On Chilly Willy

A diminutive penguin that is persistent in his quest for food and warmth

Created by Paul Smith for Walter Lantz (1953)

Appeared in 50 cartoon shorts

First appearance: Chilly Willy (1953) – Last Appearance: The Rude Intruder (1972)

First episode at the South Pole, but moved to Alaska (where his penguin type is not found) – also an episode was in Switzerland (definitely no penguins there)

Common nuisance to Smedly (dog), who commonly either throws Chilly out the door or takes far away – but they commonly end as friends

Friends to Maxie (polar bear) and Gooney (albatross also called Gooney Bird), but the three only appeared together in two episodes

Occasionally deals with hunter Colonel Pot Shot

Spoke in the first episode, but was mute in most cartoons in the 50s and early 60s. When we returned to speaking, he sounds like Elroy Jetson

Nominated for an Academy Award for The Legend of Rockabye Point (1954) – so watch below


47 thoughts on “On Chilly Willy

    • Weebs,
      Now you can show Mr. Weebles the clip, too!!!

      BTW – Another reason to hate Bud Selig – Teams with the 1st and 2nd-best records in each their leagues starting the playoffs on the road. … PS: I hope you saw my response to you on yesterday’s OITS. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Another one from the vaults. Haven’t seen Chilly Willy for ages. Reminds me of one winter I was in Calgary and ….naw, never mind 😉 Good cartoon choice though!


  2. This was excellent Frank! I had never seen The Legend of Rockabye Point before. It’s great. Chilly Willy was terrific, but the polar bear had the more Laurence Olivier-type part i.e., the more demanding role. The bulldog delivered a terrific yawn, too. Nice use of Tex Avery’s trademark stretch and squash. Tex Avery was one of my favorite Warner Brothers animators. I saw that it somehow lost the Academy Award to Speedy Gonzales, but I could not find that cartoon on YouTube. When I was a kid I was always hoping for a Speedy cartoon when my parents took me to see a movie, but this one has really stood the test of time, even if the ice berg at the end has probably long since melted.


  3. i much prefer the very short-lived character by the name of “playboy penguin.” he can be seen in only two cartoons that i know of. “fridig hare” and “8 ball bunny.” he had a top hat, didn’t talk, and drove bugs nuts when bugs tried to get him home after he fell off a circus train. bugs helped him get to the north pole, and then the penguin showed him a picture that explained he was from the south pole. thus prompting bugs to utter the two famous lines: “ooooh, i’m dYing!” and “ooooh, i’m dYing again!”



    • Rich,
      Wow …. Tidbits with a reference!!! Many thanks. Wonder if this is it (below)? I haven’t watched yet because the video connection is a bit slow for me this time of the day. Thanks for sharing!


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