On Ringing in Monday

Another weekend is in the books – so how was yours? What did you do? Did you watch Felix Baumgartner’s jump? What did you think?

We had a lot of ballroom dance time: two regular dances (one was a celebration party for one of our instructors) and afternoon workshop. I also removed some leaves from the front yard with the hopes that some rain is on the way.

The Reds unexpected demise from the baseball playoffs was one thing – but Cincinnati losing to winless Cleveland was a lousy way to win the week. On the other hand, my two college teams beat Miami U in consecutive weeks, so at least I had one sport’s smile.

Several notes about the week ahead. With the second U.S. presidential debate approaching, I hope to have another post of questions that won’t be asked. Also, during the actual debate, I will post an important announcement.

As I mentioned Friday, our handbell choir rang for the first time this season, and successfully delivered a pleasant piece. (Click to hear.) Meanwhile, for your Monday Morning Entertainment, some handbell choirs find time to venture down a different path. Enjoy, and have a good week.


63 thoughts on “On Ringing in Monday

  1. What did I do? Cleaned leaves out of my drainage ditches, then spent this evening tying down my house so it doesn’t blow away! 😯
    (Yeah, I just got the whole leisure time thing nailed, don’t I? 😉 )


  2. A great way to ring in Monday, the best day of the week!? Weekend filled with family and friends. It was raining in Vancouver so we all headed down to the coffee shops. I didn’t watch Baumgartner’s jump either – I’m afraid of heights!!!


    • Clan,
      Raining in Vancouver … now there something unusual. 😉 …. So when will it end? …. May 2013? 😉 Good reason for not watching Baumgartner! Thanks for sharing your weekend!


    • Doggy,
      Welcome first-timer commenter! The is a typical Monday post, and one never knows what entertainment appears to jump start the week. As the categories show, this blog is all over the place with topics, so feel free to return anytime. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world.


    • Twixt,
      Oh my … besides looking forward to the announcement during the debate, here’s one – You are mentioned in my next post (hopefully published around 9 pm tonight. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Glad you had a few moments to make you smile this weekend. We went to see and hear the Elk bugeling this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to going. We went last year and it was really fun to be able to see the Elk so close up. I enjoyed the video that was a lot of blond hair I wonder what other songs they could do?


    • Starla,
      Running late … thus not over to your latest post yet. Glad you enjoyed the elks because I know you were looking forward to the occasion. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what choir did this Lady Gaga bit, but it was funny. Thanks for commenting.


      • Good Morning Frank No Worries. I think this choir opened the box all kind of parades could be done. ALthough now that I think about I do like the traditional Bell Choir.


        • Starla,
          I’m sure there are choirs that go outside the box, but this one really caught my eye. But I’m with you, although I enjoy the uniqueness, I still appreciate the traditional approach. Then again, a traditional approach does include a wide range of music! Thanks for commenting.


  4. Nice video clip. Looking forward to your next take on politics. I have something biting me too, but I’ll leave until after tomorrow. (bulding up the anticipation!)
    As for Felix Baumgartner, did he jump or did he fall? I watched a video but couldn’t get excited about it. Hell I can create a sonic boom siting on the sofa!


  5. I had no idea bell ringers were so funny. That’s awesome. I’m sorry about the Reds, Frank. I thought of you when I found out who won the series. My Yankees are in the process of giving the ALCS to the Tigers, which is pretty vexing. I watched Felix Baumgartner too, I was a nervous wreck during the whole thing. But how cool is it that the guy relaying the checklist to him was his hero, Joseph Kittinger???


    • Weebs,
      Those type of bell ringing routines are so unlike me, but I do enjoy seeing someone else go outside the box.

      Many thanks for the sympathy regarding the Reds. It was hard … and the city is still feeling it … but hey – we look forward to 2013! BTW – the Yankees not getting an off day between the two series is another reason to hate Bud Selig!

      I didn’t know that tidbit about Baumgartner and Kittinger – so thanks for sharing! …. and for commenting!!!


  6. You guys are starting off at an awesome level! Your bell choir played one of my favorite hymns and I sang along with it while you played. My favorite reassuring line that helps me stay an optimist: “. . .let the weak say I am strong. . .give thanks!” Thank you, my friend. Your blog offers so much for so many, but I love the gifts you offer to the spirit and soul. 🙂


    • E-Tom,
      That arrangement of Give Thanks was fun to play. Although it wasn’t difficult, we did a good job with it musically. Now our November piece is a definite challenge. … Meanwhile, I give thanks for the Dalai Mama! Thanks for commenting.


    • Rosie,
      Glad you enjoyed the handbell video … but we didn’t play that one!

      Meanwhile, I won’t be summarizing because odds are I won’t be watching. Although I have not watched any so far, I have provided links to the fact checking orgs for the real scoop.

      Thanks for stopping by .. and make sure you come by for big announcement post during the debate. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I love Poker Face by bells! That had to be so much fun to play! I got a kick out of the one woman having a little trouble with her “droopy” blouse! And I also really love “Give Thanks”–it’s one of my favorites. I’ve never heard it before with handbells…beautiful! I’ll be on the road again during the debate, and I will listen…I’ll come home and hopefully I won’t have missed your announcement! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Woo hoo!!!! Someone who listened to Give Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. It wasn’t hard to play, but our interpretation of it made it better. Meanwhile, as before, I will be curious to read about your debate thoughts. Regarding my announcement, at least it will be posted once you get home. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


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