On Satire Bits: Vol. 29

I don’t know about you, but I need a mid-week boast of satire. I start the week a bit behind from the party … I know … of my own doings. Then on Monday and Tuesday mornings, I was the transporter for my father-in-law regarding his eye surgery. In other words, I have done very little reading of others this week!

Two weeks to go in golf league and I played lousy tonight. Fortunately, my partner took many points, so we enter next week leading by a scant 1.5 points. Meanwhile, on to The Onion. Any favorites?

New Ad Urges Hipsters to go to Applebee’s

Everyone on Camping Trip Dragged There by Someone Else

George Clooney Beginning to Think He Should Buy Own Tuxedo

Off-Duty Weatherman Delights Seniors with Impromptu Forecast

New Prius Helps Environment by Killing Its Owners

Weird Glitch Causes Amazing Spiderman to Reboot in Middle of Movie

Area Man Always had Soft Spot for Puck

Scientists Say US may have Discovered Previously Unknown Level of not Caring about Syria

New Study Finds Americans Need 6 Hours of Sleep at Work

97th Birthday Celebrated with Nurses who Just Happen to be on Duty