On a Laugh for Monday

Hey there. How was your weekend? Most importantly, I hope it was safe for you. Tell me about your weekend.

My sister-in-law was in town, so we had a full weekend. With such great weather on Friday, the family (5 of us) took a 2-hour sightseeing cruise on the Ohio River. Figuring that many of you want to see pictures, I may turn it into a post later this week. We eventually ended up at my in-laws for dinner and cards.

My Saturday was supposed to conclude by attending the nation’s longest running nonleague college football rivalry – the 117th battle for the Victory Bell – my UC Bearcats and the dreaded Redhawks from Miami. There was a ticket snafu and I didn’t make it to the game – thus I wasn’t a happy camper, and actually still a bit ticked. At least the good guys won by a lopsided score.

Sunday we hosted the family, and I cooked one of our favorite dishes – Tuscan Bread Stew (Ribollita) from this great recipe by Rachel Ray. Try it!

Enough of the gibberish. Let’s start the week with a laughing fit! Yep, laughing hysteria! Are you prone to being able to stopping laughing? I am! Have a good week.


69 thoughts on “On a Laugh for Monday

    • Lisa,
      The prep is the time-consuming part … lots of chopping. In this case, I chopped everything before they arrived, so when it came time to each, it was very simple. Normally, I do some chopping before starting, and some during the process. Enjoy this tasty meal!


    • Clan,
      Great …. a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you. Several years ago, we were in Vancouver (to board a cruise ship) and it was Thanksgiving. 🙂 Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed the giggle and thanks for visiting.


  1. I love Anderson Cooper! That was a great clip, both his unrestrained giggles and his wonderful apology.

    I don’t do a great deal of cooking anymore unless there is family coming for dinner. Will have to look at the recipe, see if it is something the famdamily would enjoy.


    • Val,
      I remember seeing this shortly after it happened … and it still cracks me up!

      BTW – Here, it’s just my wife and I, so when I make this dish, we freeze the leftovers, for 1-2 future meals. Thanks for commenting.


  2. For the most part it sounds like a great weekend. Sorry you missed the game though. That would tick me off as well. But what can you do. You can laugh at Anderson Cooper 🙂


    • TBM,
      We were stuck … so I took my buddy back to his car, I came home, and ate a small pizza. Fortunately, the game was on TV, so I watched and stewed about the situation. At least it was a it was it wasn’t close – but Miami scored too many (13). Glad you enjoyed the laugh … thanks for stopping by.


  3. Good morning Frank! This weekend saw the first of some real relief to the heat in San Antonio, and it’s very welcome! I caught The Mummies of The World exhibit at The Witte Museum with a friend, and made it out to First Friday…which is something I rarely manage to do.

    Sorry about your mishap with the football tickets!


  4. Great Monday giggle, Frank – thanks! The Tuscan bread stew sounds good; I love stews. I’ve been making big pots of my hearty vegetarian stew for the past 3 weeks; a great way to have healthy eats during the work week. This would make a nice change 🙂

    And the bridge jump – wow! Looks like incredible fun.


    • Lynn,
      This recipe is definitely one of our favorites. The only hassle is the chopping time. Fortunately for me, I get the leftovers for a lunch. … and it goes well with a glass of red wine. Enjoy …. and glad you watched the bridge jump! Thanks for commenting.


  5. Watching Anderson Cooper giggle just made my day. He actually giggles. it’s not a chuckle, or a guffaw, it really is a giggle. It’s hilarious.

    Ribollita! I love that dish. I may have to put that on my To Cook list. Glad your weekend was good! Mine was good. I experimented with a new recipe, Bacon Cheddar Cornmeal Scallion Muffins. It turned out pretty darned good.


    • Weebs,
      Yep … AC has an actually giggle … and a funny one, too! Cheers for another endorsement for Ribollita. As you know, the variations are endless. Meanwhile, the muffins sound real good and very low cal. 😉 Your recipe source or was it a Weebs creation? Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Great timing on the recipe! I’m trying to collect a few good recipe’s to cook for company soon. Thanks!
    when I was little I use to get the uncontrolable giggles from time to time. It really was frustating when your trying to stop giggling and can’t stop. On air I can’t even imagaine. I did catch his first giggle fest as well.
    The weekend we went and retrieved more wood. We need to make sure we have enough wood before the snow really starts to fly. We did several chores this weekend whcih was nice, because I can scratch a few things off my todo list. :+)


    • Starla,
      We first tried the Ribolitta about 5 years ago, thus have been big fans ever since! Lots of cutting time, but the cooking part is very easy … just don’t get the giggles at the stove! 😉 Thanks for sharing your weekend, but I’m not sure I like the idea of the first snow in early October. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I love Anderson Cooper and his giggle! I posted something the last time he lost control. Giggling is good for us! Your weekend sounds like it was very enjoyable with a wide variety of activities. Nothing better than that–except maybe that meal! It sounds so good to me. 🙂


    • Debra,
      On a occasions, something gets me going, and then I can’t stop! Try the outstanding recipe. Heck, we actually polished off the leftover the last night. Thanks for stopping by.


  8. My weekend? Part in the toilet, part in the gutter! 😉 (Would it be horrifically rude of me to tell you to read my blog for details?)
    Seriously, got over being sick in order to challenge a malevolent gutter. We went the full 15 rounds, but I won – on points. And this was just the semi round. I still have the championship front porch gutter to contend with! 😯
    Onward and upward…


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