On a Campaign Road

We interrupt the second president debate for an important announcement from A Frank Angle. We will rejoin the debate in progress at the conclusion of A Frank Angle’s message.

For anyone thinking they may miss something constructive from the debate, the entire debate will bump a Girls Gone Wild …. correction … a Pocket Fisherman infomercial at 3 am (EST). Check with your television provider for the designated channel. Ladies and gentlemen: A Frank Angle.

Four score minus 80 and four years plus a month, some days, and who knows who many touchdowns, field goals, home runs, and empty-net goals ago, on August 28, 2008, I interrupted celebrating Shania Twain’s birthday to start this blog with a promise of insight and respect.

Not long ago, September 15th, 2012 served as a grand celebration of not only 1,000 posts – but 1,000 posts of insight, genuineness, and respect. Therefore, on this day, I stand before you both honored and humble with post number 1,026.

Along this journey, one of my personal mantras is to be myself. After all, it’s important not only to be who you are, but also not trying to be who you aren’t.

I don’t write fiction because I’m not that creative. I don’t write humor because I’m not good at it. I limit my photos because pointing and clicking a camera doesn’t make me a photographer. I don’t write inspirational posts to energize one’s inner forces because I don’t write that way. I don’t post expletive-filled rants because that’s not how I’m wired. I don’t write step-by-step crafts and cooking techniques with a picture of me cutting a carrot because I just don’t.

Although I could continue the not-me list, I admire all those who can. Keep it up because readers need you. We need your creativity with humor, fiction, inspiration, photos, the how-to posts, and more. However, readers also need those of us who write for clear insight to stimulate the neurological pathways .

Not that long ago, those of us in the Not Freshly Pressed Community (NFPC) lost a leader – Le Clown, a French Canadian blogging legend who rightfully prides himself in being a shameless, self-promoting genesis. A few months ago, he hung his NFPC jersey from the rafter in honor. He planted his flag on the moon in glory. Yet – now he is gone from NFPC. Not forgotten, but still gone.

With that in mind, I continue to aim to my own standards and patterns. I continue to follow the guiding star that set the course more than four years ago … to continue what I do … to continue to enlighten the conversation … to continue to stimulate neurons …. to continue to address a wide-range of topics … and most importantly, to continue to be myself, thus not who I am not!

This announcement is not a personal issue – nor is it about personal animosity, envy, or disrespect. After all, it takes all kinds to make the blogosphere go around, around, and around. If I ever get Freshly Pressed, so be it because it wanted be planned.

Nonetheless, I believe in the blogosphere because of its purpose and its promises. Writing is a great exercise for the owner. Reading is a chance to grow. Engagement is an opportunity to learn from one another.

With that in mind, I am announcing my candidacy for Worldly High President of the Not Freshly Pressed Community! On to victory! NFPC Bloggers of the world unite! We are the bloggers too! Thank you everyone!





96 thoughts on “On a Campaign Road

  1. I will not only happily and willingly support your bid for this high office, but I promise all my assistance and aid that I might bring to bear. In return, I will only ask for a simple reward – make me chief of the NFPC defence forces, so I can properly shell WordPress should they get within 200 miles of my blog! 😀
    Ya know, you MIGHT want to re-consider the initials of your new party. Though they would DEFINITELY work for me – Not ..er .. Friggin’ Politically Correct. 😉


    • John,
      You never know. Once your personality settles into your posts, you may be a prime candidate! Meanwhile, given your military know-how, FP may purposefully stay away.

      More importantly, thanks for your support on this matter. Keep in mind that this is not a campaign to get me Freshly Pressed! Nonetheless, I appreciate the endorsement!


  2. Frank,
    I think you deserve to take that presidency and govern your great country with love, passion, dedication, and a few chocolate bars. But if I were you, I wouldn’t get too comfortable, though… That’s just my feeling… Governments are easily overthrown…
    Le Clown


    • Le Clown,
      Absolutely easily overthrown. But hey – it’s a democracy here so I’m the first candidate who tossed their hat into the ring. As I told Weebs, fear of sudden abdication creates an uneasy feeling. BTW – Besides the governing list you mentioned, red wine and ginger ale are added to the list. 🙂 So – do you miss life in your former homeland? …. and thanks for your insight into this venture.


  3. Frank, to begin with an aside, this write up was sharply and cleverly written. I’m not a critic – or, I’ll correct, I’m not paid to be one – but this read like a line out of an old slapstick film transcript. The likes of Arsenic and Old Lace, or even The Philadelphia Story. And the latter’s really sayin’ something coming from me.

    You know, joining this NFPC is really gonna take some commitment. Even more commitment than the previously unnamed NFPYC, with whom I may often be found tagging. I’ve always admired their hope. But YOU… you make this sound so damn permanent, and still charming. Like we’re really putting down roots on this side, ya know? Before you know it, we may even have our own schools and mosques; libraries and jails; diners and bowling leagues.

    If you’re really in this for the right reasons, Sir, then you hereby have my nomination!

    Hey, Frank? Have you chosen a VP yet? Let’s do lunch.


    • Dink,
      Not only thanks for the support, but wow — the idea of NFPC bowling leagues. Brilliant!!! The other ideas are good too, but the bowling leagues strikes my fancy. http://tinyurl.com/2qr8dv

      Although FP can suddenly happen, with 1000+ posts in my portfolio, I’m quite confident in a long reign because I don’t think I fit their brand … and that’s ok. As for as having a VP, it’s a possibility, but a side of me may be aiming for Czar status. Meanwhile … I’m still open for lunch. 🙂 Thanks for the support!


    • Weebs,
      Woo hoo!!! I love an endorsement as long as endorsers realize I not running to get Freshly Pressed. Nonetheless, I do realize the abdication is possible. 😦 Thanks for the support!


  4. By enlightening the conversation, continuing to stimulate neurons, addressing a wide-range of topics, and positively effecting my morning web surfing life, you have EARNED my vote for “Worldly High President of the Not Freshly Pressed Community.”


  5. Can I be vice-president? I was both happy and unhappy that Le Clown left our midst, but the fact that he was FP’d for a great cause takes a bit of the sting out of being overlooked once again.
    I do not have four years behind me, just a little over one, but I am proud of you for keeping up your standards for so long.
    You say you do not write humour–but you write with great wit and cleverness and insight–I really enjoy your blog – so onward and upward–here is to another four years, so many months, so many days, and so many minutes–and if you started this while interrupting a birthday party for Shania–then you must be serious!


  6. Frank, I want you where you’re just now …. If you end up in the West Wing … you will be gone in a very short time. The Frank we know … we will have to dig very deep to find him. Power spoil peoples views. Better to have you on the outside of the gates.


  7. You know, I would certainly initially poll as being in your favor, but I’m afraid before casting my final vote I’d have to ask a few more questions…. what are your policies? Do you support people outsourcing their blogging ideas to China? What gaffes would you provide us as President? Who would you nominate as your SNL satirical representative?

    As many of my Facebook friends have demonstrated, politics trump familial relations, so I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for some satisfactory answers, coupled with rigorous analysis and fact-checking, before officially backing this campaign.


    • Abtwixt,
      Many thanks for your insightful questions.

      1) Outsourcing blogging to China or elsewhere is a pathetic attempt to mislead readers, but to do so to get Freshly Pressed is a diabolical scheme that should not be tolerated.Therefore, these bloggers should be removed from NFPC rolls.

      2) The biggest gaffe would be to get Freshly Pressed – which is something I will not intentionally seek.

      3) As far as my SNL satirical rep, I would say add John Erickson to the cast.

      Hope this helps clarify some of your important issues.


    • Sandy,
      Wow … an endorsement not only by a member in good standing, but one who dances and writes with great wit! I’m extremely honored … and this endorsement is much greater that Ross Perot endorsing Mitt Romney! Thanks again!


    • GInger,
      Great … love the early support I’m getting. Meanwhile, I hope you train ride is shorter than the last one! Thanks for commenting … and for possibly be the first to comment from a train.


  8. I’ve been FPd, so not sure if I can vote.
    However, I’ll still keep coming back to read your posts, and enjoying seeing your comments on the blogs we both visit.

    Well done, happy blogiversary, and keep on rockin!


    • Guapo,
      Correct … although you can’t vote, your endorsement of the campaign for presidency would be appreciated. After all, I’m running for the office, not to get FPd. Meanwhile, I always appreciate your posts and your presence here.


  9. Seattle will be unanimous in support of you Frank. I will see to it.
    I hope you intend to pass out “not freshly pressed” badges for us to proudly display. Better hurry though, I suspect you’ll find your way there very soon…


  10. You’ve got my vote for sure Frank. And, if the cheers I can hear even over the hellfire roaring away down here in the bowels is any indication, I don’t think I’m the only one! 😀


  11. Oh, what a wonderful thought NBC just announced – only 500 hours to go until the election! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! (Yeah, I know, it’s the headlight of an inbound express freight train! 😉 )


  12. Between babysitting and brief internet interruption I have had trouble keeping up this week, Frank, but I am glad to hear that your sense of humor is intact–even if you don’t write a humor blog! Every now and then I take a peek at Freshly Pressed and I’m “freshly impressed” that most don’t resonate with me. So, that being said, I follow you closely and enjoy what you have to say–without glitz and glitter! I think all the “voters” ahead of me have already guaranteed you’ve got the position of Worldly High President of the Not Freshly Pressed Community! I’ll gladly support you!


  13. To keep blogging as you have shows a great love for the art. Writing is difficult–many people do not realize that. I certainly have learned a lot this past year. And one of those lessons is trying to be true to yourself. I have walled off certain subjects because they could collide with my career. I admit that, but in the open areas I follow your guide–be true to oneself.


    • Randel,
      Being true to self is one of my messages in this post – so glad message came forth. Plus, not only is writing difficult, it takes time! As one comment said here not long ago – at least I actually write! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  14. “Being true to myself” is the reason I started writing a blog. Plus, I’ve never quite understood the FP page. It seems to be mostly photo blogs. It never even crossed my mind to be FP’d. Like one of the commenters before me, usually the FP’d blogs are not ones that I follow. AIso, I figured out pretty quickly that if I wanted to write humor that was funny to me (with a few swear words here and there), the people who were picking the freshly pressed wouldn’t be on the same page or hearing the same voice. Since my goal was to fill a void with my writing (born-again Christian loves everybody, hates nonone but “haters,” and believes in God AND science), I ignored the FB page and it hasn’t hurt me one bit–I have gained a significant audience on my own in record time. I like who I’m becoming with my writing and I am grateful for you and everybody else whose blog I follow because I enjoy you and found you on my own, not because you had won some bogus cyberculture crown. So count me in the club, but I want to be your head consigliere! 🙂 Signed: The Dalai Mama


    • E-Tom,
      Alright … more support for the cause! Meanwhile … multiple titles for you … yes, The Dalai Mama … the Court Voice (that’s right, you get to sing away) … and of course, The Queen of Bling!

      Meanwhile, you make many great points, so keep it up!


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