On a Cartoon Inventor

Clyde Crashcup is a scientist wearing a white coat who was not only more of an inventor than a researcher, but an inventor of many of things already invented

Assisted by Leonardo, a short bald male who only whispered in Clyde’s ear

Debuted on October 4, 1961 as one of four segments on Alvin and the Chipmunks

Created by Ross Bagasarian

Voiced by Shepard Menken

Clyde was the only voice heard in most episodes

25 episodes produced

Invented by drawing a functional object in thin air with a pencil from his lab coat

Invents Jokes, Self-Preservation, Glass, Chair, West, Baseball, Bathtub, Wife, Flight, Baby, Stove, Music, First Aid, Electricity, Egypt, Bed, Telephone, Do-it-Yourself, Time Machine, Shoe, Physical Fitness, Ship, Birthday Party, Self-Defense, Crashcupland

Catchphrase was to break down the invention’s name to explain the invention: “That’s ‘tele-‘ for tele and ‘-phone’ for phone: telephone.”

Other appearances include Dell Comics (5), A Chipmunk Christmas, and Alvin and the Chipmunks remakes

Here’s an episode when he invents babies. (The is a change from the original post.)