On the Next “Debate”

Tuesday brings another presidential debate, which actually means more none answers and maneuvering the answer toward the scripted response. Unfortunately, because the event will not be using my rules, I doubt if I’ll watch. By the way, I’ll be making a special announcement during the debate, hopefully during the first 20-40 minutes!

Before we get started, here are good resources to fact-check the VP candidates and their answers.

I added another twist to this event with an independent Answer Rating Panel. Assuming I don’t banish the candidate to the Cone of Silence, each panelist will score the response from 1 (low) to 5 (high). However, the score is not if they agree/disagree, but how well the candidate answers the question. Given the rules, time will tell if the panelist will get a chance to rate an answer.

I diligently searched for independent minds to help inform American voters. Without any further adieu, here are your Answer Rating Panelists.

My questions for Gov. Romney
1) You have commonly referenced the United States being “On the road to Europe”. You have also mocked Europeans on numerous occasions by not waiting to drag America down to Europe’s standards Yet, when you were in Europe, we refused to answer what you meant by that and other similar comments. What’s good about Europe?

2) Given your statements on Afghanistan, what is the difference between your plan and the president’s?

3) How would you respond if Germany wanted to have a military base in the U.S.?

4) Forbid this would happen, but here’s a scenario. The U.S. military enters a new military conflict in country XYZ. Would your administration finance the operation on or off the books?

5) Shortly after crediting the military and intelligence professionals Shortly after crediting the military and intelligence professionals for their infliction on Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, including bin Laden’s death , you stated ” I will vigorously pursue the terrorists who attacked our consulate in Benghazi and killed Americans.” …. So I want to ask – While you are on your solo, covert mission as Mittbo the Nemisis, who will serve as president?”

6) Your tax cuts cost money. Your expansion in military spending costs money. Meanwhile, cutting funding to PBS and Planned Parenthood doesn’t put a dent in financing those ideas. You mention closing loopholes. In order to help the American people understand your position, I gave you a checklist of deductions and loopholes for individuals so you can check Yes or No regarding whether you favor or against removing this item. Let’s now show how you answered.

7) This is about the campaign. You accused the Obama campaign about its dishonest, deceptive, divisive, distorted, misleading, and out-of context information.

  • Please give 3 examples of this.
  • By making the previous accusation and supporting it with examples, are you also saying your campaign has not used dishonest, deceptive, divisive, distorted, misleading, and out-of-context information?
  • So, are you also saying that the independent fact-checking reports have not been truthful with their findings?

8) You previously stated, “The president has to spend three years working in business before he becomes president of the United States. Then he or she would understand that the policies they are putting into place have to encourage small business to grow.” Does your running mate meet these qualification?

9) Instead of the government bailout, you favored the banks helping the auto industry. What would you have done if the banks, for whatever reason, decided not to help the auto companies?

My Questions for President Obama
1) In your 2008 campaign, you strongly wanted to close Gitmo, and one of your first year acts was to start the closing process. Because Gitmo is still open, how did you underestimate the process?

2) How would you respond if Great Britain wanted to have a military base in the US?

3) Tax increases seem to be the focus of your plan to increase revenues. Respond to the nonpartisan economists that mention the additional need for other revenue streams.

4) In terms of federal revenues as a share of GDP, additional taxes from those making more than $250,000 is only a small revenue stream. With that in mind, how do you propose to increase federal revenue?

5) Congress enacted and you signed Dodd-Frank to tighten up the financial sector. Why was this needed because the actions from the industry were legal. After all, the Justice Department has did not prosecute anyone involved in the financial collapse.

6) Many voters want bipartisan cooperation. During your term to date, was your biggest mistake why this did not happen?

7) Should the U.S. Supreme have another independent swing-vote justice?

8) In order to increase the supply of doctors, should the U.S. encourage immigration of doctors?

9) With America greatly reducing pollution in the past 50+ years, should Americans face a carbon tax while the greatest polluters today are in other countries?

10) Who made the decision to have someone tickle VP Biden’s feet during his debate with Rep. Ryan?

63 thoughts on “On the Next “Debate”

  1. Okay, now, in plain English – what the heck am I supposed to do? Do I actually watch that televised crap (and I can’t ’cause “Sons of Guns” is on! 😀 ), or am I answering your questions, or what? I’m confused – as if that were anything new!
    By the by, you made one little typo in my name. Let’s “C” if you can figure out what’s missing from my last name. “I” think you will do O”K” finding what your mistake was. 😉


    • John,
      Good for you to worry, but actually no worries. You would be rating at the debate that I run. Being that candidates would never approve of my rules, no need for you to worry! Meanwhile, I would never force anyone to watch the actual debate against their will. …. and thanks for the typo heads up! … and for commenting.


    • Weebs,
      Not only ask, but press for an answer while limiting their drivel answers … and IF they finish, that’s where the Answering Rating Panel comes into play! Thanks for accepting the big responsibility of that task. 🙂


    • Bulldog,
      Zero chance getting to ask them. In my rules, once they diverted to an answer loop hole, I would turn off their mic and activate the Cone of Silence. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  2. Excellent questions Frank! If only you could sneak into the auditorium and swap out the canned questions for yours, then there would be a truly interesting debate with substance instead of the usual strategizing to contort the question to stay on message. “Mittbo the Nemisis” — hliarious!


    • Lame,
      Because I can’t sneak into the auditorium, that is why I would moderate with my rules! After all, the Mute button and Cone of Silence are useful tools! 😉 Yeah …. someone appreciated Mittbo the Nemesis!!!! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. i’m looking forward to bob schieffer moderating his debate. that’ll be good. also, i thought mitt was against the auto bailout? didn’t he say let them go bankrupt?


    • TBM,
      It is interesting how politicians weasel their way out of either answering the question, use an seemingly related factoid that really isn’t, or just flat out lie. Sometimes I want to yell, just answer the damn question! Thanks for commenting.


  4. I liked your questions to both candidates but my favorite was #9 to Romney. As to tonight’s presidential debate, two Winston Churchill quotes come to mind:

    “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

    “Never interrupt me when I’m trying to interrupt you.”


  5. I’ve considered not watching it also. I know who I’m gonna vote for. The debate is mostly a “hooray for our side” type of thing anyway. Wonder who’ll be eliminated from DWTS???


    • Hansi,
      My wife agrees with your take. Besides, then it would only add additional frustration! Meanwhile, finally … Bristol is gone … thus I can get interested again! Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Wow, a political panelist. Never thought I’d be doing that. Good questions, however I have my doubts that the answers will be, so I already have my finger hovering over the ‘1’ key.


    • Fasab,
      Glad you appreciated the unexpected honor. Odds are good for using the ‘1’ key, but IF I don’t banish them before they finish.

      FYI: Received your message, and will get back to you.


  7. Ah, where to begin?

    Whoever’s elected will have to increase taxes for everyone (yes, that means everyone “in the middle”), I don’t care what they say out loud on TV. The 1% paying taxes won’t cover it all–even if Big Bird gets canned (he won’t, private donors will step in).

    The Republicans aren’t winning any favors with Catholics thanks to their latest stunt: http://www.vindy.com/news/2012/oct/16/soup-kitchen-visit-by-ryan-stirs-anger/

    I really think AFrankAngle should be sitting in and asking questions on TV at the next Town Hall meeting in 2016, don’t you all? Frank, get thee prepared. We all support you. (Or, as moderator. That would be fine, too.)

    The term “closing loopholes” means closing one loophole and opening another. The people keeping up with this rhetoric will be tax lawyers and accountants.

    Bipartisan cooperation? Yes. I vote for that. Most of this depends on who gets elected in the House and Senate, eh?


    • Airports …. (although I kept wanting to call you Aye Ziggy) 😉

      Whew — a lot here … and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, but I’ll keep it short.

      “Tax Reform” is also known as the “Tax Lawyer and CPA Relief Act”

      In Congress today, bipartisan cooperation means one side calls for the other to agree with them. Meanwhile, as long as Capitol Hill retains divided power, outreach is prevented.

      In terms of tax increases, here’s a question for the next gathering of the candidates: Which would a taxpayer prefer: A lower rate that delivers a higher payment, or a higher rate that delivers a lower payment?

      Thanks for your support with me as a moderator. Meanwhile, my rules also accompany me. Because the parties run the debates, that won’t happen.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  8. I’ve already voted, but will likely watch the debates anyway, it gets my blood pressure elevated.

    Good luck with your independent rating panel. Although truthfully the two candidates are so far apart on their philosophies that I have a hard time understanding how anyone can still be on the fence.

    And I know the debates will not be revealing, but I also believe that over time (and we have had plenty of time) an open-minded observer can get the idea of who believes what. And what kind of individual they are. For I think in matters like this character may in fact be much more important than a political platform that will never make it through the first vote of congress.


    • Christine,
      Cheers to you casting your vote. I personally favor going on election day. Besides, I have a bone of contention with the my Board of Elections, thus I have to make my observations. Meanwhile, the rating panel will probably have an easy job because odds are that I will have banished the candidate to the Cone of Silence for breaking the rules. 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  9. Thanks for the nomination!! I would gladly sit on a panel at a debate with such questions, where your rules were imposed. I won’t be watching the debates, considering I don’t actually subscribe to any live tv service (secret confession!), though I’m still curious why you’re pre-planning an announcement 30 minutes into an event you don’t plan to watch.

    I wonder if our technology has advanced to a point where we could actually implement a Cone of Silence at the push of a button…


  10. Great questions and they should really be asked, would love to see what answers you will get. As I said before – I’m glad I’m fare away from this cirque. Good luck, America … but my vote would have gone to the man in power today.


    • Viveka,
      Oh how I appreciate endorsement of my questions from a foreign perspective! Meanwhile, it will be over soon … very soon! Whew … I’m tired of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • Robin,
      Glad you appreciate the questions. Not sure if any were asked last night, but for some reason, I doubt it. Glad you enjoyed the last one, especially because of the reoccurring pic of your feet. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


  11. Now the debates are over, would have liked to see some of your questions. Thought Candy did an excellent job. But you know, that cone of silence still has its merits and that rating panel, Frank what an idea love it.

    Your choices on reads this week, must excellent.


    • Val,
      True to my 2012 form, I didn’t watch. One more to go, so time will tell whether I will watch the last one. Although, given my rules make it difficult for me to watch these events. Glad you enjoyed my questions, and that you thought Candy Crowley did a good job. The rating panel idea actually came from a reader – because I liked it, I ran with it. Meanwhile, because of the Cone of Silence, I do wonder if the panelists will get a chance to answer.

      Thanks for your endorsement of the reads. Knowing that you and a few others look forward to these helps me aiming high. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  12. I actually watched the debate last night Frank, with the mute button and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on. The dark side of blah, blah, blah. It was refreshing approach!
    Once again you have armed me for this Friday’s poker game-thank you! Lately I’ve distracted them simply by taking their money but it’s always good to have a plan B.
    Great work as usual!


  13. Did you hear that Pizza Hut offered any Gallup poll attendee at the debate to ask the cadidates their personal preferences for pizza toppings? Just by asking the question, they were promised free pizza for life. 🙂


    • Ah ha … a dig at Herman Cain! 😉 …. I heard something about that, but I did find out how the questions were selected. I believe, attendees wrote the questions on cards … two copies … and they submitted one to Candy Crowley … who then selected the questions. Thanks for sharing about Pizza Hut!


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