On Deputy Dawg

I wouldn’t consider Deputy Dawg as a big star – but he was a character during the golden age of cartoons that I watched. Besides, Fasab requested this post, and I am one who listens to requests from readers.

Points about Deputy Dawg

Created by Terrytunes

Originally aired on CBS from September 8, 1962 to May 25, 1963 (but only with 1 new episode in December 1962) – thus its 34 episodes

Voiced by legendary voice actor Dayton Allen

This was the first professional animation of the Felix the Cat creator

Served as a deputy sheriff in Mississippi who was friendly, loved to fish, and wanted to impress the sheriff

Catfish was his favorite catch

Supporting cast of characters included best friends Muskie Muskrat and Vincent van gopher; plus Moley Mole, Possible Possum, Ty Coon, Pig Newton, Sheriff, and Mrs. Deputy

43 thoughts on “On Deputy Dawg

  1. Ah, I remember that show. After seeing it, my dad was forever referring to my brother and I as “Cotton-pickin’ varmints”! You’re right it isn’t the best of the bunch but it is WAY better than the stuff they have on kids’ TV now.


  2. I completely forgot about Deputy Dawg until this post. I believe he was the cartoon character with the inane antics that added the words “insufferable moron” to my vocabulary, but I did watch the cartoon you embedded here in its entirety proving that it takes one to know one.

    Did you know that Chuck Jones was born 100 years ago yesterday? 35 years ago I attended a lecture he gave about animation. He was a very, pun intended, animated personality. He screened a lot of his classic work, including “The Dot and the Line”, a very different style of animated short that he directed. Are you familiar with this one? He won an Academy Award for it:


  3. Oh, I remember Deputy Dawg, alright. Definitely a regular in my viewing rotation once upon a time. And I will second Lame’s suggestion above – “The Dot And The Line” is GREAT!
    So, you do requests, eh? Would you do one on the Star Trek animated series, or are you gonna claim I should, just ’cause I got that silly blog now? How about “Jonny Quest”, or one of those other horrid lip-synch ones? 😀 (If you want, we could do a shared post closer to the holidays on a trio that Chicago’s Very Own WGN always played!)


  4. I’d forgotten about Deputy Dawg. He wasn’t one of my favorites at the time, but it’s amazing to me how seeing the cartoon clips you share bring back such a nostalgic feeling of childhood, and I almost wish I could take a Saturday morning and just eat cold cereal (sugary cereal) out of a box and watch hours of cartoons! 🙂 Debra


    • Debra,
      Everyone needs by be reminded of not only Deputy Dawg, but others from the Golden Age of Cartoons, which we fortunately had during your youth … thus the purpose of the series. Get your cereal ready for next week! (and stay cool out there) … Thanks for commenting.


  5. i wasn’t a fan of dawg, but i was aware of him. i was stuck pretty much with popeye and bugs bunny back then. loved the old black and white popeye shows, which was one of the first posts of yours that i’d ever read. and i think i loved bugs so much because of my great love of groucho marx.


    • Carrie … hmmmmm … possibly redubbed Carrie the Youngin’! 😉
      All the posts in this series will be from many moons ago: 1950s and 1960s! Oh heck, consider it as a history lesson and a trivia exercise. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


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