Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 156

On Politics
The presidential debates start next week. Odds are, I will pass on the first one. Meanwhile, and no kidding, I saw this commercial! This one is for Lame!

In last week’s OITS, I provided a quote from the local Tea Party. Here’s another gem: Since neither government or criminals produce anything, illegitimate government and criminals share common behaviors: both use force or threat of force to take property (and sometimes lives) from its rightful owners and give it someone else who “needs” it.

Also in last week’s OITS, I gave suggestions for Mitt Romney. In less than 24 hours, the Nincompoop also provided suggestions. (Evidence) The graphic below compares the two sets. And I’m not even voting for him! Thanks Ginger FightBack for the graphic entitled Palin Fruit.

Earlier this week I watched an interview with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who stated that he doesn’t rely on polls, thus explain most polls showed John Kerry (in 2004) was going to beat President Bush. Mr. Giuliani, really? Then please explain this evidence to me.

Two Relevant Political Reads

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Area Mom Waited in Car for 20 Minutes
  • Scientists Working on Immortality Better Hurry for Area Man
  • Botanist Discover Trees are Slowly Trying to Strangle Each Other
  • Loose First Grader Brings Home Different Friend Every Time
  • Egyptian Woman Wishes Screaming-Protester Husband would go Bonkers for Her Once in a While
  • Glowing Ahmadinejad: “I am the nuclear weapon we’ve been building”

Interesting Reads
Health benefits of Pinot Noir
A report about climate science reported by Fox News
Roman Empire and its economy
New theory about why men love breasts
Science and faith on a secular campus
A worthy read from someone with ADHD

On Potpourri
It seems shoulder impingement is rearing its ugly head in my left shoulder, so it’s back to the daily strength and flexibility exercises.

I’ve had enough! It’s time for the US military and our allies to leave Afghanistan.

A couple of value recommendations from Wine Spectator: Folonari Chianti 2010 ($9), Charles & Charles Rose 2011 ($11), and 14 Hands Hot-to-Trot Red ($12)

Wine Spectator (Oct 15) published over 200 value reds and whites from the US. If you are looking for recommendations, let me know what you like.

Strength and blessings to El Guapo, a loyal visitor here, whose mother passed away earlier in the week.

I will have a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post tomorrow.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy the energetic music from Bond. Unfortunately, I had issues embedding it here, so click here. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


68 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 156

  1. Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons?? I’m there!

    Mitt Romney is just laughably clueless. I prefer your advice to Sarah Palin’s, not surprisingly.

    Did we need a new study or a new theory about why men like breasts, by the way?

    Thanks for the Wine Spectator tips — I like a good chianti.


    • Weebs,
      Glad you enjoyed the Palin reference. The timing was just too good to pass.

      Oh bummer … I just noticed that I have to change the text as the list has 200 American values. On the other had, I aim to please. Hope you noticed Folonari Chianti 2010 ($9). WS gives high marks to Cantine Bellini 2010 ($12), Capraia Chianti Classico 2009 ($15), Tenuta di Trecciano Chianti Colli Senesi 2011 ($11), Conte Ferdinando GUicciardini Chianti Colli 2009 ($14), Alberto Bartali Chianti Ducceto 2010 ($10), San Felice Chianti Classico 2009 ($15), and Vignamaggio Chianti Classico Terre di Prenzano 2010 ($15). How’s that for a start?

      A bonus pick from me – A red from Veneto – Allegrini Veronese Palazzo della Torre 2009. It’s priced in Ohio at $19 .. and Ohio is a price-controlled state. Check Costco! Thanks for commenting.


  2. My condolences to the big Guap. I’ll head over there after this, but I’ll also leave my heartfelt support for him here, as well. A guy needs all the help he can get when his mom goes – trust me, I know ALL too well.
    A new theory why men love breasts? Who cares! We’re guys, we love ’em, move on already! 😀
    And I know you love your wines, but they are patently un-American. At least until somebody invents a blue to go with the reds and whites. 😉


  3. Today’s fav: “Scientists Working on Immortality Better Hurry for Area Man” Yup, I wish they’d hurry. Although can they get stem cells to grow me a better bod first?


  4. I’m looking forward to the debates in the hopes that someone will say something worth hearing.

    Thanks for the nod and the support, Frank. Friends like you, real and virtual, make the journey worthwhile.


  5. Given the violence we’ve been witnessing, my sense of humor may border on bad taste, but I laughed outloud at “Egyptian Woman Wishes Screaming-Protester Husband would go Bonkers for Her Once in a While.” The chia heads are great, too. It’s good to find humor in a humor-less political season! Debra


    • Debra,
      One of the characteristics of good satire has to be getting us to tastefully laugh at a difficult situation. On the other hand, CHEERS to the late night comedians who get me to laugh at both side of our politics! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Brilliant … that’s what we should use them too …. let grass grow on them *smile – can image that it’s mad over there now .. the race is really getting heated. Good luck, America … my vote would had go to Billy Cliton.


    • Viveka,
      Bill Clinton would beat both of them ahead to head – which is the same thing I’ve said about every election since he left office. Meanwhile, those of us in swing states can’t wait until it’s over. And the day after, the 2016 starts! YIKES!!! Oh no … no grassy boobs! 😉 Thanks for visiting.


  7. I think the “Egyptian woman…” Onion has it today.
    Interesting wine article, particularly agree with the bit where it says wine consumption add to a higher degree of contentment. I have been known to be so content I just fall asleep.
    I’ll give you my two sestertii’s worth about the Roman Empire’s economy some other time, meantime how can some of your commenters not realize how vitally important it is to know all you can about boobs. If you don’t, how on earth can you make an informed decision as to which one of the candidates will make the best President?

    And finally, still on a political note, one of Obama’s supporters isn’t too pleased about Mitt’s running mate.


  8. I had my Wine Spectator sitting on the dining room table for days now, still haven’t cracked it open. Maybe we should compare notes. Today my latest from K&L arrived so I may compare what they have in stock to what WS says is good.

    Wonderful reads! Political Independents offers up what sounds like two very interesting books that may have to go on my reading list.


    • Val,
      Oh my … cheers to a fellow wine lover! 🙂 BTW, the latest WS features Italy! Meanwhile, K&L?

      Glad you enjoyed my reading list … but no comment about the Nincompoop? Thanks for stopping by.


      • K & L Wine Merchants, one of my favorites. I live in Texas, doncha know. I also live in a dry county, Dallas. I also live in a dry city within that dry county, while much of Dallas County isn’t dry, my city remains still dry. Although there are some good wine merchants around, they are still reluctant to carry some wines I really enjoy, or to carry them in quantities. So I rely on K & L, I can find anything and everything there. Their prices are great and even with shipping I still get great deals.


        There was nothing to add to your list, it was perfection (e.g. nincompoop).


  9. I’m guessing you included in your Interesting Reads “A report about climate science reported by Fox News” just to scare my pants off about the effect of the most watched cable news network while we watch the polar ice cap melting down to nothing!


  10. There is so much packed into this post, I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by saying how creepy those Chia pets are. Then again, has there ever been a time Chia pets were not creepy?


  11. I would have to laugh at Ahmadinejad, if he wasn’t so dangerous. No cheers for Chia…… really pathetic. 🙂 All I know about American elections, is that they’re a lot cleaner and fairer than African ones, which isn’t very difficult. 🙂


  12. Thanks for making me think about politics on my day off, Frank. But….I love the graphic! All of the Onion headlines are winners! Except for that first one, which I don’t get…

    Have a GREAT weekend Frank!


    • Alex,
      On that first Onion, many unanswered questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed the graphic …. and how can anyone not like the Chia commercial! 😉 Thanks for visiting.


  13. Well, reading through the comments I see the Chia commercial isn’t a joke – sorry, I thought it was!! It’s funny. I’d hate a bust of me with grass growing out of it – what the??

    An excellent write. I really enjoyed it, but also the comments. Love the comment of the St Petersburg artist. Gems, dotted all around the world…


    • Words,
      Yep – the Chia commercial is very real. Given the number of ads we’ve seen in Ohio, this is unquestionably my favorite. Meanwhile, providing numerous short snips on a variety of topics is what Fridays are about. Thanks for commenting.


    • Randel,
      Ouch on sharing the impingement woes. At my end, time will tell if my efforts ward off the next level. Meanwhile, glad the post served as a reminder of your days as a youngin’ watching this legend! Thanks for commenting.


  14. I should have guessed you were an oenophile. WW and I are right there with you. Don’t you love Wine Spectator? Have you and Mrs. A. had “Prisoner” wine? It’s a Cab blend and it is heavenly, especially if you’re a steak eater because it is one of the best pairings for beef I’ve ever tasted.

    Absolutely loved the Barber of Seville dance and strings! Where do you find these things? Just awesome and after a hard day at work, just what the doctor ordered. Cheers!


    • E-Tom,
      Oh yes – we have had Prisoner. That given, we would love to join the two of you for dinner!!! Woo hoo … good red wine for all. Regarding the video, actually got that one from Viveka (on her blog). Whew … lotsa energy.

      Hey – no comment on my graphic comparing my advice and Nincompoop’s advice. … and I’m sure you enjoyed the Tea Party quote. 😉 …. (Just checking to see how my political therapy is working.) 😉 Thanks for visiting!


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