On the First Monday of Fall

Fall arrived in Cincinnati Saturday morning, and brought the sunny, crisp days of the season for the weekend. We even got some much needed rain in the overnight hours. Meanwhile, let’s get some relief to those in Southern California!

What a weekend! The pride of the city (baseball’s Reds) clinched the division title, so it’s on to the playoffs! Downtown streets were buzzing Octoberfest Zinzinnati, the largest Octoberfest outside of Munich. There’s plenty of sausages, desserts, beer, oompah, people wearing chicken hats, and more for all attendees over the three days! We went for a jumbo creampuff from Schmidt’s (a German restaurant in Columbus).

Besides Octoberfest, we saw a movie (Hope Springs) (and enjoyed it), worked in the yard, hit the ballroom dance floor, took my in-laws to dinner, attended a delightful outdoor local art show, and even enjoyed a quiet few hours at home as the two of us enjoyed a delightful bottle of wine.

Now that you envy my weekend, how was yours? Please share if you wish!

Hope you have a wonderful week to come, but I do wonder who will provide the 15,000th comment. 🙂 Enjoy this video (from 3 years ago) of a Cincinnati tradition that occurred again this weekend.