Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 162

On Politics
Let’s see if winners shy away from declaring mandates or referendums.

Following the elections results (and to no surprise) Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and Minority Senate Leader McConnell (R-KY) made predictable partisan-based comments while Donald Trump made an ass of himself.

Do you recall the name Samuel Wurzelbacher? He made a splash in 2008 as Joe the Plumber. This year he was the Republican nominee in his Congressional district, for which he received 24% of the vote.

Interesting comments from people as devastated, disappointed, doomed, and my favorite, May God have mercy on this nation because we have walked away from His ways.

Too much credit is given to Ohio. After all, I don’t think many imaged President Obama winning without Ohio and Florida.

Preceding the election, many Republicans continually discounted polls by calling them biased. Some people forget that many polls are done by companies who have a vested interest in being accurate. Interestingly, the polls as an aggregate hit the target on this one.

On Wednesday, ABC published their list of 2016 candidates for both parties.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Lone Doofus Waited 36 Hours for the Next C Train
  • Bored US Postmaster General Creates Beard of Stamps during Meeting
  • Only Person Area Man Recognizes on Ballot is Jill Stein
  • Gluten-Free Pancake Mix just a Bag of Sand
  • Lone Runner Mike Bloomberg Wins NYC Marathon
  • Man Who Eats Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Morning and Enjoys “Saw” Films Allowed to Vote
  • 9 Brightly-Colored Tarantula Species Found

Interesting Reads
Darwin and Eyes
Book review about James K Polk’s presidency
Storms that changes history
What candidates won’t say
Goals and limits of science

On Potpourri
Our handbell choir plays this weekend. The tune, Fantasy on Restoration, isn’t easy for us, but we will give it our best. It won’t be familiar to your ear, but interesting. Although there is a lot of malleting in this piece, we don’t play it as fast as this recording, but we move at a good clip. I invite you to listen here.

Last week I had a burger with the following description: Fried Banana, Chunky Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, Jam and Smoked Bacon. Yep … a PBJ Burger that was tasty!

I was disappointed when nobody commented on the surprise visitor we saw in Estonia (yesterday’s post).

There will be a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post this weekend.

Going into the weekend, here is a video of collections of videos to music. I image you will recognize some segments. Enjoy and have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

42 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 162

  1. That lone doofus waiting for the C train – did they get my name … er .. um.. I mean, did they get THAT guy’s name? (Whew! Barely covered THAT slip!) 😉
    All I’ll say about the election, other than “Thank GOD it’s over!”, is that the two people I wanted punted, Akin and Mourdock, did get punted, and the one person I REALLY wanted to see win, Tammy Duckworth, won. She’s not only a double-amputee vet, but she is one DARN smart cookie! She’ll make sure our vets get all they need. Hoo-ah! 😀
    Don’t know if you can co-ordinate your post with this event, but Saturday is also the 237th birthday of the Marine Corps. Semper Fi, Do or Die, Muh-RINES!


  2. 😆 Great Onion Headlines this week!! It’s a three-way tie:

    Bored US Postmaster General Creates Beard of Stamps during Meeting
    Lone Runner Mike Bloomberg Wins NYC Marathon
    Man Who Eats Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Morning and Enjoys “Saw” Films Allowed to Vote


    • Guapo,
      Trump keeps himself in the news to promote his TV show … meanwhile, I wonder when NBC will say enough is enough. Then again, they probably need him more than Trump needs NBC. Meanwhile, the Postmaster General’s stamp beard may be an idea for next year’s Halloween. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Man Who Eats Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Morning and Enjoys “Saw” Films Allowed to Vote

    They will just let anyone into the booth these days won’t they?

    I have to bookmark you today, it is late in my morning and I can’t look at the interesting reads. I always love your reads and usually find something I can sink my teeth into!

    I don’t even know what to say about your video Frank, wow.


    • Val,
      The Dunkin’ Donuts guy is quite popular in this list! It’s obvious he doesn’t live in a state with new voter-ID laws. Meanwhile, I know you’ll enjoy the reads. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


  4. I liked all your comments about the election, especially the one about the stake most polling companies have in reflecting accuracy as opposed to the parallel political universe of Fox News and conservative talk radio. I look forward to returning to the U.S. tomorrow better rested from no longer sleeping on pins and needles, and uplifted by the overwhelmingly positive reaction by Canadians to the results of the U.S. election.


    • Tim,
      Interesting how Republicans seem to react with denial when they disagree with something. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing about your trip upon your return. Safe travels … and thanks for checking in.


  5. There was a surprise visitor in yesterday’s post? How did I miss that? Anyway, in the onion, I think I would agree most that lots of GF substitutes for making bread are exactly like a bag of sand xx


  6. “Man Who Eats Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Morning and Enjoys “Saw” Films Allowed to Vote.” 😆
    “9 Brightly-Colored Tarantula Species Found.” I’m just hoping they weren’t found anywhere near where I live. 🙂
    Mr Comb-over Trump is always good for a chuckle, but only in very small doses.
    That was a great video; happy, sad,hilarious, moving and totally awesome. Hope the bell ringing goes well. 🙂


    • Paradise,
      Ah ha … more than one favorite is fine! Meanwhile, great description of Trump. Ah yes – great point about the many emotions in the video. As a musician, I hope you listened to the handbell piece as it has has interesting rhythms, as well as mixed meters. Thanks for commenting.


  7. I was looking for you in the photo fifth photo down nope that’s not you! :+)
    I enjoyed the video someone really worked hard putting that one together.
    Enjoy ringing handbells again it’s that time of year fun.
    There were too many good headlines this week a bit like chocolates.
    Enjoy your weekend! TGIF


    • Starla,
      I’m with you about the video as I see lots of work! Meanwhile, handbell season it is and this one has been a quite a challenge for us. Sometimes I wonder if the recording is actually too fast! Then again, it could be just my perception because we play it at a slower tempo … but still quick. Meanwhile – I’m not in the fifth photo … but Shrek and Donkey are. Thanks for commenting!


  8. When I lived in Boston I used to take the C train. I often felt like a doofus waiting for that inept train. Have they ever heard of the word: Schedule. The answer is no, in case you were wondering.


  9. Great post, it kept entertained for a good 40 minutes, reading The Onion headlines, the Dunkin Donuts Guy was my favorite, and the video it was a good reminder of some great youtube moments, cinnamon challenge and bear waving are among my favorite.


  10. Dunkin Donut man is getting a lot of love and it’s a good satirical comment on the ability of some voters, but my two favorites were ‘Gluten-Free Pancake Mix just a Bag of Sand’ in runner up position and just out in front and by himself ‘Lone Runner Mike Bloomberg Wins NYC Marathon’.
    Nice video too.


  11. I have to say I did enjoy “Lone Doofus Waits for C Train for 36 Hours” because I’ve felt that way sometimes.

    But I still give Ohio credit for swinging blue.

    Also, here’s a question: how does one learn to play handbells? I’m so curious because I just love them.


    • Weebs,
      Given your appreciation with the lone doofus, plus your location, see the Seinfeld clip Mobius posted. Great question about handbells, which has inspired an idea for a post! Well, assuming you can wait on the answer. Thanks for commenting.


  12. “lone doofus” I thought no one was watching. I was waiting because “C” comes before “D” for Doofus. Of course I I could’ve been waiting for the “A” train. That spells – “DA” (doofus pronunciation guide – duh).

    Postal service raises rates because of high cost of paper after Postmaster makes beard of stamps.

    – Stupid Hipster Doofus signing off now. Peace out 😉


  13. Re: emails of disappointed Republicans. Over the top for me was the one I received from a friend who’s not Jewish (I am), and to give more gravitas to her email she wrote that the following email is from her best Jewish friend, and that that friend suggested that the day after the election should be “a day of mourning” wearing black and all… I hated that email for too many reasons and it did intensify in my the sadness about how this country is divided.


    • Rachel,
      Welcome first-time commenter! Hope you find something here that get’s you to return. You may have noted the wide spectrum of topics here.

      Although sad, thanks for sharing your story. Given all the media outlets today, the ‘loudness’ of the cranky is amplified. So, I keep telling myself that they are only a sliver of Americans … and only a slice of Republicans. Unfortunately, many of the respectful Republicans don’t speak out loud enough against the cranky. Rachel, many thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  14. “the ‘loudness’ of the cranky is amplified.” Love this sentence! I also write about too many topics, but not of food, that’s my husband’s passion and I’m the indulged eater. We had our first cruise ever on Celebrity this year to Norway, and I’m curious to know if the St. Petersburg one is a good one?


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