and here’s some music in advance of tomorrow’s celebration!

54 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 154

  1. It is just so nice having you back!
    For my favorite Onion headline, it would be hard to top Putin!

    Thanks for the heads up on John’s new blog. I went over and gave him grief already!


  2. I was saddened/surprised to hear about Melky. I thought he was better than that. But he does indeed deserve the Dolt of the Year award. And isn’t there some way all of us baseball fans can pool our money and pay someone to eliminate Selig already??

    And don’t even get me started on Romney et al. Although I find it interesting hearing your thoughts since you’re in a swing state, you see a lot more activity.


    • Weebs,
      The last I checked, MLB pays Bud Selig $17 million per year! … but all baseball fans could top that.

      As far as being in a swing state, the ads alone make it a nightmare! Thanks for commenting and hope to see you tomorrow.


  3. Hey, hey! Jeez, give a guy a chance to write a post or two before you start spreading his blogname around, okay? 😀
    Seriously, I forgot to take my laptop to the doc’s office, so I didn’t get stuff typed up yet. And I promise not to upstage you on Saturday!
    Oh, by the by, the doc did everything he could for me, but it’s still really bad news. You’re stuck with me. 😉
    And I think I’ll have to go with changing your ID every three year. Speaking of which, would you prefer I change to Dirk Freegard, or Joseph Cuppa? 😀


  4. incredibly stupid people answering that poll, although we should see what the questions were before i call them stupid. eh.

    sacrilegious for the reds to play an american league team on opening day. that’s like having the – well – i can’t even think of something else as insulting as that is to the reds.

    as for obstinate economic policies, we have to remember that the GOP congress successfully prevented any of obama’s policies from passing, so it’s unfair to say his policies failed because they were never close to implementation.


    • Rich,
      Regarding the poll, I believe the link has a link to the poll itself.

      Bud Selig continues to be an insult to the game. Just as the Reds opening against the Angels, I think the Tigers close the season with the Marlins. An interleague game will be going on at all times! Good grief!

      As for the obstinate policies, you made my point. 😉 … Thanks for sharing and hope to see you tomorrow.


      • the shift of (likely) the astros to the junior league, which doesn’t make sense because it takes away a much “desired” natural interleague rivalry with the rangers, causes there to be either an interleague series at all times or one team not playing from each league at all times. if those are the choices, interleague is better. but those don’t “need” to be the only choices.

        if he’s going to make the reds play interleague, he could have at least had the game against the yankees or indians or tigers. that would be closer to acceptable.


        • i was okay with up until this move. i was okay with interleague when it was used sparingly. it was first proposed by hank greenberg back in the 50’s or 60’s, i forget exactly when, but i read that in an excellent book about him.


        • Interesting … didn’t know that about HG. I didn’t mind interleague when it started, but the novelty wore off … the heck with it … and with Bud, who has fitting initials.


    • Kellie,
      The military did the successful operation, and the president made the order. The fact that it’s campaign rhetoric is an example of a sad state of the campaign. Thanks for commenting … hope to see you tomorrow.


    • Spiced,
      There’s no serious movement to remove “In God We Trust” from US money, thus why I wonder why Mr. Romney made the statement. Meanwhile, thanks for commenting and hope to see you tomorrow.


  5. Fun headlines, fun videos (was that Putin flying in the chicken song video, too?) and, as usual, reliable thoughtful commentary. I look forward to whatever you’re planning for your epic milestone post — and yeah, I’ll try to get a few of my blogger buds to visit.


    • TBM,
      Keillor surely is an American classic. Love his Writer’s Almanac. If you haven’t heard them, I have the link under Potpourri in the sidebar. See you tomorrow .. and I have good pub beer for you! Thanks for commenting.


  6. Oh dear @ that poor homeless man’s dilemma. RIP Neil Armstrong. He’s already been closer to Heaven than most. I haven’t heard that chicken song before, but I think it could catch on. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


    • Paradise,
      The song goes back to the 1940s (Louis Jordan). Excellent point about Neil Armstrong … and good choice with the homeless man’s dilemma. Thanks for commenting … hope to see you tomorrow.


    • Squishy,
      No shallow representation intended … actually placing Romney is there is praise for the sensation.

      BTW – Hope you realize you are one of the caterers tomorrow! Thanks for commenting.


  7. I believe you are having a much different experience than I when it comes to the political campaigning. I hardly ever encounter any form of message from either party. There has always been both a strange relief mixed with disappointment that our California votes hardly count in the main mix of things. Unless as a state we experienced a total sea change the election is virtually “over” before our votes are even counted. It does take the pressure off of making truly informed decisions, I suppose.

    Glad to have the Onion bits back! They make me smile each week. I particularly liked “Homeless man has no idea what to do with visiting parents.” Oh my!

    See you tomorrow for your celebration! Debra


    • Debra,
      Some have wonder what it is like to live in a swing state, and I say YUK. Ad after ad, mailing after mailing, phone call after phone call, special interest falling over itself. No fun – and we see the BS! Nonetheless, glad The Onion brought some smiles … Thanks for commenting and see you tomorrow.


  8. Love the music video, Frank, very cleverly done. “There’s nobody here but us chickens” was a common phrase in my extended family, especially when someone would telephone before dropping in for a visit. Brings back memories 🙂


  9. About the Ohio poll results. I read an analysis which suggested that it’s not that people don’t know who was president when Bin Laden was killed but rather that we are so polarized that people can’t bring themselves to give credit to Obama. Unfortunately I think that reflects a sadder state of affairs than people not knowing. See you tomorrow!


    • Randel,
      Thanks … but only 999 at this point. As I tell a friend, the Reds may be comfortably ahead, but they haven’t clinched yet! Bud is worse than worst. Hope to see you tomorrow. Thanks for commenting.


    • Beautiful,
      First of all, welcome first-time commenter. Interesting how you concluded that I support Mitt Romney and that I gave him credit for the bid Laden killing. The information I provided were some results from a poll, which (in my opinion) probably is loaded with flaws (see the link provided). Meanwhile, please return again – and I give you a special invitation to attend my celebration post tomorrow. Thanks for commenting.


  10. The Putin story is yet again a good one. Does the man have no idea how ridiculous he is making himself? But my Onion winner has to be
    Homeless Man has No Idea What to Do with Visiting Parents” that one really cracked me up.
    I thought Clint Eastwood killed Osama, or was that Obama, who was in that chair anyway???
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post, hope you collected your award 😉


  11. Of course the Ohio political poll is embarrassing! What do you expect from a one person, one vote system of government?!! And by the way, Alexander Hamilton long ago warned Thomas Jefferson that this would happen.


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