On a Candidate

Not only do I live in a swing state (Ohio), I’m also one of those independent moderates for whom each party strives to get my vote. As I’ve said before, they want my vote, but they sure don’t want my policies. Nonetheless, my choice has finally become very clear.

Unquestionably, Mitt Romney has a business acumen – which would include critical thinking skills, statistical analysis, and looking after the good of the organization’s bottom line. Mitt Romney’s business skills may even be able to bridge a divided Congress.

I also believe Mitt Romney is a good family man, and I am confident that Ann Romney would be an impressive First Lady.

Probably the best reason to vote for Mitt Romney is that no matter what he does, odds are he said it some time. In the end, I cannot vote for him.

Mitt Romney complains about dishonest, deceptive, divisive, distorted statements, misleading, and out-of context information by the Obama campaign, but practices the exact same thing – and maybe more so.

Mitt Romney is willing to adjust his sails to the prevailing political winds to gain a benefit. Even with his personal wealth, he seems willing to sell his soul to special interests.

Mitt Romney strives on tag lines as he’s not the other guy, and he can do better. H states that President Obama overemphasizes blaming the Bush administration – yet only states he can do better and remains shallow on details. He recently said more details are coming soon. Sorry, for someone who has been running for more than a year, it’s too little-too late for me.

Mitt Romney represents a party who intentionally didn’t cooperate with President Obama for their own political gain – thus intentionally punishing Americans in order to maintain a stagnant economy and receive a financial downgrade.

Mitt Romney represents a party who will unquestionably overreach if they have a majority. Look what happened in Wisconsin and Ohio. Listen to the noncompromising nature of their candidates – and Mitt Romney is selling his soul to this people.

Mitt Romney avoids his signature legislation as governor like the plague – the Massachusetts Health Care Plan.

Mitt Romney remains out of touch with mainstream America. Is the middle class really households with an annual income of $200,000-250,000?

Given his reactions to the recent events at the US embassy in Libya, he not only demonstrated his divisiveness, his actions seem more out of desperation than presidential.

In the end, I don’t trust Mitt Romney nor the current Republican Party, so he won’t get my vote – even as an anti-Obama vote. Keep in mind that I’m also a registered Republican in a very Republican region of Ohio.

Before any Romney supporters go through their “but President Obama this, but President Obama that” approach, remember this: “but” is a deflection to avoid criticism of your candidate and an excuse to defend your preference. Simply put, he is not going to get my vote.

I also won’t vote Libertarian or any other minor party of the ballot. However, this does not mean I will vote for President Obama. After all, his campaign continues to work hard at convincing me to not vote for him. At this point, the best chance he has for my vote is if I cast it as an anti-Romney vote – which could happen – but not yet.