Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 161

I invite you to try something different today. The video contains segments of a wonderful orchestra piece: New Beginnings by Peter Boyer – which provides a grand sound that is very me. So, please launch the video to serve as your background music for this edition of Opinions in the Shorts.

On Politics
A friend of mine wanted the FactChecks from all the Debates. Here ya go, Jim!
Debate 1, VP Debate, Debate 2, Debate 3

FactCheck recently did this campaign summary

I will have an interesting post that will go live Election Day evening.

Senator John McCain declared that the Libyan embassy event is the great incompetence he’s ever seen regarding national security. I have a question for Senator McCain: Greater than 9-11?

Regardless the results of the presidential election and assuming the Republicans keep control of the House of Representatives, it will be interesting to see who they select as Speaker of the House. In case they don’t know, I am Constitutionally qualified and available.

Some pundits are discussing the increased possibility of neither presidential candidate having enough electoral votes to win.

I find it interesting that some newspapers endorsements have been tepid.

The ad from Randall Terry is so bad that stations have disclaimers before showing it.

Each political party is actively fund-raising for legal challenges of the election. Oh boy – better brace for the possibility of no winner come Wednesday morning.

Here are two early states that could spell trouble: If Romney loses Florida, or if Obama loses Pennsylvania. Yet, NY Times columnist Gail Collins focuses on Cincinnati as she writes here something that we already knew – it’s all about Ohio.

Because of the political ads, we’ve limited the local evening news to the weather – thus switched to local classical radio station for dinner music – which is easy the using the Mute button.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • New High-Tech Voting Machines Lets Voters Manipulate Candidates
  • Misinformed Man Riding Out Storm in Bathtub Filled with Batteries
  • 20 Idiots Evacuated from Times Square M&M’s Store
  • Man Throws Man at Problem
  • Birthday Card Discretely Passed around Office like Covert CIA Operation
  • Mom Calls to Make Sure Son not Under Dangling Crane
  • Weird Couple has Greatest Sex after Announcement of Disney-LucasFilm Merger

Interesting Reads
A pipe organ builder
Race baiting and the election (by an editor, not a hack)
Benefits of practice
The Rise of Asian-Americans
God and science
Who needs facts
Image: Fibonacci and Hurricane
My past post about Fibonacci

On Potpourri
Strength to all those affected by Superstorm Sandy; thus I encourage those who can to donate time, goods, or money to the relief efforts. Please consider the American Red Cross or the charity of your choice.

Baseball’s World Series is over, so congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and their fans. Meanwhile, the series enjoyed one of the low TV ratings ever, thus another reason to hate Commissioner Bud Selig.

A reminder to the U.S. readers that this weekend we switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time – so don’t forget to set the clocks back.

With the cool weather here and cold not far away, it’s flannel sheet season in our house. Is anybody else a fan of flannel sheets?

There will be a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post this weekend.

Thanks for everyone for making October 2012 my third best month ever.

Ginger Ale Report

Natural Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale: Good ginger with a hint of spice that lingers – Fits my taste well.

Fresh Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost: This one looks funny with the ginger sediment that one sees in the clear bottle – thus it’s unfiltered. Mild ginger taste, not a lot of carbonation, but there is a lingering spicy kick. This is a pleasant surprise.

Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.