Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 155

On Politics
As many saw Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment as a gaffe, I saw it as who he is, what he thinks, and the belief of a chunk of Republicans.

Moderately conservative columnist David Brooks and conservative columnist Peggy Noonan wrote about worthy columns about Mitt Romney. Click each name to read.

Earlier in the week I posted why I would not vote for Mitt Romney. On the other hand, if asked, what suggestion would I give the Romney campaign for the final five weeks? I would say 1) stop trying to be who are you aren’t; 2) don’t politicize an international incident that causes America to grieve; 3) admit that you haven’t done well at understanding America’s middle and lower class; 4) Focus on what how you would lead America with many-more specifics than you have given to date. Even if he did these, he still won’t get my vote.

With all the BS we hear about the automatic cuts (sequester), let us not forget the Congress agreed to the plan and Congress is constitutionally responsible for the budget.

I have many reasons to disagree with the Tea Party, but this thesis statement from my local paper is interesting: He (God) would agree with Tea Party principles, not because He agrees with us, but because we agree with Him.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Fun-Loving Turtle All Business when it comes to Feeding Time
Newborn Loses Faith in Humanity after Record Six Days
Munchostrosity Created in Frito-Lay Laboratory
Partygoer Rolls a Couple of Fat Burritos to Pass Around
Posthumously Record Bob Dylan Album Receives Rave Reviews

Interesting Reads
Japan seeks slow nuclear phase out
50 style points for life this fall
Jefferson and French cuisine
The public sector recession
Eisenhower’s brilliant prudence
Catalyzing conversations about faith and science
From Blogger Nancy about Freedom of Speech and Christianity

On Potpourri
I greatly enjoyed last weekend’s celebration. Thanks to everyone who stopped by then and later, especially those with the many gracious comments!

This is the best Spam I’ve received in some time. Good answers in return of this question with firm arguments and telling everything regarding that. Ah yes, and on one of the Satire Bits posts with headlines from The Onion.

This weekend marks a return of a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post.

By the end of this weekend, odds are that my favorite baseball team (Cincinnati Reds) will clinch the division championship. They already qualified for the playoff, but this additional step is important. But they still must make it official!

We are starting to experience some of the crispness of fall, the photography bloggers will be capturing many outstanding images. With fall in mind, enjoy this video that you will have to click here to watch on YouTube.

In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

79 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 155

  1. Good suggestions for Mitt Romney, I hope he listens to you. (I still won’t be voting for him but I’d like a better national conversation). And thanks for linking to my blog!


  2. From the Onion, with the way the politics is going, I’d have to go with the newborn losing faith. Funny AND sad.
    I agree with you on Romney getting more facts out. I doubt it would sway me much, but I’d love to hear details on several points, including his mysterious (and perhaps mythical?) “getting tough with China”. On the other hand, with all his gaffes, I think he’s developing athlete’s tongue. 😉
    I hate to say it, but with our drought this summer, I think fall is gonna be lousy. Pity, with the number of trees of various breeds in the area. Ah well- perhaps it will bode a warm (but hopefully VERY wet) winter. I’ll take a pump over a snow shovel ANY day! 😀
    And don’t worry, the cat DOESN’T have my tongue, as you will shortly find out…….


  3. I’m surprised at how much news of your election dramas we get here in Australia. Just today our Minister for Finance went public saying it would be dangerous to vote for the Republicans (as if it’s any of his business), but mind you, this is the same guy who has plunged Australia from a budget surplus (that he was left by the previous competent Government) into debt so enormous we will never recover xx


    • Ginger,
      Given The Onion is using so many headlines for the US election, my choices are limited these days. Although some of the political ones are very funny, I try to keep the election out of the list. Thanks for sharing your fav!


  4. Good Morning dear Frank. In here it is raining and a very dark day like a winter days… You know I don’t like to talk about politics… more than this I hate too. But in these days we live such a sad political events, so many young people have been killed at the east part of my country. I don’t want to pronounce who make all these things… But makes me so sad… I don’t like to see eveeryday another group’s funerals and crying mothers… What can I say now… everything is a mistake of politicians or political ways…

    Thank you, you are always in the nice points of the thoughts for me dear Frank. Have a nice weekend, love, nia


  5. That story about the newborn is so shocking and sad, The parents sound so narcissistic and soulless, that he doesn’t stand much chance of a happy childhood. 😦 😆 @ Beeper the turtle. Must be a male for sure. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Frank.


  6. Re the Onions, I agree with most of the comments that the Newborn one is the winner but in a funny/sad way. But I think we could learn a lot from the turtle!

    Good advice re Romney, but the bit at the end (won’t vote for him anyway) kinda makes me think he won’t listen. It was funny though 🙂

    Two political observations/questions: (a) when has a US President or Government in the last 60 years or more known anything about foreigners or foreign policy? and (b) managing to get both feet in your mouth on a fairly regular basis doesn’t mean you won’t get elected to high office, Dubya managed it twice in a row and there are many other examples throughout the world.

    Nice video, too.


    • Fasab,
      About Romney – the reality is he wouldn’t ask me and I doubt if anyone on his staff regularly stops here. 😉

      Good statements about foreign policy. Managing FP can’t be easy, especially in a world that changes quickly and given today’s technology. One thing I wanted to say today (but forgot to include it) is that it’s time (again) to get out of Afghanistan. Just get out …. and yes, I’ve said it before. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Rosie,
      It was a fun party, and I’m glad you attended. Keep in mind that a bit less than half of the comments are mine as I greeted each guest … and I had several others having conversations … nonetheless, I had a good time hosting and was quite touched. Meanwhile, hope the hot weather breaks soon for you in SoCal! Thanks for commenting.


  7. In all honesty … am I glad that I don’t live in US – where any nutcase can become president – know it’s not the full truth, but I don’t trust Romney at all. I think that Obama should be given an other 4 years, the mess the took over in can’t be fixed in 4 years time. But that is how I see at as a bystander over here .. in a small neutral country. Sure there is many that share my opinion and that is okay with me. Love the video .. the music and the picture .. I’m very much an autumn girl – love the burned colors and the crispness – even the rain. Wish you a great weekend.


  8. Mitt Romney ought to tattoo your 3rd paragraph to his chest, Frank. If he can’t “feel the pain” of the middle class, at least he could feel some pain, and your advice is his only hope of reaching the 47% he just wrote off.

    Thanks for the beautiful, soothing, contemplative video. Much needed after this week’s news cycle.


  9. Your reads today are most excellent! In fact two of them have spurred thought in me, Eisenhower being one of IMHO the last great Republicans makes me want to take a closer look at some things he said and did during his time in office. The other, well I have been toying with the issue of Freedom of Speech, that one just provides a different angle.

    Nice work today.


  10. I find both candidates completely pathetic on the one issue that really needs addressing–how Wall Street has corrupted both parties by lavishing high wage jobs on the pols and their aides. Case in point, moderate Republican Minnesota Governor just got a fat job as CEO for a Wall Street lobbying association. Wall Street malfeasance brought us this disaster. Obama puts no one in jail yet, and Romney says deregulate the banks and let them get even more reckless. I cannot vote for either. This is the first time in American history that neither party is taking on Wall Street. On the Republican side there was Teddy Roosevelt, and on the Dem side, FDR.


  11. I look forward to your reads. They do look interesting. And for my choice of weekly headline, I like, Newborn loses faith in humanity in record six days. Somehow it fit the fatigue I feel with the political landscape. I’m not happy with either candidate. I do enjoy your views, Frank. Debra


    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoy the reads. Interestingly, when I first started that set I focused on more political ones – but now, I like the mixed bag of stuff! Wait … you are fatigued of the political landscape and you are in a state not getting the barrage as we swing staters? LOL … I imagine most of America would be pleased if the election would be moved up in the calender! Thanks for sharing!


  12. I share your bafflement over the GOP’s claim that the automatic cuts (sequester) are Obama’s, when according to my and your recollection the cuts were adopted in a compromise (the GOP’s C word!) bill that was passed by both Houses of Congress? Am I missing something?!!


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