On Pyramid Hill

I know – “Pyramid Hill” serves as a reminder to sing Blueberry Hill; thus, others are now fretting the appearance of Putin on the Ritz. Relax – not on this day because this post is about a local treasure that we recently discovered – meaning it was new to us. :)

Until last week, I never heard of Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton (a small city northwest of Cincinnati). A friend called and invited us to go with them to an art fair located on the park’s grounds, and then a few days later, I saw a post by a Cincinnati blogger about her visit. So, I went from not knowing about its existence to two mentions in a matter of days!

Remarkably, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is on private property while serving as an outdoor museum, thus it has an admission charge. Given 265 acres, sculptures, nature trails, and more – I imagine we’ll return. Plus, we’ve we have heard that they have a wonderful display of Christmas lights. Besides, we have more to see.

You asked for pics – and here they are – and from a nonphotographer.

The owner’s house

The Gates by John Hokes

Citizen by Walter Driesbach

Extent by Clement Meadmore


A wooden creation: Tory’s Comet by Harry Gordon

An interesting tree house

Adam’s First Breath by Sam McKinney

This one caught our attention from a distance

To our surprise, there’s something on the other side

It’s Romeo (with a knife) and Juliet (with a vile) in Wherefore Art Thou by Sam McKinney (Thanks Sherry for permission to use this image)



58 thoughts on “On Pyramid Hill

  1. Okay, I’ll admit I’m a heathen. Is that why “The Gates” looks like the nuked remains of a bowling alley to me? :D
    So does anyone actually live in the pyramid? And does the “chimney with windows” have enough space for residence, or are the windows near the top just “artsy”?
    Like I said, I’m a heathen… ;)

    • John,
      But that is one heck of a big bowling ball!

      The pyramid is just the roof … yes … a glass roof that provides most of the light for the house. Because the roof is at ground level, yes, most of the house is underground. However, I believe each end of the house opens to the outside. As far as the tower/chimney, it appeared to me that the chimney is within the tower, which seems to have living space. Hope this makes sense … Thanks for commenting.

  2. I didn’t see “Extent” while there…like it! Also I didn’t know that was the owners’ home. We walked past it and knew it was a private residence…that’s cool they live there.

    • Spirit,
      Extent was just down the first road from the Visitor’s Center – actually the first sculpture on the left. It’s quite large, so you must been looking in the opposite direction. I don’t know how close you got to the house, but the house is below ground level … I think it opens to the outside to the left and right of the pyramid roof … definitely to the left because there’s a patio and pool. Thanks for visiting and thanks again for the fabulous pic.

    • Lame,
      That’s actually a glimpse of Sherry, the blogger who took the pic. However, I am in this blog in several places … but I would have to think where! Glad you liked the images and thanks for commenting.

  3. Interesting place. Re the owner’s house: is the house underground and the pyramid is just the roof or is the pyramid bigger than it seems?

    The sculptures look way bigger than lifesize. Must be much nice to see them in that large garden setting instead of inside a stuffy museum. Were there any guards telling you not to touch?
    (I want to also thank you for the great BBC tribute to Andy Williams on Debra’s blog.)

  4. Cancel my plans to travel to Vermont to see the fall leaves! I’m heading for Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, Ohio, which I too had never heard of. Thanks especially for the photos you provided along with those in Sherry’s Travel Spirit blog post. The place and the art make me want to put on my hiking boots, pack a lunch, and make a day of it.

    • TIm,
      It’s easy to find and would be ideal for a day involving a packed lunch … and I say wine, too! …. Miles of walking opportunities. BTW – comfortable shoes are fine. We’ll talk about this. Glad you visited Sherry’s blog for more pics. Thanks for commenting.

    • Mobius,
      According to the brochure, the park opened in 1997, thus relatively new. PLUS – Hamilton may provide many photo ops for your style! If you need more info, let me know. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What an interesting house! I presume the house itself is underground. That Romeo and Juliet sculpture is quite bizarre, but I like it. I love the Adam ‘s first breath one the best. :) Thanks for the tour, Frank.

    • Paradise,
      The park is photographer’s paradise. ;) … a lot of variety for the eyes as well, so I encourage you to see the link of Sherry’s trip to the park. Regarding the house – yes … underground. Think of a long shoebox with the pyramid glass roof over part of it … and being able to walk out of the shoebox at either end … and a patio and pool at one end that overlooks a pond. Quite the place. Thanks for visiting.

    • Fasab,
      Agree … the things we can find in our own area if we take the time to look. However, I didn’t see any Pharaohs or members of their court walking around serving drinks, but there was an amphitheater for acts! Thanks for visiting.

  6. What a unique place!! I really liked the romeo and juliet sculpture…Their house is just wild…Thanks for the tour Frank….I’ll be thinking about this for awhile…the images are sticking with me :)

  7. How fun, Frank. I had no idea this place existed. And that glass pyramid roof is really, really cool. Is the house underground? Also, do you read Christine Grote’s blog? She writes from Cincinatti, as well. I will come back with a link.

  8. Wow, very cool sculptures Frank and very cool name. Pyramid Hill. There are so many gems so thanks for introducing me to this one….I too feel a bit of hunger going on…blueberries. Yummy.

    • David,
      Welcome first-time commenter. The 265 acres provide more than ample place for wondering! Glad you enjoyed the Wherefore Art Thou as it was quite the pleasant surprise. Thanks for visiting and I hope you return to my little eclectic corner of the world.

  9. I saw my first sculpture park a few years ago in York, England. Have been on the lookout for them ever since. Fantastic idea. The sculptures show so well in the landscape – better than indoors where, paradoxically, there are less distractions.

    • Guapo,
      I think there are many ways the foundation gets the sculptures. Then again, I’m not absolutely sure. Nonetheless, it was quite the park! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by.

  10. I saw this at Christine’s blog, too. I’ve never heard of it before so now that’s two mentions for me. I may have to get down to Cincinnati for a visit. It looks like a place I would enjoy. :)

  11. Very cool place. So glad you went. Sculptures outside are fascinating – and the changing light keeps them fresh and alive. Extent is probably my favorite – but tit’s hard to pick. Do you get to go up close to them or do they yell and you and scream “don’t touch”….(how could you not want to touch?)
    Great shots – can’t wait to see the Christmas ones

    • Mouse,
      You got right up to them. Many can be seen in a drive through and fairly close to the car … but others required bipedal motion for a closer look. Over 60 sculptures there, so we are heading back, but maybe with a packed lunch and some wine.

      As for Christmas, I believe I linked a video in the post that someone took while driving. Thanks for visiting.

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