On Satire Bits: Vol. 35

How’s your week been so far? Two more stars (Kirstie and Gilles) have fallen from Dancing with the Stars as we speed toward the ending of another season.

On Monday we saw the new Bond film … that Bond, as in James Bond. Skyfall is a good thriller, so I recommend it. For your enjoyment, this post concludes with the international trailer and the video to the theme song by Adele.

Meanwhile, it’s on to the mid-week dose of satire from The Onion. After all, this is the first full version since Halloween! Enjoy … any favorites?

Area Man Unable to Impress Soul Mate within 90 Seconds at Speed Dating Event

Trivia Pursuit Reveals lack of Knowledge about Basic Social Skills

Herculean Effort, Astronomical Expense Lead to Photo of Whole Family at Disney World

Undercurrent of Inequality and Fear Roiling Just Beneath Surface of 50s-Theme Diner

Local Man finally takes “Buy Socks” Off To-Do List

Older Brother Playing with Younger Brother on Swing Set Decides to One Day Con Him out of $50K

Dad Suggests Arriving at Airport 14 Hours Early

Stating the Unimportance of the next 3 Hours Literally Impossible

Ex-Girlfriend must be getting Desperate to keep Answering His Phone Calls

Quiznos Sandwich Maker Worked Way Up from Mailroom

Guy on Intense Cell Phone Call Walking Up and Down Block for Past 45 Minutes

2,400 Millionaires Collected Jobless Benefits in 2009


Skyfall: The International Trailer


Skyfall by Adele with movie scenes