On Movember

Bloggers for Movember is a movement to promote mental health and/or cancer issues. I learned about it from Le Clown, whose post became Freshly Pressed. I promised him then I would do a post, and not that he has soared past Freshly Pressed status and one his way to heading WP, I fear his possible wrath.

While some suggested growing a moustache during this month to support the cause, I had to pass on that idea. After all, I had a moustache for many years. I shaved it on January 1st several years ago. Interestingly, it took my wife two weeks to notice – and that was after someone asked her when I shaved it! Therefore, I’m going the blog post route. I also invite anyone here to join the cause, thus use Le Clown’s post as your guide.

Whether though family or friends, most, if not all, bloggers have known someone had their life shortened by cancer. Some of you may recall this past post when we lost a good friend. We last saw her at handbell practice urging her to take care of herself; then three weeks later we were at her funeral.

At this moment, my wife has beaten melanoma – and we continue to hope and pray for the continuation of a positive tomorrow.

My first close exposure to cancer was in the early 1980s as we lost an aunt – my Dad’s sister. Later that decade, cancer took my mother at an age that I have passed. My dad’s other sister fought cancer before losing her life to other complications. In other words, it’s in my genetic linage.

I cannot proclaim that getting a prostate exam is a memorable event – but I do get it twice a year. I don’t know why, but my urologist likes to talk politics with me soon after entering the room.

Let’s look at the given: 1) My family history; 2)He is so far to the political right that he is almost left; and 3) He is about ready to stick his finger where the sun doesn’t shine … therefore, I am very careful with how I reply to his inquiries.

Men, if you are over 50, follow the advice of Larry the Cable Guy and Git er done. Ladies, if you have a male in your life over 50 that you cherish, encourage them with your velvet-hammer manner. After all, whether timely or belatedly, it’s a perfect way to celebrate Proctober.

48 thoughts on “On Movember

  1. Excellent post and advice. I hear your pain and I too have way too much cancer in my family history. Myself, my dad and my oldest sister. Battling cancer at anytime is a huge stress on everyone in the family. I know first-hand having for been a co-caregiver these past 2 years to my father with stage 4 Bladder Cancer and giving additional support to my sister battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is far scarier to NOT find out if it runs in your family or if you might in fact have cancer. Knowledge is power and with knowledge you are able to make choices. I encourage all men and women to do their yearly wellness and preventative exams. Especially those exams which are allowed on Medicare each year.


  2. I lost both my father-in-law and mother-in-law to cancer, my MIL after a long and difficult series of treatments and surgeries. Unfortunately, I cannot offer to grow a mustache in support, as all my hair north of my torso has either given up growing all together, or does so grey and stubbly. The only other places where hair grows, well, you don’t want a mustache from there, trust me!
    Best wishes for “The Right Angle”. And tell her that I flat out will not PERMIT anything bad to be found, ’cause I fully intend to meet her in person, come heck or high water. So she WILL be fine tomorrow – I have spoken! 😉 😀


    • John,
      Many thanks for sharing some of your story with this topic. Meanwhile, I assure you all is well at this end, and that The Right Angle will see your message … and thanks for the humor too!


  3. I’m so glad I get to sit this one out and watch from the sidelines (but not literally of course). I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had so much cancer in your family. That’s very tragic xx


  4. Frank,
    The more I read you, the more I am reminded of how much of a good guy you are. I am sorry for the many losses of your family, and your wife’s battle with melanoma. Thank you for raising awareness by sharing your own private story. Strength to you and your wife, my friend.


  5. I’m doing my Movember post tomorrow morning. Great minds. 🙂

    I sincerely hope your wife continues to remain free of her cancer, and I’m sorry you’ve had to experience so much of that ugly beast in your family. Nice post to remind people to get their screenings.


  6. Good post. Interesting information. I’d never heard of the Movember thing before. I will check out Le Clown’s post for more info, thanks for the link.
    Unfortunately like a great many folks I’ve known several people who fell victim to the big ‘C’, including close family namely an aunt and my mom.
    All those wasted billions of dollars that we talked about yesterday would be a lot better spent trying to beat diseases like this.
    And speaking of politics, I can see how your Doc has an interest n the subject, after all most politicians talk through their …. well, you know!


    • Fasab,
      Great one regarding my doc! … and yes, what if campaign money went to medical research?!!!

      Please visit Le Clown’s post as he sets the stage for the project very well. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Brilliant that you do your prostate exam – it doesn’t happen to only men in your age and older – when living in UK they used young sports men and athletics around their 30 in their commercial for exams – that had been diagnose with prostate cancer. Can’t get enough of awareness – thanks for sharing.


  8. Love it, Frank. I didn’t know about your wife—big hugs to her from me and Mr. Weebles, a fellow member of the Cancer Club. And I’m glad you’re getting regular screenings, even if it does come with right-wing commentary!


    • Weebs,
      The semi-annual digital probe occurred earlier this morning … but not without the commentary. And true to form, I was about to keep me calm.

      Sure hope you stop by tomorrow because there will be an unidentified video for you. 😉

      Meanwhile, continued positive vibes for all who have dealt with cancer! Thanks for supporting Movember … but for me, it’s Proctober!


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  10. This is an important reminder, Frank. Cancer has really been in your family and I’m so sorry to hear that you have had so many losses. I didn’t now your wife had Melanoma, but what good news to know that she seems to be in the clear. It’s all very sobering and serious, and being proactive with one’s preventive health is really critical. I hope your weekend is refreshing! Debra


    • Debra,
      My wife has been very proactive, which includes the high SPF sunscreen and hats for the summer days, and twice (I think) a year exams. Just like my routine prostate exam, preventative measures are important! Thanks for commenting on this important topic!


  11. My youngest child had cancer when she was 16. It was interesting to discover how many friends had been touched by cancer in some way and hadn’t talked about it until we opened the door to discussing the topic.


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