On an Episode

This image about epilepsy in honor of a delightful young girl. She, a daughter of a long-time friend, demonstrates the joys of life that each of us want in others and should have for ourselves – and she does that in spite of the trauma of her world. Her medical journey has not been easy on her and her family, but everyone is strong and remains committed with hopes of a positive outcome – thus I wish and pray for strength and blessings to them.

Their family and friends recently participate in a walk for the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, a group formed in memory of a 16-year old who died unexpectedly of something I never heard of – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). (Info on the walks in Colorado and Kansas)

The cause of SUDEP is unknown, but it usually occurs at night or during sleep, and studies estimate the SUDEP rate at one death per 1,000 people with epilepsy per year. There is often evidence of a seizure before death … and that’s where the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation comes in as it provides grants for training and placing seizure-response dogs.

Below is a news report on seizure-response dogs. After watching, I recommend seeing this video tribute that the owner prevents me from embedding.