On a Cartoon Inventor

Clyde Crashcup is a scientist wearing a white coat who was not only more of an inventor than a researcher, but an inventor of many of things already invented

Assisted by Leonardo, a short bald male who only whispered in Clyde’s ear

Debuted on October 4, 1961 as one of four segments on Alvin and the Chipmunks

Created by Ross Bagasarian

Voiced by Shepard Menken

Clyde was the only voice heard in most episodes

25 episodes produced

Invented by drawing a functional object in thin air with a pencil from his lab coat

Invents Jokes, Self-Preservation, Glass, Chair, West, Baseball, Bathtub, Wife, Flight, Baby, Stove, Music, First Aid, Electricity, Egypt, Bed, Telephone, Do-it-Yourself, Time Machine, Shoe, Physical Fitness, Ship, Birthday Party, Self-Defense, Crashcupland

Catchphrase was to break down the invention’s name to explain the invention: “That’s ‘tele-‘ for tele and ‘-phone’ for phone: telephone.”

Other appearances include Dell Comics (5), A Chipmunk Christmas, and Alvin and the Chipmunks remakes

Here’s an episode when he invents babies. (The is a change from the original post.)

53 thoughts on “On a Cartoon Inventor

    • Alex,
      It seems you are not alone on not knowing Clyde Crashcup as many readers didn’t know. Probably a old-timer thing, but I also see that some in my age range didn’t know. Oh well … glad you enjoyed the name. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Frank, I remember Clyde Crashcup very well. He cracked me up! I had forgotten about him and his side kick. I also watched “This is your Life” incessantly, so this clip was particularly humorous. Thanks for giving me a morning chuckle while I try and recouperate fromt he flu and drink my morning java. Cheers!


    • E-Tom,
      Woo hoo! Thanks for being the first person to say they remembered Clyde Crashcup! Although YouTube didn’t give me many choices for the video, glad I was able to also tap into your “This is Your Life” fix. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


  2. Sorry, I’m gonna have to register in the “don’t remember him” category. I never was a huge fan of the Chipmunks, so that might explain a lot.
    Got a proposition for ya. If you want to do a twin post for Christmas, I’ll help you lay one out for the original B&W “Frosty”, “Suzy Snowflake”, and my personal fave, “Hardrock, Coco and Joe”. Deal? 😉


    • John,
      Not being an Alvin & the Chipmunks fan probably explains it … but that’s ok. Meanwhile, on your offer, I’ll think about – but it is outside of the Saturday Morning category. Thanks for commenting.


    • Guapo,
      It seems the Chipmunk debuted as a cartoon in 1961, but had a short sting. Meanwhile, there was a lot of smoking on TV at that time. Heck, The Flintstones even did a cigarette commercial! Thanks for commenting.


    • Fasab,
      Wow … even you didn’t know this one! At this point, only 2 of 9 commenters have heard of him. Now there’s something that I learned! … but more comments to go. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I totally forgot every seeing Crashcup The mothers voice I’ve heard in many cartoons. Has that ‘witchy’ quality. I really enjoyed this.


    • Debra,
      I’m crushed … after so many “never heard of-s”, I was hoping you would come through. 😉 Oh well. Regarding today’s cartoons, I don’t watch them. However, I don’t think they are in the same shorts model as our era. Thanks for commenting.


  4. I am going to fall into the category of ‘not a clue’ but I suspect it is because I wasn’t a Chipmunks fan. In truth Alvin got on my nerve, I am going to bet my brother would know this one he loved Alvin (I punished him by turning the TV off and beating on him).


    • Val,
      Don’t worry about not knowing because you are in the majority at this point (13 of 16). Then again, being negative on Alvin increased the odds of not seeing this character. 😉 Thanks for commenting.


  5. Poor Clyde getting his nose punched while he’s on stage also a little elbowing. This is definietly before the age of no bullying. I don’t think I remember this cartoon either I’m glad I’m not falling into the old timer category. :+)


    • Spiced,
      Wow … Ohio is making big election news even in Oz. Heck, the candidates had 5 stops in Ohio just today! Interestingly, there is quite the range of predictions.

      Meanwhile, you’re another addition into the “never heard of” column. 😦 Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Sorry I’m late to this post. I enjoyed it very much.

    The link to the Clyde Crashcup cartoon you posted no longer works, but I was able to find it online so I could view the short. I do remember that character, but he was so indistinct I forgot him until your post. After watching that short, it brought to mind another cartoon, made in 1943 by animator, John Hubley, “Professor Small and Mister Tall.” Mr. Tall could be the father of Clyde; there’s a noticeable resemblance:

    A much better version used to be posted on YouTube, but it was taken down.


    • Lame,
      Bummer that episode was taken down, so I replaced it with the one when he invents a baby. At least you remember him, whereas the majority of the commenters here never heard of him! 😦 Thanks for the possible link with the small and tall. Thanks for commenting.


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