On the River

My sister-in-law was in town last weekend, and Friday was a beautiful day – so we took BB Riverboats‘ 2-hour sightseeing cruise on the Ohio River. Because my wife and I also had a similar trip in the summer, thought I would combine the images into a cruise on the Ohio River for everyone.

Because many other blogs are doing fall walks, let’s take a river cruise.  So, sit back and enjoy the sights … and if you like, join Guapo for a beer on the top deck.

Here, the Ohio River separates Ohio and Kentucky. Interestingly, Kentucky owns the river. Given this is a metropolitan area, numerous (I think 7) bridges exist.

Not as prominent as the gold domes we saw in Russia, Cincinnatians are proud of the Roebling Suspension Bridge – the bridge serving as Mr. Roebling’s prototype for the famed Brooklyn Bridge.

Ready for the Halloween season – It’s the USS Nightmare serving as the haunted boat on the Kentucky side!

I grew up in a small town along the Ohio River, and river barges are a common sight – but this is a small one.

After reversing course in order to return to the dock, I like this view of Mt. Adams with a peek of downtown.

Downtown Cincinnati with the Serpentine Wall and one of the string of parks along the waterfront. This wall is the best seat for the Labor Day fireworks extravaganza known as Riverfest. Hey Guapo, 30 minutes of fireworks shot from the river choreographed to music … the waterfall from a bridge is my favorite.

On this particular summer night, we returned to the dock to find our beloved Cincinnati Reds playing.

Hope you enjoyed the cruise.

53 thoughts on “On the River

  1. Lordie, I know I’m diseased, but steaming past those riverboats, all I can hear is orders down to the gun deck to bring the 32-pounders into action! Guess it’s just something with my military studies connected to water – or just my bizarre sense of adventure. ;)
    Seriously, great shots and great scenery. You might have 7 bridges, but none of ’em are Y’s! :D I’d love to see the fireworks sometime. Maybe a summer vacation next year? ;)

    • John,
      Agree – it’s your bizarre sense of adventure.

      Correct … no Y’s … but in the first pic you can see one locals refer to as the Big Mac Bridge. Just on this side of it is the Purple People Bridge – and old bridge that is now a pedestrian bridge.

      As for the fireworks, they are fun … but packed with people (up to a half million) crowding both sides of the river. Although spectacular, sitting on the wall is a long day, and it takes a while to exit the event, let alone the packed roads. Obviously, a huge event that is also shown on TV.

      It took some searching, but here is this years’ display with music from the TV station that did the broadcast. During this years’ event, we were cruising, so I’m glad I found this. It’s 30 minutes … enjoy … and thanks for commenting. http://www.fox19.com/category/240225/video-landing-page?clipId=7681438&autostart=true

    • It sounds like John has been down to the three-ended bridge in Zanesville. He never admitted it to me. Did I remember to ask him?
      While not JUST about the Roebling bridge, there were some nice shots, along with other nice river vistas.
      Did I mention the wife loves boat cruises? I found five extinct pennies today. Find a few more, and we’re coming for a visit. I’ll even take a couple of Bobby Burgers back to Admiral Erickson and Ensign Tami. :lol:

  2. I spent a year in Cincinnati in the late 90s–just long enough to learn how to spell the city’s name. Great Children’s Hospital there, at which I was lucky enough to spend some hours of employment. :)

  3. You’re right about autumn – everyone starts walking. And when you are in Canada, you learn to walk faster as the winter comes on. Thanks for the tour – you have an amazing city. We have water taxis that putter up and down False Creek. Looks like you were on a paddle wheeler!

  4. Was that riverboat also a steamboat, Frank? I’ve only been on a steamboat once but it was so neat—and so quiet!! It’s funny, when I saw the photo of the bridge, I thought, “That looks like the Brooklyn Bridge!” Roebling definitely had a very distinctive style, didn’t he?

    • Weebs,
      On the recent trip we were on a small boat that look like a steamboat. Our summer trip was on a larger boat, but still made to look like a steamboat. Therefore, most paddle wheels are ornamental. Meanwhile, the last great riverboat, the Delta Queen, is special to Cincinnati – thus we hated seeing Congress deciding to take it out of service. Here’s a post I wrote in the early days about the river and the Delta Queen. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/on-majesty-upon-the-water/

      Glad you recognized Roebling’s design. Interestingly, we were on a Grey Line tour in NYC and the guide (when talking about the Brooklyn Bridge) said something totally inaccurate like “the first of its kind” or something like that. Grrrrrrrr …. ;) Thanks for visiting.

  5. I loved the cruise. It was a real pleasure getting to know your home environment, and the river looks like a wonderful place to hang out… have some private thoughts… and watch the world go by. The bridges look interesting too… but I love watching boats go by. Thanks for a very beautiful post.

    • Shimon,
      Your comment made me smile as I know how much you enjoy your walks! Walking along the Ohio side’s riverfront parks would be a great place for you too! Glad you enjoyed the time on our river. Thanks for visiting.

  6. River and/or canal cruises are very underutilized and can be very interesting. But I am also intrigued by the USS Nightmare. What’s the story? Do tell or it will keep me awake at nights.

    • John,
      Ha ha … A month is too long in Cincinnati. But, working in the regional attractions would be good. I know you like hiking, so I give you Red River Gorge … and how about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? The Indy 500 and the corresponding Brickyard event, plus the Kentucky Derby are 2 hours away … oh … the US Air Force Museum is interesting and free! … and more! Thanks for commenting.

  7. Wonderful pictures and tour, thanks. One of these days I am going to have to come through your lovely town. You I have been nearly every place else in Ohio but have missed this and it seems I have missed the best.

    • Val,
      Wow … you’ve been to much of Ohio, but not here. :( … Interestingly, Ohio is more diverse than many realize. Given the 4 corners, each quadrant is different for the others in appearance, heritage, and local culture. Cincinnati is waiting for you! thanks for stopping by.

    • Bill,
      On the recent one there was a narrator tossing in those occasional tidbits … some of which I didn’t know. Personally, I wished it was a bit long in both directions. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Yes, a river cruise is great variation on the “fall-walk” kind of post. Lovely photos. When I was a kid growing up in Pittsurgh I remember cruising the Ohio on “The Good Ship Lollipop.” Hope your week is going well.

    • Kathy,
      Cheers to another River Rat … Familiar with that term? Interestingly, you grew up in Pittsburgh, I live in Cincinnati, and grew up half way between the two. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Loved the cruise that was a lot fun. I really enjoyed the photos! Being as I’ve never been to your area, it’s nice to get a glimps. The fireworks to music sounds like fun. Fireworks over water is always nice all the bright colors. I’m not sure that I have ever been on a river boat before.

    • Starla,
      Glad you enjoyed the cruise on my home river. See my comment to John about the fireworks, plus I have a link to this years’ extravaganza (which happen while I was cruising northern Europe). It’s quite the show. Thanks for visiting.

    • Paradise,
      Many thanks for going along … and I confident you have seen the Brooklyn Bridge! Glad you got to see my city. Thanks for visiting.

  10. I would be dangerous behind the wheel of one of those barges – especially if that’s a small one. That certainly is a lot of bridges over one stretch of water. They’re all beautiful xx

    • Spiced,
      LOL … glad to know that you would not be a good boat pilot. ;) The bridges are numerous for such a small city. To add to the story, there is a small river flowing into the Ohio River on the Kentucky side directly across from downtown. Therefore, one bridge to one side of Kentucky (Covington), another bridge to the other side of Kentucky (Newport). Now toss in 2 interstate highways, a railroad bridge, and one closed bridge that is actually two – that’s many over a short distance. Glad you enjoyed the cruise.

  11. The views from the water give a different perspective. Great shot of the bridge details!
    Ohio looks pretty – and hills! Love what looks like steps down to the water. It’s very flat here – they are creating small parks/bike trails along the major bayou routes ( they only flood in storms) but our waters are muddy due to slow current and type of soil. Still getting outside is good!
    Nice post

    • Mouse,
      Definitely a different view from the river. Sometimes the hills are very close to the river, other times not so. But bike riding along the river is usually an easy ride. Glad you enjoyed the trip, and thanks for visiting!

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