Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 163

On Politics
The Cincinnati Enquirer hosted a foreign reporter for 10 days regarding the election. During his time here, he attended local speeches by President Obama, Mitt Romney, and the First Lady. The article he wrote following the election is an interesting perspective. Because of where the reporter’s home and given the election results, the comments are also interesting.

Meanwhile, those suffering from Election Distraught Syndrome are signing petitions to get their state to secede, which is the conservative equivalent of a losing liberal saying they are moving to Canada. I’m still waiting on the person to exercise their promise of saying they were moving out of the country if Barack Obama won in 2008. Of course, the people do forget they have the individual right to secede, which means move AND denounce your citizenship.

On a similar theme, here’s an article about 6 bizarre election reactions.

Last week I wondered if winners would shy away from declaring mandates. Two days later, I read this quote from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): We Republicans in the House and Senate think we have a voter mandate not to raise taxes. (Source)

Interesting, but to no surprise, Congressional Republican firm stance on no tax increases for the rich, which (to me) means they prefer to raise taxes on everyone. Although they are in a pickle, which could mean “It’s time to play Kick the Can.”

I like these words from conservative columnist Peggy Noonan: The Republicans worked hard but were less clear-eyed in their survey of the field. America has changed and is changing, culturally, ethnically—we all know this. Republican candidates and professionals will have to put aside their pride, lose their assumptions, and in the future work harder, better, go broader and deeper. (Source)

Gov. Romney’s recent account about blaming his loss serves as good evidence to support Peggy Noonan’s statement. Cheers to some as Gov. Jindal (R-LA) for  saying something sensible.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Needy Nation Breaks Down after First Full Week without being Pandered to by Politicians
  • Report: Majority of Americans Now Eating One Consecutive Meal a Day
  • 5-year-old Girl Feels like She Just Wasted Whole Carousel Ride Waving to Dad
  • Nation Horrified to Learn about War in Afghanistan While Reading Up on Petreaus Sex Scandal
  • Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
Thanksgiving is next week in America. My wine recommendations for the Thanksgiving meal are Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer because the flavors from green beans, sweet potatoes, and cranberries screw up wine pairings for this feast.

Cheers to my alma mater for making The Onion this week.

For those noticing the nested dolls in the first St. Petersburg post, this one made me laugh – plus, it could be a potential holiday gift for the hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

Thank you Viveka for this award!

There will be a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post this weekend.

More Ginger Ale Reviews
Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale: Smooth; ginger tasting not overpowering, but enough to linger; not spicy; creamy quality with a hint of vanilla to me; honey is an ingredient – I like it!

Blenheim Ginger Ale: With the initial taste, I thought sweetness with low ginger. The ginger taste is delayed and with a touch of spice – and lingered. Another good one!

Here’s a touch of jazz to send you into the weekend. Well, handbells and chimes jazz with a light touch of drums. Believe it or not, it works! Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

56 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 163

  1. Did they leave Anastasia out of the Tsar series of dolls???? You know, cause she allegedly went awol.

    Here’s my onion favorite: Needy Nation Breaks Down after First Full Week without being Pandered to by Politicians


  2. Only one comment? Then I’m a 100% improvement. Canada don’t want no sour-grapes quitters, though I’m proud to keep up with that one consecutive American meal deal. Mine starts around noon, and ends just after midnight. Buffet’s up!


  3. Thanks for the soothing music to start my day. This piece made me laugh and angry” Nation Horrified to Learn about War in Afghanistan While Reading Up on Petreaus Sex Scandal


    • Cuttlefish,
      Ah yes … you are seeking the deeper meaning of the 5-year-old headline! Thanks for the kind words. I like the variety of topics, thus something for everyone. Thanks for visiting.


  4. David Petreaus for me Frank – by the way the newspapers in the UK are pontificating on Obama’s victory and what it means to politics here. Answer? none – but it won’t stop them. Have a good weekend and well done on the award.


    • Ginger,
      Stories as Petreaus are gold mines for The Onion. Good to know that the UK newspapers will carry on! Meanwhile, I usually post a collection of awards at once, but this one I decide to show right away. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. 2 Onion headlines made me laugh-out-loud: “5 year-old girl….” and “Kim Jun-Un…”

    Looking forward to following up on the “interesting reads” several things there appeal to my senses.

    I love a good Ginger Ale – The Thomas Kemper sounds delicious – it’s the hint of vanilla that attracts me. Thanks for another interesting post. Looking forward to your classic cartoon post tomorrow. Peace.


    • Mobius,
      The Kim Jun-Un headline as a late addition to the week, but it is a good one!

      The Kemper Ginger Ale is a good ale – well, at least for my taste. One thing for sure, all these that I tried have more flavor than the mass produced brands.

      Although I’m still scared from the few that knew/heard of Clyde Crashcup, the next cartoon post is one that many should recognize, but possibly not know the name.

      Thanks for commenting … and peace to you as well.


    • Spirit,
      I see you’ve been on a trip. Well done and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. BTW … Make sure you visit and comment on Doggy’s comment in Interesting Reads. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. The article by the journalist from Kenya was interesting, however I think for politicians the right to freedom of speech should come with a provision that it should not be exercised without something sensible to say.
    The best quote of the election campaign, however, was from Rep Sen Lindsay Graham who said, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”
    And my clear Onion winner has to be “Nation Horrified to Learn about War in Afghanistan While Reading Up on Petreaus Sex Scandal”


    • Fasab,
      Good, timely choice for Onion fav!

      Interesting quote from Sen Graham, just not sure how to take it. Meanwhile, great commentary about Freedom of Speech

      Reminder: Make sure you visit and comment on Doggy’s link in Interesting Reads.

      Thanks for visiting.


  7. Thanks for the article by Mark Agutu. It is always good to see our system through another’s eyes. Our system of voting and governance has some serious problems but, in spite of all that, we get a lot of things right.I’m grateful every time I vote.


    • Nancy,
      Sometimes it takes an outside to give us a dose of reality … and I thought he did well. Being from Kenya, the clueless easily identify themselves. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit Doggy (Interesting Reads), comment, and say that I sent you as it is a noble fund raising effort. Thanks for commenting.


  8. I’ve always assumed that Liberals threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses because it is a more Liberal country… as are many other countries. But where are Conservatives going to move? Iran? The U.S is more conservative than most “desirable” and accessible destinations. Thus it is with much amusement that I’ve seen them opt to create a new country instead.


    • Twixt,
      Very good question. Many of them will say they want to leave, and if they do, they will come back … which is even stranger because what does that prove? BTW …. don’t forget to visit Doggy (Interesting Reads), comment, and say that I sent you as it is a noble fund raising effort. Thanks for commenting.


    • Some of the rich Americans who have renounced their citizenship have been going to Belize I thought I read somewhere because it is the ultimate tax avoidance haven.

      On the secessionist movements, I liked the one where someone in North Dakota got a petition going to kick New York state out.


      • Randel,
        Never knew that about Belize. But if they left and denounced their citizenship, good for them for acting out their desires. Meanwhile, access to cyberspace makes it too easy for someone in ND to petition against NY. Wonder why they didn’t pick California? Thanks for commenting.


        • Ha… even someone in North Dakota would not be unaffected if New York became its own country. An interesting mention about Belize though. On the flip side, I heard a mention the day after election day that Puerto Rico has voted to become a state, then heard absolutely nothing about it since….


        • Twixt,
          The narrow-minded continue to get too much attention. Then again, in today’s electronic world, they bring attention to themselves. Interesting point about Puerto Rico because I knew they were having a vote, but never heard the result. As always, thanks for sharing your insight.


  9. Texas is always in some state of secession. I think it’s written into their state constitution – along with mandatory possession of firearms and a requirement to talk REALLY slowly. 😉
    Definitely have to go with finding out about the Afghan war reading up on Petraeus. WAY too close to the truth!
    And congrats on Blog of the Year! 😀


    • John,
      There is an element of Texas that wants that – but of course not all Texans. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit Doggy (Interesting Reads), comment, and say that I sent you as it is a noble fund raising effort. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. I’ve always wanted to be in Venice during Acqua Alta, I love that city.
    I have to check the onion headlines, work is crazy, haven’t had to blog much today. It’s an outrage coming to the office and having to actually work.
    Thanks for the push, was really nice of you.


    • Doggy,
      Venice is a great place to visit, but I’ll pass on the high water … after all, I grew up in a town along the Ohio River, thus know flooding. Meanwhile, glad to push your drive! Thanks for visiting.


  11. Wow! That jazz is really amazing, and it ;looks like a great work out for the arms, especially for the guy at the back with the giant ones. 🙂 Those bizarre reactions to Obama’s re-election are rather extreme. 😦 Congrats on the award. 🙂


    • Paradise,
      Glad you appreciated the unique jazz sound. Some of the chimes and bells can be quite large. Heck, some chimes are never held, thus sit on a stand to be struck with a mallet.

      Meanwhile, being in the states now and hearing people, the extremes are a bit that … and a black eye for many. Then again, they have the right.

      A reminder – please visit Doggy’s link (Interesting Reads) to comment and state I sent you. It’s a fund raiser, not a joke. Thanks for commenting.


  12. I’ve been hearing about all the States that want to secede. This could only stem from so many citizens becoming disillusioned with the way things are being handled. Rocky times ahead for sure. I think the girl with the waving arms should be allowed another ride on the carousel xx


    • Spiced,
      Although the petition drive makes news here and obviously abroad, although the numbers appear large, in relationship to how many people voted, the numbers are actually quite small. In other words, a small band of disillusioned cranks that even many Republicans don’t care for. Thanks for commenting.


  13. You once again have saved some of your best stuff for the Friday Shorts. What a great commentary by Kenyan reporter Mark Agutu on America’s election process. I also look forward to reading Jonathan Jones’ book on the rivalry between Leonardo DeVinci and Michelangelo, and Bruce Bartlett’s article about the supposed fiscal cliff.


    • Tim,
      Because I know you enjoy both art and history, no surprise you are looking forward to reading the story of the battle between the two Italian titans. Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for commenting.


  14. I liked the keen observation that I look forward to using at work tomorrow. [Have been on vacation for a bit.] States do not have the right to secede, but an individual has free choice to leave and renounce citizenship at any point. Abtwixt raises an interesting point if we are actually the most conservative of the well to do nations. Never thought about that either.

    Finally, your state of Ohio was the clincher when I was watching tv on election night. ABC called it first from what I can tell. This raises an interesting issue. To spare all the rest of us all the bad ads, just run the campaign in Ohio, and let us know how it turns out since Ohio is the microcosm of America it seems every election cycle. I think Ohio put even Carter over the top back in 1976 when I first started participating in our election events.


    • Randel,
      As an Ohioan, I would say “No thanks” to having the election only here … that means we would be swamped more than we already were! The candidates made around 80 trips here (including Election Day) and we lead the country in TV ads. Thanks for the thought though. 😉


    • Spinny,
      I think CNN (but not sure) had a brief report of this Onion headline! At least you feel better after throwing up. 😉 Thanks for commenting.

      BTW …. I will have a Thanksgiving edition of the Onion on Wednesday.


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