On Scoop Ohio

Although the final debate is in progress during the publishing of this post, I decided to make it a clean sweep – thus I did not watch. Nonetheless, this post is about the information that you don’t hear.

As anyone tracking the U.S. presidential campaign knows, Ohio is one of the key battleground states. As the country 17th state and our 18 electoral votes, we (unfortunately) lead the country in campaign ads. Nonetheless, with all the campaign reports from Ohio, this post is about information you may not know.

Visiting Ohio is visiting the world: Amsterdam, Athens, Baltic, Berlin, Cadiz, Calcutta, Dresden, Dublin, Dunkirk, Geneva, Genoa, Holland, Lebanon, Lima, Lisbon, Milan, London, Macedonia, Moscow, Ontario, Poland, Seville, Sidney, Toledo, Venice, and Versailles

Visiting Ohio is visiting the UK: Dover, East Liverpool, Glouster, Guernsey, Kent, London, Oxford, and Sheffield

Visiting Ohio is visiting biblical sites: Bethel, Bethesda, Damascus, Delphos, Goshen, Pisgah, and Shiloh

Visiting Ohio is visiting the USA: Albany, Baltimore, Buffalo, Fresno, Louisville, Nevada, Oregon, Reno, Syracuse, Washington, and Wyoming

Visiting Ohio for its many new places: New Athens, New Boston, New Breman, New Carlisle, New Concord, New Lebanon, New Lexington, New London, New Madison, New Metamora, New Miami, New Middletown, New Paris, New Philadelphia, New Richmond, New Springfield, New Straitsville, New Vienna, New Washington, and New Waterford; then toss in Newark, Newburgh Heights, Newcomerstown, Newport, Newton Falls, and Newtown

Visiting Ohio to climb the mountain towns of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Gilead, Mt. Healthy, Mt. Orab, Mt. Repose, Mt. Sterling, and Mt. Vernon (of which many are flat)

Visiting Ohio for people names: Amanda, Amelia, Ashley, Beverly, Bevis, Bryan, Clyde, Dayton, Felicity, Franklin, Geneva, Harrison, Heath, Hiram, Jackson, Kent, Logan, Lucas, Mack, Marion, Mason, Perry, Randolph, Ross, Quincy, Shelby, Sidney, Spencer, Troy, Warren, Wayne, and Willard

Visiting Ohio with a pronouncing guide

  • Berlin (BURR lin)
  • Lancaster (LAN ca ster)
  • Lebanon (LEB bun un)
  • Lima (LIE muh)
  • Milan (MY lund)
  • Moscow (MOSS cow)
  • Rio Grande (RYE o grand)
  • Russia (RUE she)
  • Toledo (toe LEE doe)
  • Versailles (Vur SALES)
  • Wooster (WUH ster)
  • I let you try “Gnadenhutten”

Visiting Ohio to visit colorful towns starting with Blue, Red, White, Green, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Orange

I have been to Coolville, but never to Hicksville

I am from a county named after a man with the first name Return

Upper Sandusky is south and west of Sandusky

Some guys fall so in love they forget if they Dayton people from Eaton, or … I’ll let you figure out the rest

For more past posts about Ohio, click here or click Ohio under Category in the sidebar

Enjoy the song and slide show. (Although I see several visual mistakes)

62 thoughts on “On Scoop Ohio

  1. We do have some great town names in Ohio. I’m impressed you tracked so many down. I’m currently watching the debates. I don’t think these two men like each other very much. Maybe they need to go to Sandusky and ride the Top Thrill Dragster together. πŸ˜‰


  2. Great post, Frank – what a unique approach to your state! I personally love Zanesville, OH – had a friend from there, and of course, it was named after Ebenezar Zane who with his brothers helped establish Fort Henry, later to become Wheeling WV, and the ancestor of Zane Grey who wrote several novels based on the history of this area.


  3. Oh, my friend, you missed two mis-pronunciations, one of which is a HUGE local sore point. The less-prickly one is Chili – pronounced CHI (“ch” as in “church”) – lie. Not like the food Cincy is famous for. The second, and the sore point, is the town of BER-lin. ber-LIN is in Germany – and the locals will SCREAM this at you! πŸ˜‰
    Meanwhile, my current home metropolis of Fresno is named after the town in California, not vice versa. And don’t forget Zanesville, named for (and full of stuff dedicated to) Zane Grey of the famous Western/cowboy novels.
    But there is one town that is really keen – Keene. How big is Keene? Well, at a slow speed of 20mph, it takes you less than 10 seconds to go through the WHOLE town, school and all. I love sight-seeing in Keene – when I remember not to blink. πŸ˜€


  4. What a great approach to an election season post! Brilliant. I appreciate the pronunciation guide. By the way, we have some world class cities around Lexington–Athens, Paris, London, and Versailles. And the pronunciation issues are significant.


  5. Been stranded at Cleveland’s airport for too many hours … and it was one of the most boring airports I ever been on – but I forgive Continental (United now) after seen this little video – I wish they had let me out from the airport to see what Ohio is all about. Thanks for a brilliant post and for taking me to the real Ohio.


    • Viveka,
      As you well know, life outside the airport is generally more exciting. Like many cities, Cleveland has interesting history and gems for visitors. Glad you were able to get a different perspective from this post. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting.


  6. Now I’m craving buckeyes (and I don’t mean the nuts that fall from the trees). I’ve been to Coolsville, but can’t remember if I’ve ever been to Hicksville. I have to admit that I never thought I would love Ohio as much as I do. I’m not originally from here (born and raised in New Jersey, married and moved to several different states before moving to southern Ohio almost 26 years ago, and then settled in northeastern Ohio for the past 12 years). I was happy to leave southern Ohio, as it’s a whole different state down there in the Appalachia/coal-mining region, and I was unsure about northeastern Ohio until we moved to where we are now. I’d hate to have to leave (although the fracking around here has us thinking about it).

    Great video, Frank. They left out “Glee” which takes place in Lima, Ohio. πŸ™‚


  7. I like this post. Makes you realize why most Americans never make it outside their own state – they don’t need to! Isn’t it a pity that you don’t get your passport stamped when you visit a town, a trip to Ohio would make it look very impressive.


    • Starla,
      You mentioned the stadiums, (I’m going off of memory) but I recall a slide featuring the Cincinnati Bengals and then showing Ohio State’s football stadium. Now you got me wondering which stadiums are shown. Hmmmm ….. thanks for commenting.


        • A couple of notes:
          The slide saying Columbus is the capital is a shot of a Cincinnati bridge.
          The slide about Cleveland traffic lights is preceded by 2 Cincinnati pics and followed by Columbus
          Yes – the slide of the Bengals shows Ohio State’s stadium in Columbus
          Bengals stadium is the slide after Wright Brothers
          FYI: The slide after Oberlin is from the Cincinnati side to Kentucky
          I figure a kid did this … it’s nice .. but could use some editing.


  8. Visiting Ohio is getting stuck in a snow storm for 7 hours on the road on your way to Milwaukee. But Ohio is nice although I always got confused on where potatoes come from, Idaho or Ohio, Ohio is corn.


    • Doggy,
      No place is fun getting stuck in a snow storm … but it can happen in Ohio … especially across the north where lake-effect snows can bring a lot of white stuff. Although Ohio isn’t as farm oriented as Iowa, its safe to say the countries ag belt starts here and heads west. Thanks for visiting.


  9. *shakes head* your pronunciations of Rio Grande and Versailles are disgraceful! Then again, I come from a city that proudly features Ponce de Leon (pahnts duh LEE-ahn) Ave.

    My parents and grandparents just got back from an Ohio River cruise… made me think of you! They had a blast.


    • Twixt,
      I grew up near Rye-O, so I’m confident it with that one. But heck, we can find pronunciation differences across the country. Meanwhile, where did your parents and grandparents cruise to and from? The Mississippi Queen? Thanks for sharing … but I want to know more. πŸ˜‰


    • Spinny,
      Glad you appreciated this one as it was fun to do. Meanwhile, here’s some scoop never told to anyone … I am consider this appropriate post for the election season: Ohio – The Musical. πŸ™‚ … possibly coming soon! Thanks for stopping by.


  10. I really enjoyed the video, and I’d love to visit Ohio. And I am so sorry about all the ads! Seriously…we have almost none! My phone keeps ringing, but about the Propositions, not the Presidential campaign. It will all be over soon…


    • Debra,
      It seems that with time running out, the amount of ads has increased – well, probably because ads of more local and state races are creeping into the fray. We have a high financed senate battle going on as well. But yes, soon it will be over. With California being the King of Propositions, deals with those issues is quite the hassle in itself. How and the heck do you keep track of them! Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for stopping by.


  11. Very impressive list of names. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to pronounce them the Ohio way. I can understand – sort of – a Washington in Ohio, but I wonder why you have a Calcutta in Ohio?
    I also enjoyed video. Interesting to see how many things originated in Ohio even women’s rights


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