On a Hippety

A young kangaroo character in Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoon

Antagonist to Sylvester the Cat and Sylvester Junior

Hippety Hopper is not to be confused with Hoppity Hooper

Common storyline:

  • Hippety escaping from somewhere (zoo, circus, etc)
  • Hippety is mistaken as a giant mouse
  • Hippety takes Sylvester’s attempt to capture prey as playful horseplay, thus playfully beats, batters, and bruises Sylvester

Mother is Mrs. Hopper, who calls him Junior

Created by Robert McKimson

First appearance – Hop, Look, and Listen (1948); last – Freudy Cat (1964)

Appear in 13 shorts 1948-1964

Enjoy Hop, Look, and Listen

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