On Baltic Germany

Although it seems so long ago, our cruise ship left Amsterdam and headed north. After a full day at sea, our first stop was Warnemunde – a quaint, beach resort town on Germany’s northern coast.

We were in port for more than 14 hours. Whereas many passengers went to Berlin, we didn’t want to spend half the day on the train to and from that famous city. Therefore, I did my research to determine what we could do with less travel. Given Germany’s rail system, we were able to get a one-day regional pass for about $10 each – a great deal! On this day, we boarded a train from Warnemunde for a trip to the town of Schwerin.

Given this region was part of Soviet-dominated East Germany, English (as a whole) was not spoken well.

In Schwerin, we walked from the train station toward town central – and we discovered that not many towns have a quaint lake within its core

Schwerin’s lovely town square

We exited the square, turned the corner, and then a wow moment – the prime reason for our journey.

We toured the wonderful  Schwerin Castle that housed the rulers of Mecklenberg

The castle grounds provide an excellent park-like setting.

On our walk back to the train station, we got a pleasant surprise – a boat racing festival – so we enjoyed watching several heats of 20-person dragon boats competing in sprint races.

Because we experienced some rain, we returned to Warnemunde, thus passing on our planned walk in Rostock (a city for which Warnemunde is a suburb). After dinner on the ship, it walked the resort community with an eventual stop for some German beer.

The day was a good one for us. The next day was a cruise day as we were bound for Tallinn, Estonia. Click here to join us in Tallinn.


71 thoughts on “On Baltic Germany

  1. Oh wow – great scenery! Though I think I would’ve looked for a ferry over to Peenemunde, just to tour the ruins of the rocket program there. By the by, I believe Rostock was a major factory town for Messerschmidt – though I suppose there isn’t much of that left, considering the amount of pounding we gave the aircraft factories.
    You realise you missed a blogging buddy of mine by a week? He moved from Malta to Lithuania 7 days after you toured there. Bummer – I think you would’ve gotten a kick out of him, a lawyer turned philosopher originally from Germany, spent several years in London, then decided to move around Europe. A somewhat bizarre individual, though I think you could’ve handled him, having experience with bizarre Internet folk…. 😉
    Looking forward to the next installment!


    • John E,
      I knew I could count on you for some WW II info about the area. Interestingly, I don’t recall any info regarding that time except at the castle. Now if I can just get that next installment together. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    • Guapo,
      Great questions! Other than the struggles with English, no … it didn’t seem eastern bloc-ish. The train was through beautiful countryside and the towns we saw and visited were charming … very German. We were there on a Sunday, so we didn’t get a sense of the business activity. Many stores in town were closed, but seems nice and the storefronts were occupied. Thanks for visiting and glad to see you are A-O-K!


  2. I’ve been to Warnemunde! Like you, it was a cruise stop (and we also went to Talinn). It was a cute resort town. My kids kept buying sausage sticks from vending machines. You can imagine how good their breath was that night. 😉


    • Carrie,
      I imagine most Baltic cruises by the main cruise lines stop in the same ports … so this journey could be a bit of a repeat for you. Now about those kids fixated on vending-machine sausages! 😉 Thanks for pitching in to the journey and I look forward to your additions along the way.


    • Rich,
      Probably not many castles in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so I understand. 😉 Because of the royal nature, this one was elegant. Of course restored to its elegance. But not over-the-top elegance that I saw with the czars in Russia. Meanwhile, an old Medieval castle would be fun! Thanks for commenting.


    • Bulldog,
      Glad you enjoyed this … of course I wish I had your photography skills! I must say that turning the corner and seeing the castle straight ahead was a Wow-Moment! Nonetheless, I’m glad we didn’t choose to spend 7 hours on a train for Berlin. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Two things always impressed me about that part of the world. Number one are the castles a fine example of which you show, and number two is the size of the beer glasses WOW!


    • TBM,
      It was a worthy excursion. I talked to others who also decided not to go Berlin, but went the opposite direction than us from the port (west) – and had a wonderful time as well. I will say this … Tallinn, Estonia was very interesting. 🙂 – but I have to save the rest for the post. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


    • Spiced,
      The castle was a pleasant surprise. The inner tour was good, but I highly recommend the few extra Euros for the accompanying audio narration. Needless to say, it was a good day. Thanks for visiting.


  4. I LOVE castles! I would have been in heaven! What fantastic photos, glad you were able to walk around and see all this. Is Germany a place you would return to again? I’ve always wanted to see Germany as it seems so beautiful and clean. 🙂


    • Java,
      On European standards, Germany is a large country … and according to friends of ours here, its regions are distinctly different. So, yes, I would return – but most likely to a different region. Besides, we didn’t visit any of the major cities! … But if you ever cruise the Baltic, remember this post. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


    • Kathy,
      I’m right with you because this castle has a Disneyesque appearance. Interestingly, look at the second pic to see the Gothic looking addition to the castle. (Doors were closed, but I assume a chapel). Glad you enjoyed this part of my journey. Thanks for commenting.


    • Starla,
      It was a wonderful time. The skies were gray, so the occasional rain was come … but it was a good day … and the castle was a treat! Glad you enjoyed the trip with your morning coffee. 🙂


  5. Great pictures, Frank. It’s always great to get out and walk and explore on your own. I’ve come across some delightful things in my travels that I would have missed if I hadn’t gone exploring on my own.


    • Sandy,
      Right on fellow adventurer! Especially while on cruise ships! After all, cruise excursions aren’t cheap … plus we see times 2. … so by doing our homework before the trip, we set out on our own. Thanks for sharing!


    • Renee,
      This day was full of contrast. Interestingly, the backside of the castle sits along a HUGE lake – thus even more contrast. One of the things I like about cruising is that it is a traveling hotel – thus unpack/pack only once as they transport passengers around. Hope you saw the Amsterdam link as well in the first line. Thanks for commenting.


    • Mouse,
      Nor was this castle the extra old, cold dark and dingy type. Meanwhile, the entire trip was a good one, and hopefully I will post something about the next stop (Tallinn, Estonia) this week.Thanks for commenting.


  6. We did a Baltic cruise a few years back with a stop in Warnemunde; fortunately/unfortunately we decided on the Berlin train. Thanks for showing me what we missed. Now more than ever I want to return. We had a lovely time, hoping you did too.
    Thank you.


    • Ernest,
      Interesting that you were there too but took the Berlin trip. We had a good day. Wish we would have included some time in Rostock … oh well, Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have another Baltic stop this week.


  7. I’ve never been to the Baltic region of Germany, but I’ve been to Germany several times over the years. (mostly in the Ost Zone)

    And every single time I go, I have to be dragged back home screaming. Some things I miss:

    – the better food
    – the better beer
    – the better cars (and the better drivers in them)
    – the better architecture/history and land use
    – the vastly, vastly, superior public transportation
    – the healthier lifestyle

    And the fraulines don’t hurt either.


  8. Was working for many years on the route Gothenburg – Kiel and I love the Baltic coast of Northern Germany – often forgotten by visitors of Germany.
    Never been to Warnemunde – so thanks for taking me there. Have been very little in old East Germany. Been a couple of times in Sassnitz, but that has only been for stocking up bar and wine cellar. Up to 60% cheaper than in Sweden.


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