On a Whistling Monday

With another weekend in the books, how was yours? Wow – we stayed busy! With two nights on the ballroom floor, a four-hour handbell workshop, dinner with friends, yard work, and a beer inventory reduction gathering with neighbors, we stayed busy.

Although I write about my share of politics, I am anxious for this election to end, which won’t happen soon enough. Although there is one more debate set for Monday night, I’m currently not planning a debate-related post. Therefore, I give anyone interestedΒ this recent column by David Ignatius for something to ponder.

Oh well – enough of that stuff. Because politics can test one’s patience, let’s start the week with a nonpolitical, 2 minute and 17 second test of endurance. How are did you get?

Have a great week!


55 thoughts on “On a Whistling Monday

  1. “Beer inventory reduction”, eh? Wish I’d thought of that one back in the day! πŸ˜€
    Spent most of the weekend taking care of a sick wife. Now, thanks to her “typhoid Tamy” reputation, she gets to take care of ME! (Yeah, I know, and that differs from every other day of the week HOW?!? πŸ˜‰ ) Spent last night trying to keep the house warm – waiting for Wednesday when the high is supposed to be near (or above) 80 degrees. Can SOMEBODY make up their bloody mind what season this is? 😯


    • John,
      Had to do the Beer Inventory Reduction event because as a household that doesn’t drink much beer, who knows how long it would have sat in the basement! Meanwhile, hope Tamy gets better soon … and hey … enjoy the nice weather because it will be a turnin’ soon. Thanks for commenting.


    • Fasab,
      I absolutely had that in mind, but actually forgot to work that into the text! However, I think this video would be easier to endure. πŸ™‚ … Meanwhile, odds are heavily favoring me keeping my perfect record for avoiding this years’ presidential debates. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I simply cannot do whistling. Sorry

    But beer inventory reduction, I know many in my family that would have assisted you in your goal. Me, I don’t like beer. I know very un-something of me but what can I say.

    The rest of your weekend though, fabulous. All I did was cut back my lavender, it was a wonderful treat actually.


    • Val,
      Lavender … that’s it … I think we forgot to move the lavender! Honestly … but now I have to remember to tell my wife.

      Outside of the occasional beer, we aren’t beer drinkers as we favor red wines. So hey – if it wasn’t for the event, who know how long the supply would have stayed in the basement. Thanks for commenting.


  3. That IS a busy weekend, Frank! Mine was not nearly so action-packed but it was nice nonetheless. That’s some impressive whistling. Are you familiar with Elmo Tanner, by any chance? He was a whistler extraordinaire back in the day.


    • Weebs,
      Low-key weekends aren’t our norm, but wow – we appreciate them when we get them! I did forget to mention that I tried two more ginger ales.

      Meanwhile, I haven’t not heard of Elmo Tanner, so … here’s one for you. Thanks for sharing!


  4. yay a non-political day. I’m always ready for that. Hope you had fun raking the leaves. Was this your first round or second round raking?
    We’ve had some nice winds up north so, depending on the area, most of the leaves are down already.

    Regarding the whistling – I fell over laughing about 30 seconds into it. They take this so seriously. It totally “blows!” I mean “blows” in the punniest sense. LOL Couldn’t resist. Thanks for this delightful post. have a great new week.


    • Mobius,
      Regarding the leaves … Sunday was round 3 … and more today … and my events generally continue through late November … sometimes even early December.

      Meanwhile, glad the whistling brought you some laughter. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. “beer inventory reduction gathering”…you’re too funny! Whistling…not so much. Trying to decide which album to put on during the muted debate tonight. I’m thinking Led Zeppelin II…thoughts?


  6. I listened to the whole thing while scrolling through the comments on the post. Not bad for background music. Reminds me of an old black and white cartoon or the Little Rascals. Could be music for a silent movie. It’s only a shame we have to make that pucker face to make the sound!


  7. Well…I can see someone else had a busy weekend. Holy Cow! I enjoyed the whistling video I thought the man in the purple sounded like a bird. :+) I put a link up to your video on job interviewing at the end of todays post. I got a good laugh from it over the weekend. Hope all is well in your world.
    P.S. I’m also very tired of politics can’t wait for it all to be said and done. For some reason it’s seemed like one of the longest political seasons ever!!


    • Starla,
      These participants definitely are talented! Meanwhile, the political process has gone on too long, thus why we are tired. Glad you enjoyed the Greg Hahn routine enough to use it! Thanks for stopping by!


  8. There should be whistling added to the debates. Couldn’t be worse than what normally goes on.
    Sound like you had a great weekend. I finally made it out on my surfboard after way too long and fell in love with it all over again.


  9. I didn’t know whether I would like the whistling video, Frank, but played it anyway… and quite liked it! I can’t say I’d watch any more of it however, but those doing it seemed to be enjoying themselves!
    And here we are on another Monday! Have a great week!


  10. How’s about the candidates do some whistling (literal, not figurative) and then chase that with some arm rasslin and beer pong? I don’t see either one of these guys being able to do it, but Biden? He would kick major butt.


    • Cayman,
      One problem with Biden and beer pong … somewhere I picked up that he isn’t a big drinker. Meanwhile, given the way they evade answers and purposely use misleading information, I’m game for adding anything. Thanks for stopping by.


  11. Love that … video .. thanks a lot … but I hate whistling at anytime, really annoying, sorry .. I enjoyable this little video. My weekend was full of home care .. and producing give aways plus I tried out a couple blogging dishes. Had a great quite weekend and I spent it with somebody I really care about – Myself.


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