On Amsterdam

Figure it’s about time to share some of our recent vacation trip, which started with spending 2+ days in one of the world’s great cities – Amsterdam.

We saw a lot during our short stay – and wish we took a pedometer to determine the number of miles we walked. In other words, for those who enjoy walking, go for it because Amsterdam is very walkable.

Our 9-room hotel, a canal house build in 1652, was a great find – but meals in the city are more expensive than my normal life.

Through our strolls, we visited the Anne Frank museum (fabulous), took daytime and nighttime canal cruises (the later with wine, cheese, and nuts), visited the vibrant Red Light District and the Jordain neighborhood, toured a diamond cutting facility, took a wonderful walking tour of the city, and generally took in the ambiance of this great city.

I really enjoyed the architecture. The different tops of the buildings with their hooks for hoisting furnishings continually captured my attention – and, of course, some buildings leaning to the left or to the right.

Whether the ladies in the windows or the scent of burning marijuana, tolerance is an important word for observing Amsterdam – but we were not offended. Interestingly, the Dutch seem to be drifting to the right, so I wonder how much will change in the next 10 years.

We didn’t visit any of the great art museums because our time was short and the weather was fabulous!

There were some surprises.

  • The number of bicycles! It’s a common mode of transportation for many, so the need for a large, bicycle-only parking garage at the train station. In other words, walkers beware!
  • The beauty of many of the ladies in the windows; thus not the skanky stereotype some may expect.
  • The amount of litter, especially on Dam Square: but city workers seem to keep up with the cleaning operation.
  • The number of wind turbines located in the industrial area.

The walking tour is free – well, the guides operate on tips-only. It’s a great tour, so here’s the link. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures.

Hotel Brouwer


From a Bridge of Sengal Canal near the hotel


Street along Canal Sengal near the hotel


Buildings along a canal


One of the first sites that caught our attention


A leaner


At night, a close look will show other bridges in the distance


The packed, multi-level bicycle garage at the main train station


A sculpture on the street in the Red Light District

Time to get on the ship. After a day at sea, see you in Warnemunde, Germany (click to visit)