On Strips for Monday

More important than the current election cycle winding down, much of this weekend’s news focuses on our friends along the U.S. east coast. Take care of yourselves!

I had fun Friday afternoon wondering if I could identify the 100,ooo visitor here. My guess is it was Viveka from Sweden, but I’m not absolutely sure.

How was your weekend? We had an evening with costume on the ballroom floor and an evening of tasting Italian wines with our fun and fellowship church wine group. In between, we even had a trip to Costco! Meanwhile, I see a busy week ahead.

There is one word to best describe this Monday Morning Entertainment – BACON! With so many people enjoying this piggly treasure, here’s a bacon minute. Enjoy – and have a good week!

48 thoughts on “On Strips for Monday

  1. Better to be the baconer than the baconee…or something…

    I’ll be pretending to work from home monday and possibly tuesday, until they turn the subway back on. Not expecting any major problems…
    Have a great week, Frank!


  2. I’m going to have to show that bacon clip to my son tomorrow. He’s oddly infatuated with bacon lately, which is weird considering we never eat it. 🙂

    Hope folks don’t get hit too hard by Sandy. I feel for those in its path.


    • Carrie,
      Interesting infatuation for your son, so let me know what he thinks of the video. Hard to believe the Sandy’s rains were in Ohio as she was 200 miles from the shoreline! Meanwhile, gotta hope for the best for those in the battle zone. Thanks for commenting.


  3. hard to dislike anything that involves bacon. one of my weekly rituals is a diner breakfast on weekends. i recently changed my usual place only because of the better bacon at another diner.


    • Debra,
      Glad to hear that this one surprised you. Costco and wines in Ohio is an interesting situation. Because Ohio is a price-control state regarding alcohol, Costco must price their wines accordingly, thus are unable to pass along their purchasing-power pricing. In other words, (and for the most part) it doesn’t matter where one buys wine in this state. However, here’s a tip on a wine I see at the Costco here. Italian wine Allegrini Palazzo della Torre 2008 is in last year’s Wine Spectator top 100 … quite a feat for a $20 bottle. Thanks for stopping by.


      • Good gracious Frank, I had no idea that a State could determine the price Costco can sell their wines. What does price control state mean? Is it a plus the consumer or the State?
        What’s to stop you driving over to New York State and buying wine at a Costco there?


        • Rosie,
          Great questions. In Ohio, the state not only controls Costco wine prices, it controls all retail wine prices by establishing state min prices guaranteeing a 50% markup in the supply chain. So a retailer can sell it higher, but not lower … well, there are some ways to put a wine on sale. Alcohol is a state-controlled substance, so there are laws about how much can cross state lines … and this price control is for all alcohol. Meanwhile, many Cincinnatians will buy in Kentucky or Indiana if it is cheaper, and if they don’t buy too much. Thanks for asking.


    • Doggy,
      I know what you mean about tracking, but in this case, she did make a comment, thus the credit.

      Many are surprised that our church as a wine tasting group. Interestingly, it is one of the longer running groups! One of these days I’ll post about it. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. My husband truly doesn’t feel complete without bacon in the fridge. I never buy it. In fact, he actually announces when he’s made the purchase. “Tina, there’s bacon in the fridge, just so you know.”


  5. To maybe be the 100.000 visitor … what an honor. Congratulations to that figure, what an achievement. Love your little scary bacon video .. great. It seems like you dance program is always fully booked for each weekend. Wouldn’t mind going to a costume ballroom dance. Wouldn’t mind to go to any ballroom dance … *smile … ages and light years ago


  6. Oh Lordie, don’t let Brainrants see that “Baconauts” video, he’ll go AWOL! 😀 Enjoying a VERY cold rain from the stalled front compliments of Sandy, waiting to see what Sandy’s winds will bring us tomorrow and Wednesday. So far, so good – except for HIGHLY intermittent Internet service!
    Good luck to all the East Coasters out there. If you need kerosene lanterns, gimme a yell – I got a few (DOZEN) to spare! 😀


    • John,
      Unless someone tells Brainrants, no need to worry.

      No much from Sandy here today besides some cool temps, outcast skies, an occasional sprinkle, and a typical windy day. Then again, what will Tuesday bring. Hang in there … and I second your shout-out to the east coasters. Thanks for commenting.


  7. lol! Bacon is the one thing I miss when it comes to not eating meat. There is just no vegetarian substitute for the crispy, crunchy, smoky flavor of bacon. (That fake bacon stuff is horrible!)


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