On Satire Bits: Vol. 31

Hope your week has gone well so far.

I had an unexpected surprise for Tuesday. A friend invited me as he had an extra ticket to Michelle Obama’s speech. Being that I have never heard any First Lady speak in person, I went. Sure it was a campaign event, but I very able at sifting through rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Senator Sherrod Brown also spoke because he is in a contest against a Tea Party favorite that I dislike a great deal – thus I’m definitely voting for Sen. Brown.

Early voting in Ohio started today, which is probably the reason why she was here. Glad I went, but it took up too much of my day.

Before going on to the next batch of satire, a tip of the cap to The Onion because an Iranian new agency picked up this story and reported it as true. (Evidence report). In my opinion, not as good as the Congressman who took the bait not all that long ago, but still pretty good.

Let’s get on with another dose of satire from The Onion as an antidote to the mid-week blues. Any favorites?

Player Suffers Career Ending Contract

Area Dad Points Out Place that has Great Reuben Sandwiches

Something Really Amazing Happened on Internet when Area Man Outside

HP Offers “That Cloud Thing” Every is Talking About

Idiot from High School now has Job Where He has Clients

Uncle Ben’s to Compete Against Apple with Brand New Smartphone

New Hubble Peephole Can See in Showers

Roommate Wants to have a Meeting

Arianna Huffington has Webcam Installed to Forehead

Area Woman’s Hair Always Too Wet

Astronaut’s Mother Want Him to Call Once He Gets to the International Space Station

Woman has Bizarre Ability to Share Personal Life with Parents