On Blue-Green Monday

Wow … we had beautiful weather this weekend! But,Β Monday looks a tad wet and a lot cooler.

I haven’t been able to visit as much because I went to Kansas City on Thursday to lead a Friday training session – then returned home late Friday night. While in KC, I visited the historic 18th and Vine District, which was the hub of the pre-integration Black community. I went there to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum, but got a special because the American Jazz Museum is in the same building. Both are worthwhile stops! Unfortunately, I running out of steam while in the jazz exhibits.

Because of my travels, no ballroom for us. That’s two weeks in a row! With the great weather, we took a long walk around one of the wonderful county parks. Saturday night we rented Tower Heist and enjoyed a wonderful Cabernet franc from our last shipment from the Peachy Canyon wine club.

Sunday started with successfully playing this testy handbell piece. With the nice weather, the afternoon meant more leaf work, which is winding down. In the evening we took friends out to dinner as they gave us Cincinnati Pops tickets in September.

Enough of my weekend, how was yours? Come on now – time to share!

Time for some entertainment to start your week. Enjoy the singing blue and green frogs and have a good week.

56 thoughts on “On Blue-Green Monday

  1. You worried me with that title, Frank. I was afraid there had been another “incident” of Afghan troops firing on our boys. Sadly enough, there was indeed such an incident earlier today, with a Royal Scots Borderer being killed. In a strange way, it serves to punctuate the past Veterans’ Day (Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth) remembrances of the sacrifices our veterans give for our safety and freedom.
    Other than that, an unremarkable weekend spent bracing for the bitter cold due in tomorrow into Tuesday. When you heat with wood, you warm yourself twice – once while burning it, and once while hauling cords of wood into the basement! πŸ˜‰
    Have a good Monday, and get those comforters outta the closet – you’re gonna need ’em! πŸ˜€


    • Andrew,
      Welcome first-time commenter! It seems you have visited before, so thanks to taking the time to comment. We like to do different things. Of course this post included my thoughts from Thursday-Friday time in Kansas City. Glad you enjoyed the frogs and stop by again. … and I hope you had a good weekend!


  2. So happy you are back! Yes, the weather was forgiving (for once) and simply gorgeous. Here’s to a wonderful new week with a fresh start, yes? I met a new friend here on WP and she’s also a ballroom dancer!


    • Paradise,
      I tempo of that handbell recording still astounds me, but tempo was good. Meanwhile, and how can the frogs not be a good start for a week. Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well in Florida.


    • Doggy,
      Glad you enjoyed the handbell piece. It had a lot going on for the players and listeners! Lazy weekends are good too because we have to recharge! Thanks for checking in from Spain. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Frank, sounds like you had a busy time. I spent the weekend recovering from travels earlier in the week; actually flew through Cincinnati last Sunday, was there for all of 30 minutes to make a connection elsewhere.

    I’m planting a few last minute bulbs and perennials that didn’t get the love they deserved earlier in the season, while the weather holds. I loved the handbell piece, sounds like it was a challenge. The frogs? Not so much πŸ™‚


    • Lynn,
      I’m not surprised of the additions to your garden. Then again, I imagine it’s also part of the ongoing maintenance.

      Glad you listened to the handbell piece (I was hoping you would). What the recording didn’t have was the driving woodblock, which adds an interesting layer to the piece. Now it’s on to the frantic preparation for the December avalanche.

      Meanwhile … yikes … 30 min flight changes are never fun. So thanks for your short time in our city! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting.


  4. Good morning, Frank! It’s funny that you were in KC, I just learned that a bunch of folks from KC Power & Light were up in this neck of the woods to help restore power after the hurricane. I’m going to contact them today and find out who I need to send home-baked cookies to. I don’t suppose you had a chance to have any BBQ when you were there, did you? I’d love to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum one of these days. Have a good day, and thank for the frogs!


    • Weebs,
      Cheers to the KC workers for being in your area! I say make the cookies and start travelling your area because they are probably near.

      BBQ was in my plans. Because I was staying well out in the suburbs … plus being tired while downtown … I delayed dinner until I got to my hotel. I asked for a BBQ place, but being tired, I wasn’t on top of my game. I say that because the young lady at the desk sent me to a local chain (has 3 locations). Although it hit the spot, I prefer more rustic venues. πŸ™‚

      I know you are a baseball fan, so I recommend this museum. Given segregation, I found an element of sadness.

      Thanks for visiting!


  5. I look forward to talking with you about the Negro League Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum, both of which have been travel goals of mine for many years. Also thanks for the lovely handbell piece, and by the way, you have yet to share your opinion on adding bass and drums to make handbell music swing?


    • Tim,
      While in that museum, I thought of how much you would enjoy it! Neither is huge, thus a great way to spend an afternoon. I would suggest visit it … then have dinner and find some jazz.

      In terms of our handbell choir, we frequently add percussion when called for. Actually, this piece is written with a woodblock driving the rhythm. For whatever reason, the recording didn’t have it, but I could hear sleigh bells, which in my opinion weren’t a good substitute. We have also played with trumpets, flutes, violins, and even singers – but no bass or guitars yet.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. That was a very nice handbell piece! :+) It always brings back memories when I listen to the hanbells that was such a fun experience.
    My weekend was very low key. Which was nice because it seems like for awhile now I’ve been happy to see Mondays because I’ve been so tired running around doing things on the weekend. I watched several B movies :+) maybe C movies really. One was so bad it was good. taking photos was fun but cold.
    My back has been hurting so that was difficult made the weekend long becuse of pain. I may have to go back to physical therapy I guess. That’s about it in a nut shell. I enjoyed the fun frog video.


    • Starla,
      Cheers to you being one of my regular handbell fans! Meanwhile, ouch to your back … and good luck. Take it easy, which is never easy because it is difficult to give back muscles a break. B & C movies … oh boy .. they dominate today’s video word. Glad you enjoyed the frogs!


  7. Weekend highlights: new Bond movie and a Chinese meal, in that order too not the other way round, how’s that?
    Love the Frog Song, good find.
    No ballroom? Yeah, been on trips like that too. 😦


    • Fasab,
      Just saw Skyfall this afternoon … but without a Chinese meal afterwards. Although no ballroom two weeks in a row, I imagine this weekend will be a making up some lost time. Glad you liked the Frog Song, and hopefully I can get around to visiting. thanks for stopping by.


  8. Enjoyed the frogs, Frank. Thanks. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend. Mine was good. Great, actually, since we spent it with our youngest son, his wife, and their dog. It’s always great to have some time with family. Well, mostly. Depends on the family. lol!


    • Robin,
      Wonderful that you had a chance to spend some quality time with your son, daughter-in-law, and (last but not least) the dog! The fact that you enjoyed the frogs is not a surprise. πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting.


    • Rosie,
      We played the handbell piece this past weekend, but the recording was an unknown choir who records it for the publishing company. I always look on YouTube for the pieces we play. If unsuccessful, I go to the publishing library searching for recordings. Meanwhile, cheers to good weekends … and glad to hear that you had a good meeting with a common blogging friend. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey everyone, it’s my wine club winery!

      We decided to open it for dinner at the last minute, so it didn’t get a good chance to breathe. So it was a bit of a sour finish early, but wow … it mellowed over time! Well done … and glad you enjoyed the frogs!


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