On a Monday Swat

Greetings everyone. The final weekend before Election Day is over, which means Election Day is closer – and we get to see more drug ads soon! Can you remember the last commercial you saw about erectile dysfunction? Oh wait – those of you in non-swing states may have seen them! Then again, Christmas commercials will descend on us like an avalanche.

How was your weekend? Believe it or not, no ballroom time for us this weekend as we sacrificed our dance shoes to attend a retirement party for a friend. The rest of our weekend included a free day at the Cincinnati Zoo, dinner at friends, trips to the grocery store, ushering at church, and an afternoon with the leaves.

Also this weekend, it was interesting to see how few people ever heard of Clyde Crashcup from my classic cartoon post. I’m overwhelmed by the crushed feeling from that post.

Because I have to focus on a project, my time to your blogs will be limited this week. Just wanted you to know … but I plan a full week of posting – including an Election Night post – and will try to get to visit what I can.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fun video with the great ending. Have a good week!